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The eyes that haunt

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Thomas Thorpe was invisible to the world. And so was the monster. But for him, it was visible, it haunted his dreams, suffocating him while he slept. It was everywhere. But. There was hope. Her. The girl from his nightmares. She could see him. She could see the monster. Will they both become visible to the world once again? Is this the type of monster you were expecting?

Horror / Fantasy
Bel Novel
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Chapter 1 - Gone

The floor consumed him, feasting on his fear. It’s screams were terrifying. No not his.
The monster’s. He began to drown but there was no water in sight. But clear through it's catastrophic view. His cries were silent and vague. It's eyes started to bleed with rage. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. It was just me and the beast.
Beep beep!

“Thomas, get up!” shouted a voice from another room. His eyes flickered open and he sat up in bed. His eyes were sore and swelled. He puffed up his pillow then slowly came to a stop when a pile of blood met his eyes. He trembled with fear.

“MUM!” Thomas cried. The door swung open revealing a tall young woman. She inspected his nose and came to a conclusion.

“Just a nose bleed son, pass me your pillow, ” she explained. He touched his nose all over and handed her his pillow. “Did you sleep last night?” she asked. “Your eyes don't look too good.” He walked over to the mirror and stared at his bulky eyes.

“No, not that much, ” he lied. She sighed then left the room.

He got ready and went downstairs to eat his breakfast. He ate toast and cereal then washed the plates. He slipped on his trainers and said goodbye to his mum.

“Morning Mr Rob, ” he shouted across the street, to the man who was watering his plants. The short, old man didn't reply. He didn't even look at Thomas. He carried on walking. How strange, the man who would say good morning every day, did not today.

I arrived at school and entered sixth form.
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