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The Little People

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The BlackImps never forget.

Horror / Thriller
miss beep
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The Little People

Somewhere in Mount Shasta; Time unknown; Day unknown

It hasn't stopped raining; it's been raining for days now I think. I can't tell, the sun doesn't seem to show up anymore. It's the trees, they move. Carter would have laughed at me. I miss Carter, I miss them all.

Siskiyou Trail, Mount Shasta; 10:00 a.m.; Friday

Kevin, Carter, Stacy, and I bounded up the trail carrying huge backpacks that were almost as big as us. "Tell me again, whose bright idea was it to carry everything we ever owned" Stacy groaned. We'd been walking slowly trying to lose the other walkers, our destination only a couple of minutes away. "Your bloody boyfriend's" Kevin grumbled as he pushed his glasses up his nose, his face dripping with sweat. "Guys, guys, stop. The trail is up ahead, we need to make sure the coast is clear, like, right now" I whispered urgently. An old couple was walking ahead of us very slowly, and you can imagine how agonising it was to walk even slower.

About mid way along the Siskiyou trail, was a section of clearing that led to another trail that has never been open, or known in fact to the public. And when the coast was clear, we were trekking along this exact trail, leading to God knows where. There wasn't a clear path because no one has actually walked along this trail, and after a lot of tripping on the forest floor; we reached a clearing. A decent clearing, with the sun's rays falling through the tall trees. Our tent didn't take much time to go up and we had had a fire set up in no time. Incredible what a little YouTube can teach you. We'd brought canned food and 3 bottles of water, enough to sustain us until we could find an alternate food and water source.

Unknown Trail, Mount Shasta; 02:00 p.m.; Friday

Carter bent down to where I was sitting in front of the fire and whispered in my ear "Hey, guess what?". His stupid grin lit up his face and I resisted the urge to touch it. Yes, I liked Carter; but unfortunately, Carter was dating Stacy. "What is it idiot. Quit breathing in my ear" I pushed his chest and he fell backwards landing softly on his butt. Sitting up, he kept his head on my lap and looked at me "I have pot". My eyes went wide and I looked over at Kevin who sat reading 'Camping for Dummies'. "Are you crazy? Kevin is going to flip out; and you can bet your ass that he's going to tattle". Kevin was my brother and I knew him better than anybody, or so I thought. Because 10 minutes later we were sitting around a fire, smoking pot.

Friday; 08:00 p.m.

To be a teenager, camping out in the woods with your friends; it was the greatest feeling to be alive. Carter was especially hyper, even though the rest of us had mellowed down with the joint. "Hey Kevin, ever heard of the Black Imps of Achuwami?" Carter had a serious expression on his face and he was doing pretty good, but I knew he was just being a dick to Kevin. My brother hated ghost stories or anything with violence, and Carter was just about to scare the shit out of him. I gave Carter a warning glare, "And they were also called the Little People of Achuwami" Carter looked at me triumphantly as Kevin looked up from his book with a start.

"The Black Imps of Achuwami lived right here on the slopes of Mount Shasta, a long long time ago. They say, whoever disrespects them or their mountain; will get either hopelessly lost, go insane, or they could even die by vomiting blood. Don't worry, they were a relatively harmless tribe. But you never know right, there will always be at least one bad seed."

Kevin's eyes went wide and I cursed under my breath. Tonight was going to be a long night.

Saturday; 11:00 a.m.

We'd found our water source, a small stream about 15 minutes north. We had painted a white circle on the trees along the way to guide us. Kevin had had a hard time sleeping the previous night, thanks to Carter. We spent the day by the stream, filling our bottles and trying to catching fish. Carter tried to be the head hunter and attempted to stab the fish with a stick; the only problem being he couldn't actually see them. Canned beans were going to be the only source for a while. We stayed by the stream until it started getting dark, and then the four us walked back to our tent; the only light coming from our flashlights.

That night it was unusually cold; even though it was the middle of July. A light fog had settled just above our heads and the flame struggled to stay lit. Even Carter was quiet that night, and Stacy clung to him. Stacy had been quiet ever since we had got there and would only respond when spoken to. We retired early for the night; no one was in the mood for anything anyway. For the first time in a long while, Kevin and I kept our sibling rivalry aside and lay next to each other. Neither of us were asleep, but we didn't speak either. It almost felt like we were keeping watch the whole night; but instead of taking turns, we both kept watch together.

My watch had stopped working; but some time around midnight I assumed, I was woken up by the rain coming down heavily on the tent. It had never rained in July before.

Sunday; 12 p.m.

Stacy was sick; she lay in her sleeping bag, pale as a ghost. She was still sleeping and if it wasn't for the slight movement of her chest going up and down, we wouldn't have known she was alive. We tried to wake her; and after a couple of minutes she slowly opened her eyes. A look of distress flashed in her eyes and she whispered hoarsely "Keira,...I...feel...like...I'm dying"; tears ran across her face. I would never forget the look on her face.

Carter was sitting outside on a log with his hands on his head by the time I got outside. Stacy had fallen asleep. My brother was sitting inside our tent and refused to come out. Giving up on him, I sat down in front of Carter to get his attention. He didn't look up. I tried for a while to get him talking, but he refused to say anything or even move.

A loud noise startled us, and Kevin sat up in his sleeping bag. He had fallen asleep and I sat drawing in my little notebook. He opened the tent flap to reveal complete darkness; with the moon casting a dim light through the trees, made even fainter by the rain. Kevin fell back with fright as he pointed at a figure in the darkness. My eyes went wide and I felt suddenly immobilised with fear; but when my eyes adjusted to the darkness, the figure became more clear. Carter was still sitting on the log, he hadn't moved.

Monday; 10:00 a.m.

Stacy was lying in a pool of blood; it looked like she had vomited all the blood from her body. Carter was sitting in the corner with his back towards us and rocking back and forth. There was blood everywhere, and Carter was sitting in it.

It took a while to get Carter to our tent. He hadn't said a word since Stacy had gotten sick and only resisted when Kevin tried to change his blood stained clothes. I was sitting inside the tent when I heard a slap. I rushed out to find Carter on the floor, curled up in a ball. "He bit me..." Kevin had his mouth open and stared at his wound.

It was still raining.

Time unknown; Day unknown

Kevin's wound had gotten infected; we started cutting up t-shirts to wrap around his arm. Carter still sat in the corner of our tent, not moving, not speaking, not eating. The cold beans made Kevin vomit; or it could have been the infection, I couldn't tell. I was watching out for the blood; but all that came out was the beans, and I would say a little prayer thanking God every single time. Carter sitting comatose made me wary; but Kevin and I fell into a fitful sleep, tired from staying awake for God knows how long. When I woke up, Carter wasn't there anymore.

I didn't wake Kevin up as I ran out of the tent with the paint can in hand. Clutching it tight in one hand and a torch in the other, I followed the path to the stream. The rain was coming down hard; we hadn't carried raincoats because we hadn't expected it to rain, and I couldn't see more than two feet in front of me. Touching the trees as I followed the markers, I reached the stream. Shivering and frightened, I flashed the light around vaguely scanning the area. I half expected to see someone or something other than Carter in the torch's feeble light. Giving up, I made my way back to the tent.

Kevin shook me awake. I could feel the heat radiating from his body and he looked at me with distress. I had seen that look on Stacy's face before. "No no no, Kevin, it's okay. It's going to be okay" I said to him while I held his face in my hands. "Once the rain stops, we're getting out of here. I will carry you if I have to, but you're going to be okay" I looked into his eyes, trying to make him believe, trying to make myself believe.

"Keira. What...what are you saying? What...rain...it is the middle of July...". In the next couple of minutes, everything went to hell. Kevin started violently vomiting blood and the look in his eyes chilled me to my bone. I couldn't stop crying. I watched as he fell on his side, eyes wide open, choking on his own blood. I watched as he raised his hand and pointed behind me "Keira...get out..."

Present day; Time unknown

There wasn't anybody in the tent, except for Kevin; I checked. I couldn't build up the courage to close his eyes, so he stared at me...no, behind me. I clutched the Swiss army knife tighter in my hand, it was Carter's. Carter was still missing, maybe he's dead already. Somewhere in the forest, alone; in a pool of his own blood. It was supposed to be a stupid story, it isn't real...no, no, no, no, no. Kevin's eyes now seemed to stare at me. Yes they were, I moved to make sure. It's not possible, no no. I ran out of the tent and screamed into the darkness, the rain muting my voice. It was so loud. I will not die like the others...so I took the knife to my neck. I will not die like the others.

It hasn't stopped raining; it's been raining for days now I think. I can't tell, the sun doesn't seem to show up anymore. It's the trees, they move. Carter would have laughed at me. I miss Carter, I miss them all.
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