The house

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A thrilling horror about a group of teens who go on an adventure to a small wooden house which looks like nothing but is it something? Will they come back alive ?

Horror / Adventure
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Chapter 1 :

There was a house. A house in the middle of nowhere. A small wooden one. Surely no one could live there we thought. It was placed on a large surface of grass. Looked like the ones in the films. The ones you wouldn’t dare to go near. The ones your mum would tell you to stay away from. It was near a forest. A dodgy looking forest too. My friends love to scare us with silly stories about the house. Course they cant be true. There only true in films not in real life.
Anyway its me and five others. We go out together you know. We thought bout seeing what the house is like but some of us dont wanna go. Not scared or anything. Just… i dunno. But were all gonna go up there tomorrow though and see whats going on. I aint scared. I wanna go. Mums not gonna let me go though. Im not gonna tell her. She don’t need to know. Nothing bad is gonna happen or anything.
We’re all meeting up in a bit to talk about tomorrow. Once you say your going your going. Theres no getting out of it. We’re meeting at sams house.
So when we got to sams we all sat down and talked about what were gonna do. Everyone said they there gonna come which is good. But emma stayed very quiet the whole time we were all talking about it. Im pretty sure shes only coming to impress the boys. I can tell she don’t actually wanna go.
We all decided to go at 2 O’clock tomorrow. So were gonna meet at the entrance to the forest and walk through that way.
I dont really know what to expect. I mean its just a little house. Theres either gonna be a little old lady in there or nothing. So i dont know why there all scared about it.
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