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Danger, The sign, A new era of The Master.... Lucifer.... Torturing the whole world Awoken by a powerful stone The whole world is in fear Who will save us On the other hand is Chloe A mere mortal,but is destined for greatness According to her mom whom was killed by Lucifer, although Chloe doesn't believe in her powers and sees herself as a mere mortal Will Chloe stand up to the Master or remain in the shackles of doubt Find Out

Horror / Romance
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A New Era

"Mum!"I screamed so loudly as tears dripped on the ground from my eyes
(Note:the first paragraph is a flashback)
I'm Chloe Hershey from the outskirts of the Morelia Kingdom in Irel.
My mom died 4years ago,there was a new king in Morelia and my mom went to the coronation ceremony. I warned my mom not to go,I told her I had a bad feeling about it but she said she had to go.
That evening,I saw some men approaching my house with my mom's corpse in their hands,I ran outside and screamed so loudly,I asked what happened but they didn't tell me what had happened.
No one told me what happened to my mom and I was determined to find out,Before my mom died she told me I was destined to rule the kingdom....I thought it was a joke,infact,I knew it was a joke but she kept on saying it every single day
She told me I had the power to get whatever I wanted, I wasn't interested in power right now,all I wanted was to know what had happened to my mother,I moved to Chicago two years after my mother's death just to avoid the trauma and bad memories

I stared at my glass window with a glass of red wine in my hand...then I received a knock on my door.

"Come in" I said as I approached the door to see who it was

"Hey darling" Carlos said as he hugged me gently.
Carlos was my boyfriend,we met after 6months of my stay in Chicago
"Hey Carlos"I said as he let go of me and held my hand
"I hope you're okay,you look pale"Carlos said
" I'm fine...I guess" I said
"Don't lie to me Chloe...I need you to open up to me and tell me what's wrong" he said I he stroked my hair gently
"There's a lot in my head Carlos...a whole lot .."I said as I bursted into tears
"No, don't cry darling...I hate seeing you in tears"he said as he kissed my forehead and wiped my tears.
I decided to open up to Carlos,I told him every single thing, about my mom's death,and what my mom told me too
"That's everything" I said
Carlos was still in shock about everything,the first thing that came in mind was whether he'll think I'm crazy or just making up stories
"Darling, I'll help you find your mom okay,I promise,now pls stop crying" he said softly
"Thanks Carlos" I said as I smiled

A few hours later, Carlos and I had gone to bed on the couch...I woke up and saw Carlos sleeping so cutely,I couldn't help but just kiss him,he woke up and kissed me back
"Look who decided to wake up" I said as he laughed
"I guess your kisses are irresistible" he said and smiled at me
We laughed and talked for hours and ended the night

"It's time for some changes now Elias, it's tym for.....The Sign To Unleash" The Master said as he smirked at the traditionalists devishly.
"But master, don't you think you're taking things too far" The traditionalists said in fear
As they said this,the master stared at them in fury and rage as flames went through eyes
"No one tells me what to do!,no one" he said in anger
The traditionalists trembled in fear and bowed down to him.
"We are truly sorry master,we were only try to give a sugge............"they said as the master cut them off
"I don't need your stupid suggestions,I am a god, I can kill u and get away with it,I control this kingdom,so you have no ryt to question my authority,have I made my self clear?"He ordered
The traditionalists nodded in fear as the master dismissed them,They ran off quickly.
" Blood.... Blood.. I'm running out of it" the master said as the flames in his eyes began to reduce.

In Chicago

I woke up and saw that Carlos had left,he had left for work already, Carlos didn't let me work, according to him;he didn't want me to stress myself about anything,he was a successful millionaire and didn't see the need for me to work so I agreed and decided to concentrate on other things in my life like my mom's death. I called my best friend Ellie to see what we could do today.
Phone Conversation
Chloe:Ellie can you come over?
Ellie: Yeah..sure I can,did anything happen?
Chloe:Not really,I just want some company
Ellie: oh.. okay, I'm on my way
Chloe:Thanks..love ya
I hanged up and went to take a shower,I looked at my mirror and suddenly a sign appeared,I knew I had seen that sign somewhere before but where?
"Yes, mom's necklace but I didn't see it on her when they brought her corpse" I said to myself
I didn't understand what this sign had to do with me, could you it mean something?, would it help me find my mom,I was so confused at that moment.
Then I heard a knock on the door
"Come in" I said as I wrapped my body with my towel
"Chloe, I've been knocking for literally 3mins,what were you doing?"Ellie said as she entered my house
"I'm so sorry Ellie,I was taking a shower"I said in a soft tone
"It's fine,no problem,so how you doing,you look... different"she said as she touched my face to see if I was sweating.
"I'm fine Ellie, I'm just going through some stuff"I said in a sad tune
"Thinking about your mom again?"she asked
"Well yes.. but I saw a weird sign on my mirror... like the sign is....in my mom's necklace"I said in a confused state
Ellie stared at me confusingly and asked me to take her to the sign,when we got to the bathroom the sign was gone...I was so lost at that point, was I seeing things?I asked myself over and over again,was it just an illusion?
"Where's the sign" Ellie asked looking around the bathroom.
"It was right there"I said pointing at the mirror
"Well it isn't here though"Ellie said looking at me weirdly.
I could tell she thought I was lying to her or probably joking.
"Ellie,I swear I saw a sign there,do you think I'd lie to you"I said in a sad tone
We didn't see the sign anymore,then Ellie decided to leave,I knew she was angry but it wasn't my fault was it?, I didn't know th sign would disappear
Later that night,I had a horrible dream,I was being chased by a huge monster,he had my mom's necklace in his hands but I didn't know why he was chasing me ,I ran as fast as I could,then when he tried to grab my head..I woke up,I screamed so loudly
"Baby are you okay"Carlos said he woke up and hugged me
"I'm am sorry I woke you up love" I said still in fear
Carlos petted me as I went back to bed

Morelia Kingdom

The master went to his chambers and open a small wooden box and brought out the necklace..(Chloe's mom's necklace)
"Now all I need is the girl's heart"He said and smiled devishly

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