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Dark Aura Cover by: Lisa Buijteweg

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Natalia Reynold, a young mage struggling to survive. In medieval times, mages were either slaughtered, captured for magical properties or banished. With nothing but her magic to protect her, how long can she survive? Will her magic succumb her soul completely? Or will she be able to redeem herself and forgive the humans actions?

Horror / Adventure
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I fall into a deep sleep; in my dreams I see my mother. She stands in the cavern with me. Looking at me, as if to say something.
"That was reckless Natalia!" She scolds.
"No need to scold me, I've already learned my lesson."
"Good, now what?"
"Now what? What are you saying? You're dead! I should be asking you questions!"
"I didn't waste my life on a weak little girl like you." She scorns.
"I'm not weak!"
"No, but you are reckless and prideful!"
"Have I taught you nothing! Pride gets you nowhere in life Natalia, you can't hold onto virtues like that. This world will strip everything away from you, if you chose to let it. In order to stay alive, you have to be willing to pay the price."
"Which is?"
"You have to be willing to lose your soul."
"Is it really the only way?"
"No soul, means no morals and weaknesses and no pride to be held against you." She hovers beside me. "And then, nothing will stand in your way."

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