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Female Mafia

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When the things which one takes for granted goes haywire and there is not even the ground to stand on. When movement when there is nothing but to stand and be counted or go under.. When evil is not where one expects it to be but on the faces of angels.

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Chapter 1

When she was young that was when a wife was a ideal. The deal was a woman had to be married. What else could she do and survive on her poor wit? Auntie was an old fashion woman she appealed to my sense of humour.

She mocked the entire village and most of the wives said she was strange but not to their beds. More bitterly than that she was never the same generous woman they assumed she had been.

She did not care she did not even want to know them. She sat down and listed all the good qualities of the valley and then spat it out. She said they had sapped her made her like themselves. She was never the same.

I was a girl back than a happy person was I? No entirely pretty but miserable. We were dumped to this dump and had nowhere else to go. Just like most of the village we were not stupid but well we did not get it right,

In Britain we were cold shouldered brutally cast out. We were difficult and different and we hoped to ply our trade and be paid for it. Seemed that was a wrong thing to be.

Everyone wants a freebie.

Down in Cyprus we got free things which we did not know about. The electricity was free and all the shopping came free and we were doing well at school. We sort of belonged.

Cast adrift in the never land we made ourselves at home.

Then things began to go wrong.

Oddities happen in such a paradise. There is always a demon a devil? Of course the thing was pretty girls attract the male and the females inclined that way. So there we got to be inside that girl. Why is she not pretty what is wrong with the men in Cyprus? Rush for it last orders.

The things she said were hilarious and she said them many times. Then I noticed she was mad. It came to me when she kept on holding her head as if it was too large had seen my dad do the same thing. When he said he had clouds coming when the demons were there. The togetherness the husband gave and the rest was dishonesty when one got married.

My auntie they said was a evil woman I did not believe that she was never that. She loved books she read a lot as if that was not enough she knew literature and we discussed that in great length. It must be because she was that. People in Cyprus did not love that sort of thing that must be it.

She is a fat woman of great vanity and her only beauty was her cruel eyes. They look at one without expression as if harder than stone and she did not even feel the pain she inflicted she just did not have any expression except sometimes when she said stuff. The warmth came when she got a daughter who got on. She was the apple of her eye. Her son she gave so much for a new identity and something called someone to marry him and they have the world.

But of course she has to behave like someone else to see what that bitch does too.

She loves to be named as someone else to suss out the lay.

What her son has she has to have too.

In the good old days when she was a girl what she do to take a man for a husband?

"I am lost she said in here in this world without anyone."

Everyone felt sorry for her.

She could sure communicate. She did she was literate she did a lot of thinking.

"I lost my virginity who to I am not saying." She told the four men and they had to pick one who was allowed to marry her.

She was near the well pretending to commit suicide.

They did not want to lose her she washed their shirts and made them food.

There was only one who could and he had his passport out and leaving the country. So the four men went and got him and he had to marry her because if he did not they would shoot him.

The marriage lasted until they went to the farm and then they got bored and she started to hunger for the stuff of her own choosing she went to the next village to feed her habit. Left her children on their own and she was never there when they needed her.

She hungered the others laughed when I said she must be a poet.

Or a woman who was curious about woman. They knew where she went and did. She was almost this kindly woman when she came back. She said she had the most homely person I believed her. But when I was in her house I was narrowly raped five times in two weeks.

"Embarrassment." They called it could not get enough of women. Wives of them who took to it like that. I was staying with them as a niece I was the right choice mum and her daughters went to the man whom she had been married to.

Come you know seedy when you see it?

Then I was nearly raped and it upset me. I was fifteen and did not know how serious it was. But defended myself with things.

Being attacked every time I left the house was taking its toil. I would take a stick or a stone and stone the person and he would run and screech but then he would return. I never saw who it was he had his face covered.

Then they cleared the stones and I grew afraid.

Auntie would always be there and seem to be laughing at it all. The thing was did not know what she was doing seemed to be unusual even by the standards of that village.

So I left the house.

She followed us everywhere she seemed obsessed by the whole family. My sisters said it was my fault probably was.

When a couple marries they do things stuff. That is the normal way of looking at what was happening in there. Mother was amused she was having some sort of affair of her own. The bonds of matrimony are not to be caught. If one is caught out then one has to do something like have a child or do something like produce money.

On the farm there was a lazy attitude. All of them had been on something like drug induced work and their morality had laxed. Their sire had been in something like relationship with his grandsons and they all wet their bed until they were in their late teenage years.

"It depends how kinky the couple are." She said in something like joy. I was never going to sit down and have a normal mother and daughter talk. The thing was to avoid all such talk I just became boring about University. I just had to finish it. Took me twenty years to get in and then all that talk was finalised.

One does not have education or a job and powerful enemies one cannot move outside the house the house was the only place of some refuge because the only way was down.

The moment I stepped out dad was there to see to it I was swallowed whole. Then the lovely Jane was there to see to it that her friends had something and there is not much left for someone who is poor and dishonest background to be..

Being poor means one has no choice in the matter.

"There you always wanted to go there and now we have sent you that means you can become the sex toy."

"No mother."

"Yes." She was not wearing knickers.

"I want to finish University and then get a job." she went and smiled there was a leer in her eyes. I just looked blandly at her. The whole thing was foolish time wasting but I had to continue because the alternative was unthinkable.

You know when one is indoors one does not wear knickers and mother never did said she did not care to. We all have our foibles. That there was not much left to the imagination all the social barriers had come down and we were there in that stark rooms unable to take or get out.

Suffer me and they said that made her the only toy in the house.

"My bride." Called dad to her and she would snarl at him.

The extended family would come and there would be reassurances and assertiveness and then they would tear down more barriers. We were all set up to destroy each other for the house they wanted. They asked for everything in the house. Our home was like in Cyprus where they would take from the infidels. We were nothing to them but the things which they were coming to take from.

She wanted to have sex with girls. She just had to but that was never going to happen until she had a husband. So sorry daddy said she was a bad woman a woman to be avoided he averted his eyes in horror in terror even. But dad was insane was not he? He said she evil the devil woman who got by and did him more harm than anyone else.

"Harmless like a snake." When he saw a snake he went madder than ever and refused to walk the dog there.

"They were lizards."

"No snakes."

"Okay." He was snow white.

"What has she done?"

He did not answer he said he was not allowing fools inside his head and wandered off. Then he wept he just sat down and wept. We are a couple of clowns he told mother and sat down and ate his dinner. I just thought he mad and did not even listen to him. He is a sod mother laughed and then what got me he glowed red. She did nothing for him and she felt even less for him.

She was waiting for him to die and then she could collect.

He called her his new bride.

And it was all his step sister that was what had been. He was ruined he said he was ruined because of the evil inside the home. Inside his veins even inside the issues which he had done.

Why was he like that madness said the doctor and I did not listen anymore until the woman who ruined his life came to ruin mine.

When someone is so unkind that they think they know who is a lunatic and who is sane what does it mean to the rest of the population? When a madman says there is a bad fire around should the rest of the population listen? Or go and enjoy the flames?

Auntie who pretended to die and then came alive under a different name. The daughter who was worried that her bright green eyes might be stolen and she would never see again. The things which take for granted when the dead are dead they die and do not rise up again.

But she laughed out loud and said bring the papers bring the documents bring yourself.

But not auntie. She raises to the challenge and someone else must pay for the sexual favours which she has got. We behaved well towards each other each to their own but that went too far..

To pay for sexual favours of someone else is not being wise at all. She seduced these young girls one as young as nine and killed their parents and that is when I came in did not know did not realise. What the father of the girls was saying. Killed them all three of them the grandfather the father and the mother.

Because she wanted she lusted and that makes that horrendous. But the crime was covered up because she took the identity of the mother and the good daughter spreading rumours and came out and said and did not allow the father to sit down so died of brain damage.

Let us call it they were family enjoying their brain and education.

Plain truth is when someone is wicked they do not die easily. That is when she died for the rest of the nieces whom she got inside her bed for all the fools whom she swindled with her brilliant doctor daughter and her brilliant teacher son.

"We are invincible because who would want to know what we do because we are in character"!

"Well educated I do plays." She said, "It is a whizz."

"I am also well connected was engaged to the man who died in a car accident."

"We all know that." I said.

But felt he was going to leave because what makes me feel that I do not know. That we are all amazing is true. She said more amazed at how enthusiastic I was about her studying and sleeping with her sister at the same time.

The thing was we were all beginning to notice that they were always in there doing something until dad saw them and was cross. He threw them out pack your things and leave. Well sorry sport she said to me do you want him to die? Who?

"Your dad."

"No not at all."

"We can kill him for a price."

"Well no."

They left that day much to mother's sorrow she said nothing was as amusing as them.

"Where did they go?"

"To somewhere they got a flat."

"Then one of them married a accommodating man."

"She has children who have now become new and exciting."

Her sister looked after the boys while the two worked. They became success stories. But why? Because their mother loved them and did not make them come worst off. No the nieces had to pay for their good living.

"There is nothing we dislike more than each of them."

"Married to my sister and then continuing with the thing trying to marry my nephew."

"We all love behaving bad."

"Because we are bad."

We who were fools to them all now bow down and sit down and read this as a little home truths. A woman like that would speak like that. She thought the greatness who should be obeyed.

"We are wives and mothers."

"We are the children too and you came and robbed me and mine."

When that happened that means the truth comes out and you go to somewhere called jail or hell.

Why does it happen she was there as large as life and dad went into cover as if she was the issue which he was speaking about. That we believed in her as a kindly soul that she was the apple of our life and now she comes around as the destruction the destroyer of the nieces.

She has a thing about her nieces and their children. Well of course as that is one of the thing which her children support her in. She is after all their mum. They have come across as the children who do things and do deeds which they can get away with.

From stealing to some really smart moves which they said like murder or drug trafficking but that is outside my knowledge. I told one of her children not to because she might be caught but the woman was besides herself saying do not interfere with the things I do because if I get upset then there is no knowing what I might do.



When they came and rang the door bell I refused to let them in. I refuse to be intimate with people who do such deeds.

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