3 Friends, 1 Mistake

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Rose, Wayne, and Sammy. 3 bestfriends. Closer than ever. Nothing can tear the apart. Well, until Wayne decides to make a dare which ends up jeopardizing their entire friendships. Boundaries are tested. People are stalked and killed. Will they still be together after everything? Or will they lose themselves trying?

Horror / Romance
Lilian Thomas
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I was walking alone through the cemetery on a dark, foggy night. The tree branches and leaves that fell from the trees, crunched beneath my feet. Every step I took made my heart beat faster. With the vase in one hand and the dead flowers in the other, I was exhausted. None of this would have happened if I wasn’t stupid and made that deal with Wayne. If I wouldn’t have made that deal, he would still be alive. She wouldn’t have killed him. I wouldn’t have kissed his girl and fallen for her. He wouldn’t have attacked me. I wouldn’t have had to lose my two best friends. What did she do...

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