The Werewolf's Human Mate

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What happens when a werewolf meets the mate he has been looking for his whole life, but she is human, and the only family she has, is in his prison. What happens when she doesn't accept him, because she thinks he is a ruthless brutel killer. Pheonix is a 19 year old werewolf and is Alpha of his pack. He takes in humans and rouges who enter his grounds, and leaves them there to die in his prison. Eventide is a simple human, who lives on the streets, with her only daughter. One night, when her daugher goes missing, she does everything in her power to find her, even if it means going onto the grounds of a werewolf Alpha. What will happen if she finds out she's his mate? Will she accept him? Or will she do everything in her power to get back her daughter which he has put in prison?

Horror / Romance
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Fumbling with my keys, I unlocked my car, and got in. My breath shook as I turned on the engine and reversed out of the driveway. I shivered, images flashing through my head of my past. There is more pressing matters then my past... my daughter. Putting the car into reverse, I backed up the drive way, and escalated down the road.


I freeze, driving the car onto the side of the road. But the car doesn't stop. It keeps going down and down the hill. If the car hits a tree at this speed, I'd be gone for sure. I scream. A shadow looms across my window. Hands reach in the car and wrap around my body. I stare ahead of me. A tree is directly in front of my car, and I'm speeding towards it. I scream again. I have only 5 seconds until I hit. 4, the hands undo my seatbelt. 3, the hands open my dorr from the inside. 2, the hands wrap around my body. 1, the hands hoist me up and out of the car. I scream. The car crashes into the tree, wrapping around it. I wouldv'e been dead if I was still in there, if the hands hadn't saved me. Wait! The hands... I get up quickly, stumbling. The hands come back and steady me.

"You should take it easy, you almost died" I hear a familier deep voice. I look up. My mate stares back down at me, a smile creeping onto his lips...

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