The Demon Inside

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Chapter 13

A soft, harsh sound roused me from an already uneasy rest. Why can’t you just forgive me… Why can’t you just… Christy… My name was repeated, over and over, until it blended with a soft sigh. I climbed out of bed, the world around me instantly going black. “Are you okay?” I opened blurry eyes, blinking away the fog. I was sitting on the bed, Elizabeth leaning over me.

“Elizabeth…” She smiled, lowering her chin to rest on my collarbone.

“You don’t know how happy you make me.” She sighed. “Maybe we’re soulmates.”

“I know we are.” She smiled and moved up to kiss me. “Your father is probably skulking around, wondering what we’re doing.” I spoke against her lips, not wanting to break contact. She giggled and straddled me.

“He’s going to give himself a heart attack one of these days.” Our lips met again. My hands traveled up her sides, hitting a line of heated wetness when I drew them over her chest. I pulled away, confusion morphing into fear. My fingers were coated with red. “You did this to me.” She whispered. A dark red line was slowly traveling up her face. She decayed before my eyes. Her skull split, her voice turning demonic. “How could you do this to me?”

“No!” I jerked up, checking my hands to find them spotless. My heart pounded, my breathing harsh and unsteady. I threw the warm covers off and dressed. There was no way I could stay in this house a moment longer. I tread lightly down the stairs and outside. My steps hurried until I was racing through the woods, I slowed as I arrived at her grave. Falling to my knees, fingers splayed over the soil her bones lay under. “I’m sorry!” My breath clogged in my throat. “I’ve regretted what I’ve done every day, you deserved to be by my side for the rest of our lives. Soulmates until the end.” I curled up on top of her grave, sobbing. I don’t know how long I cried, all I know is that I fell asleep at some point.

Muted light woke me, it was dawn. I slowly got to my feet, every muscle felt frozen. I said goodbye and then headed home. Mason was waiting at the kitchen island, a hot cup of coffee in his hands. “Where’ve you been?” His voice was gruff, the anger barely controlled. “Off fucking another whore.”

“No, even if I was, it wouldn’t be any of your business.” He hissed, smashing the cup on the counter, spilling coffee everywhere. He rose slowly, his eyes filled with rage.

“You are mine and therefore it is my business, you are my business. Now where were you?”

“I belong to no one. What I do is my business and my business alone.” I locked eyes with the lavender eyed monster. They were burning holes into me. His eyelids shut, squeezing together.

“Why do you resist me? I am everything you could ever want or need. Our children could continue your legacy.”

“It’s easy to resist something that repulses you.” I walked past him to the downstairs bathroom. Shutting and locked the door, I leaned heavily against it. He was going to have to be taken care of, and soon. I couldn’t stand the thought of him constantly waiting for a chance in the background. He would tire of this game eventually and take what he wanted by force.

We should leave, run as far away as we can.’

No more running. Not from him or anyone else. “No more running.” I murmured, hoping to cement that thought in my mind. I took one last calming breath before opening the door. Mason was leaning against the doorjamb, face serene, but his body was tensed.

“What are you running from,” he shifted position, “maybe I should ask who you’re running from instead.”

“Nothing and no one, not that it’s any of your business.” His eyes slitted.

“I’m getting real sick of hearing those words come from you.” Eyes dark, he lunged. I was slammed against the edge of the shower, his body pressing uncomfortably close. Large hands trailed down my limp arms and pulled them above my head. There he gathered both in one palm. He grasped my chin.

“Do you remember that promise I made you?” A smirk teased the corner of his lips. He leaned forward until his lips brushed mine. I bit at the offending flesh. He jerked back.

“That was a threat, not a promise.” I thrust my head upwards, connecting with his face. He staggered backwards with a pained hiss. I kicked him in the groin, sending him to his knees. I bent over by his ear. “You won’t come out on top Mason, I’ll make sure of that.” I opened the door, running down the stairs and into the mortuary. My mind was racing as I thought of ways to temporarily disable the stronger man. My fingers grazed a syringe hidden inside the tiny refrigerator. I had no clue what was inside, but maybe it could buy me time. A hard hand gripped the back of my neck and threw me. I hit the corner of the autopsy table and landed on the floor, I coughed trying to get air back into my lungs, my side was on fire. I opened my eyes to find him standing over me, a vicious smirk settled on his face.

“It’s so sweet that you think you… you can kill me.” He scoffed above me.

“You can talk big all you want, sweetheart, doesn’t mean you can actually back up your words.” He knelt and grabbed my chin in his large fingers. “If only you would just behave love. Everything would be so much easier. I could make you happy. In more ways than one. We’re made for each other.”

“I’ve loved no one but her, she was the only one who could make me happy.” Moving quickly, I swiped his legs from underneath him. He fell backwards with a meaty thud. I tried to reach for a scalpel resting on the table, only to have my wrist caught in a bone breaking grasp.

“Give up my queen.” He growled. “Give in to me, let me in to your mind and heart.”

Relax.’ I did as Daeori said, relaxing against him, slumping over as if I was admitting defeat. A deep chuckle rumbled through his chest. “That’s it, love.” He kept his grip on my wrist and used his other to gently massage my neck. He released my arm and pulled me closer. I slipped away, snatching the scalpel and burying it deep into his reaching hand. He blindsided me with a massive punch to my side. Pain exploded through me. I sobbed and fell to the floor, clutching my ribs. He ripped the scalpel out of his hand and clumsily stood. Blood dripped steadily onto the floor. I tried to dive towards the scalpel only to be brought to a stop by a heavy foot pinning my thigh to the floor.

“Stupid bitch.” I was shoved onto my side, white hot pain shot through me, centering at my side. He removed his foot and took a step back, smirking. He held up his large paw. The scalpel shone brilliant silver under a sheet of crimson. “Seems like you’re just as human as the rest of us, Demoness.” His eyes flicked to my side. I pulled my hand away, it was covered in blood. Daeori snarled. Our minds combining, screaming for his death. I slowly rose to my feet, the world spinning around me. I staggered past him, snatching the syringe off the floor and limping through the open doors. “This ought to be interesting. Where do you think you’re going, little miss? You’re too injured to be running off anywhere.” He followed more slowly, unconcerned about me escaping. He and I both knew he could catch me with ease in this state.

I led the lumbering ape to the basement door. Opening it slowly, carefully listening for his familiar tread. I slipped inside, slowing as the pain threatened to overwhelm me. Blood soaked into my pants, slowly spreading down my leg. I made it to the landing and slid into the densest dark spot directly under the stairs. “What the hell are you doing? Come out of there.” He stopped at the top of the stairs. I could see his shadow blocking out what little light there was. I carefully pulled a hammer off the shelf, pressing myself against the wall. “Christy? Come on now. We need to get you fixed up, you’re just hurting yourself more. There’s no time to play around in the basement.” He purred my name again, drawing the y out.

After a moment, he sighed and started down after me. His shape slowly descended the steps. I palmed the needle, hoping that it was something that could help me. If I timed my attack right, I wouldn’t need it immediately. I adjusted slightly, relieving the pressure on my side. I winced and bit my tongue, hoping no sound would escape. He hopped off the last step and glanced around. His mouth turned down in a frown. He walked to the middle of the floor, his movements cautious and his expression wary. His eyes briefly flicked over my hiding spot before darting away.

He’s too wary, he’ll catch you before you can get a proper hit with the hammer. Use the syringe.’ I slowly twisted the needle cap off and threw the hammer as hard as I could towards him. It missed and flew harmlessly past, clanging loudly on the concrete. His attention jerked towards the noise, giving me few precious seconds to act. The needle pierced deep into his flesh. I depressed the plunger and fled upstairs, slamming the door and flicking the lock. I stumbled to the far wall, collapsing against it with a moan. My side was going numb; my breathing was becoming more labored by the minute.

Heavy footsteps charged after me, fists pounded on the door, obscenities freely flowed through the slab of wood. It cracked in places, groaning as his blows connected. I was going to die here if that door gave way. His attacks slowed, words slurring. Finally, they stopped altogether. I could hear something big and weighty tumbling down the stairs. “It was sedative.” Relief flashed through my bones. I dabbed my wound, coming away with fresh blood. I pulled my fingers apart, the blood between them acting like a thick glue. I was going to bleed out at this rate. “Not until you kill him, you’re stubborn Christy get yourself together.” I crawled over to the table and used it to pull myself to my feet. I unlocked the door and opened it, peering down into the darkness. Pain nearly pulled me under when I moved too fast.

We can deal with this later. You must get medical help!’ I swallowed down the building nausea before daring to speak.

Where would I go, Daeori? I would either be killed or thrown in jail. I can’t have that happen, not just yet. This has to be done, no matter the cost. He growled in frustration, testing my weakened limits to see if he could break through. I fought him back. Don’t. Gathering my strength, I made my way down. I grabbed hold of his bicep. If his arm was this heavy, there was no way I was going to drag him over to the chain holders. The rusted metal dumb waiter caught my attention. I gathered as many lengths of chain as I could; tied his arms together and tossed the end into the waiter, finding a large notch to shove a link onto. I shut the doors and sent it up. It groaned under his significant weight but eventually pulled him to a sitting position. That would have to do. I stopped the waiter, slumping over, pain tearing at my body, black specks dotting my vision. I shook my head. Not yet, please not yet. I headed back upstairs limping, agonizingly slowly, into the mortuary.

I grabbed some gauze and ace bandages. It wouldn’t fix it, but maybe it’d buy me another minute or two. I tore my shirt off, pressed the gauze to the wound and wrapped the bandage around my torso as tightly as I could. I heard a rattle coming from the sound of the tiny elevator. Tossing the rest of the bandage onto the counter, I hurried downstairs. I wish I had more of what had been in that needle. There would be no rest for the weary tonight. His eyes turned to me as I stepped onto the cement floor.

“Good morning, sweetheart. How nice of you to rejoin me in the waking world.” He smirked when he noticed my wrapped torso, red already seeping through the tourniquet.

“Did something happen Christy?” Ignoring him, I grabbed the axe from the rack on the opposite wall.

“I could have ended this while you slept, but I can’t help but gloat about my victory.”

“I’ll kill you.” His teeth bared in a snarl, he jerked towards me. I brought the axe down on his skull; reveling in the crack of bone splitting under the sharp edge. Strength gone, I sank to the floor.

Come on, get up.’ I slowly rose to my feet, not daring to glance back at the corpse behind me. He didn’t deserve anymore of my attention. I grabbed the phone on the kitchen counter and sank into the sofa. They’ll kill you.

Better than taking hours to bleed out. I dialed the number and closed my eyes.

911, how may I help you?”


The hard slam of a door roused me from my deep sleep. I sat up, looking around, dazed. I didn’t know where I was, or who I was. All I knew was that I was freezing cold. I wrapped my bared arms around my middle, gazing around me. I was in a long, empty hallway with a hard black floor as cold as ice. Slowly, I rose to my feet, my bones protesting the movement. I started toward the end of the hallway, hoping that I could find an exit. After a few seconds of walking, I found myself completely turned around, facing the opposite direction. Thoroughly confused, I jerked back around expecting to see a yawning void.

A massive, gold framed, floor-length mirror now dominated the area. Inside was a haggard, beaten down figure of a woman. Her skin stretched tight over bone, dull green eyes sunk deep into her skull and greasy, straggly hair framing her face. I raised my hand, quickly pulling it back with a whimper. This wasn’t a stranger… it was me. I wanted to cry, to scream that it wasn’t true. Why wasn’t I beautiful? I reached towards the mirror with one misshapen, shaky hand.

The mirror shattered before I could touch the smooth surface; glass sliced through paper thin skin before vanishing. “You’ve forgotten who you are, what you’ve done. We can’t have that, now can we?” An enormous slam followed by the rattling of chains being dragged across wood made me swivel around. The room had changed once more. Doors now lined the hall, some were bound with thick chains; others hung off their hinges or were busted completely, wood slivers spattering the floor in front of it.

Don’t be afraid. The voice was a soft, lilting murmur. The sound sent a thrill through my spine. It sounded so familiar, but I just couldn’t place it. The voice whispered my name. I could see a shadowed, slim figure beside an unchained, whole door. I moved towards it; the figure disappeared once I came close. Open the door. It whispered. I turned the knob and carefully opened it.

I blinked, adjusting to the much brighter light. I was lying on something soft and warm now, a heat source pressed against my front. It moved, drawing my attention. Long, silken hair and smooth, pale skin greeted my vision. The morning light kissed that pale skin. I reached up with one hand, trailing my fingers along that patch. Her skin was silky under my fingertips.

“Christy.” She murmured. Was that my name? “Have you even been to sleep yet?”

“No.” I answered. She turned over, a feast of pale, delectable flesh presented to me. I wanted to kiss every inch. She reached up, framing my face with her hands.

“Well, that’s no good.” She pulled my head down to rest on her collarbone, her fingers gently working themselves into my hair. “Sleep, I’ll be here when you wake.”

Cold seeping through the soles of my feet made me open my eyes. That voice I had heard previously belonged to that woman. Who was she? Why had I been so intimately involved with her? Why did I feel the need to grab her and hold her close, protect her from the world? You know me; you know what we shared. My sweet, lovely maiden.

“Elizabeth.” Chains snapped off of a door nearby startling me. The obsidian door squealed as it was opened into a pitch black void. I crept towards it.

You loved me, and I loved you. She whispered. I stepped into the doorway, the area transforming again. I choked out a cry. Elizabeth was on the floor in a pool of her own blood. Her head and throat were split down the middle, a slash of crimson on the closet doors behind her. You loved me and that killed me. Her voice broke off. I had done this? Doors began flinging open around me, faces followed by names flashed in front of me. Diane’s brutally bashed in skull, Liliana’s blistered cheek, a cheery yellow towel trailing out of her open maw. The images moved faster and faster. An eyeless face with stitched lips, a body hanging from a banister, throat torn open, eyes wide open with shock. The images slowed, Elizabeth, whole once more, was standing in front of me. A deviously sexy little smirk set on her full lips. I love you. She moved forward, her skull slowly separating as she stalked forward. I stumbled back, squeezing my eyes shut tight.

“Stop it! Just stop already!” I was jarred, cool vinyl under my feet now. I opened my eyes, I was in a familiar bathroom. “It’s over, it was just a dream.” I tried uselessly to convince myself. I put one trembling hand on the sink and the other on the mirror to steady myself. “You’re home, you’re safe.”

“Are you really?” I froze, the voice had come from in front of me. I slowly looked up. A silver clawed, black gloved hand was under mine, inside the mirror. I jerked my gaze up. I recognized the same features that I had seen in that giant one earlier. Only this was youthful and pretty. The promise of death lurked behind bright green eyes. The image smirked. “Look at what you’ve done to us.” As soon as the words were said, I was falling, slamming down into an immovable surface, driving every bit of breath from my body. Blackness surrounded me. The soft sounds of leather moving made me look over. My younger self stood beside me, staring down with furious, glowing green orbs. “We deserve this.” She moved too fast for me to see. There was a flash of pain and then, nothing.

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