Female Mafia

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Chapter 10

I was having to do many things and there was simply no time to feel the back stabbing the rumours the jokes and all the slagging. I mean it there was nothing to be but to be in there hanging on.

I am no longer young that girl who had the future to look at does not have that anymore. The lay off came the lay off from life. There is nothing to be but standing still. I am her that never was and is never going to be. Her that had the rich and then been ditched. Why because I was a dullard. Did not grab my opportunities and did not grab the male shag and deflower him and melt his wallet.

There was not much a fool could be that I could love a rich bloke and stand by his idea of himself. When I should be plucking out everything? The thoughts of my failures was there was nothing to be said about such a waste of time..

What had happened they send me up they mock me they enjoy my discomfort as they create with their buddies. They laugh at me so what?

The family then went onto the next stage the thing to be was nothing to do with me they sent their goodies over. The black youths who did business drug deals for them they were there to hit and make me believe in the insecurities of being outside of the house. If I did not understand I would be made to,

They got hands on.

Then when I was not as frighten as I should be they settled to destroying me financially. The over wrought side of me spent in there settling to living a life like a poet and a woman meant they got inside my skin.

They believe they know what life is about they have a theory about such stuff. It is writ in story books a girl says yes then takes whatever there is and then lives happily ever after. If she is different then what happens that did not happen so she had to be taught.

We did not sense this we were oblivious we were being watched. They made life wretched because in the end what is human beasts? A man is a king in his own home and he can do whatever he is? So when someone else tells him what to do in his own sty what happens?

Well it is nice talking to all of you. If you have not understood I am sorry it was unclear. I can suggest you start re reading then go back and configure what I said and maybe the rubbish might become clear.

You see if they come and sit down give examples of love all of them in various disgusting manners. That makes it what? They are bullies and they are not right in their attitude? Group think with their heads in the wrong place.

Well I am off now there is nothing more to say about them who are in these pages. But ask me something anything why is it that everyone knows someone else's business?

"At twenty I did not make a fortune."

"Most people don't."

"Did not have a qualification and embarrassed the family."

"I had dyslexia as I said.."

"Then fell in love did not recoup the damages." They all said.

"Sad isn't it?"


"When you all did not even put your hands in your pockets did not help us at all. I was the child labourer and then became the adult slave. So what the hell are you all talking about?"

"Your father loved you he could not have?"

"Well he did." I am being diplomatic. "At the height of this nonsense."

"Well we have our pride."

"Well it is nice."

"We have the pride of the Turkish beauty at stake."

"Well I am no beauty so you can rest assured. I would never presume..."

They went arm in arm to party after they came back I went in the house swept the floors and did some housework feeling satisfied with it all. They had been trying to get something else damaged. Disapproval settled on me.

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