"Legends of Pizzeria" Part 1

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"-so.. Who are we? We forgot if our old friends were here... - she said barely holding the wall - we are someone.. But we now suffer - the girl fell to the floor " ──────────────── The animatronics are hidden in one room in a well-known pizzeria, the old pizzeria where these were animatronicsni was destroyed but in strange cases it was rebuilt... The perpetrators of the reconstruction of the mysterious pizzeria no one knows but everyone thinks that these are the two animatronics ... ────────────────

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Mitsuki Pov.

As always, I was sitting in this little room, my sister kamila trying to fix her animatronics while taking away their belongings and other metals.. I looked at the TV and the performance of other animatronics.

- as you want you can go check what they are talking about in the kitchen, I will try to fix - said my sister and smiled slightly, I changed my form to Shadow and was invisible. I turned off the TV and used teleportation to the kitchen..

62 years earlier

- Hey! Give it back - she said golden wolf jumping to get her hat back, I smiled slyly and gave her a hat for the closet to which only I have access and not her

- now try to get your hat back - I said and waithed to her leaving

present day

I watched them do their job, it got a little boring but I was caught by the newspapers that are on the table.. I noticed that golden Freddy behaves a little strangely..

~After all, they can not sense me and golden wolf.. We are too old an animatrons.. But
exception is with her, they can sense her sometimes ~ I told myself in my thoughts after a while I noticed that the rest of the animatronics came back.
~ that is.. We start deliberation and eavesdropping on it ~ I thought and sat comfortably in the ventilation

Kamila Pov

I sat helpless on the mattress, the animatronic looked at me and after a while went somewhere I was surprised at it, but she came back with a notebook and a pen on a piece of sheet she wrote "please don't worry" I smiled slightly

- I'm not just worried... Just, it's a little hard for me to fix it, but I can - I said and I got up happy, animatronic smiled
I went back to fixing it, the plan was a little difficult to read but somehow it will succeed..

Mitsuki Pov

I was very surprised to see what kind of newspapers it was.. The date did not confuse me, this day was the day of the pizzeria collapse, I went back to the ventilation and after a while I noticed the golden Freddy, sprongtrap and marionette look at the ventilation in which I am now staying. I quickly disappeared and appeared in the main hall of the birthday party, i went through a little but I could know they would find us.. I didn't have any desire to talk to them and translate up. I went to the night watchman's office, noticed that it is not there and the tablet is turned on. I poked at the screen of the tablet and appeared to me one of the cameras, I was a little surprised at it and after a while was already a night watchman. I went back to my place, noticed that kamila sleeps and the golden wolf has further disabled the system... I put myself on the bed and fell asleep..
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