the boy next door

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an innocent girl living a peaceful life... until the night she met her neighbors and was attacked 2 times at the same night

Horror / Mystery
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first regret

I recently moved into California a week ago and was pretty drained from moving in and out too. I live with my mom, my dad died when I was young...due to a car accident.

my mom was a police officer in the hp department which means a long night shift and being less at home. it didn’t bother me as I was good on my own. tomorrow is my first day at school in this gloomy-ass town.

“dear, you meet up with some friend with the house beside us!, there is a girl your I had seen yesterday,” my mom said
“yeah sure,” I muttered under my breathe.

she handed me some of her take in’s to go out and socialize, there I was in front of my neighbor's porch looking like a loser. I knocked on their door. I knocked again before I could knock the door opened. a boy opened the door with a dark scowl on his face as I woke him up from his excellent nap.

“tsk,” he made a sound and shut the door on my face. maybe they really didn’t like socializing just like me. I got off their porch. I made a sad face and walked away, I felt uneasy ever since I stepped on their porch, nauseous and dizzy and felt being watched I quickly scampered off and got in the house.

I was alone, mom had left for duty I switched the tv and grabbed my snacks, and made myself comfortable. after a few mins of watching I had an uneasy feeling of being seen I got up a closed my windows and locked the door. mom won’t be back by 6 in the morning.

the feeling didn’t go. I stole a glance towards the window, my heart froze my breath stopped something stood out of my window its eyes were glowing red I didn’t move a bit the creature looked at me staring at it and just faded into thin air. I couldn’t circulate anything, my brain went numb my hands were trembling yet.

I closed my eyes and thought it was my imagination, I slept with a dagger beside me.

I woke up to my annoying morning alarm and got dressed and locked the door. I stood on my porch looking at my neighbor’s house and looked back, I started to unlock my cycle. theirs opened reveling a beautiful girl and a couple of other teenagers my age and there were from my school.

one of them was familiar from yesterday who slammed the door in my face. that jerk.

I turned back unlocking my cycle when I felt a tap on my shoulders, which made me jump

“hey” her voice beamed her voice was also beautiful
“hi,” I said showing some happiness
“I’m Trixie! what’s yours?” she asked
“I’m madison. you can call me Maddy” and smiled at her
“Trixie we gonna be late to school ”a male voice yelled from behind her

“so Maddy... you wanna walk to school with us,” she said excitedly and pulled me towards her group. that moment I regretted everything and wished I had not gone there

"why is she here" the MR.ANGRY said frowning at me
"pls dexter no-" she was cut by him
"How dare you bring this human here" he growled, I flinched at the risen tone of his
"Leave them where they are" and stepped forward and grabbed my hair from the roots "stay the hell away from us or ill rip ur throat off" he grumbled in my ear. his grip tightened on my hair which made me wince in pain hot tears washed my face. the others were pulling him off off me

"slowdown dex...she is harmless"

I got to my feet wincing from the scrape from the fall on my knee."Maddy-"I heard Trixie's voice behind

I got on my cycle without glancing back and peddle as fast I could ignore the pain in my knee. I had reached school my cheeks were filled with dried tears. nice way to start my first day

I made my way to the washroom I washed my face with cold water trying to forget what just happened a few mins ago. his eyes were filled with disgust towards me

I stepped out of the bathroom
Hey? Are you ok?

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