Female Mafia

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Chapter 3

"Nasty you are behaving so nastily."

"Don't you like us?"

"I did not say that."

Well once upon a time auntie was human too. There was almost this idea of being human and a woman. The thoughts jeered everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

She was now sorted the responsibility of the husband and family. Then she came back. She took in her father and sat him down and he molested her son and he was inside this old man for the next fourteen years. I went and said it was not so. He wet the bed and he wet himself throughout this there is a child abuse.

For a time they thought the son would die he developed schizophrenia and then became the man he is now. The schizophrenia is not so much to do with what the person is but how others see him. If they see him as normal then he acts in that way.. Until he lets slip and he did.

After becoming a teacher he was there for some time until he was retired.

Well you see he was beginning to crack because his son was leaving home. Whatever it was somehow made sense to me. I had nothing to do but to try out the idea. He and he did belong together being in some family pact.

So having been not sorted myself I had to sort him and him out. The family went berserk. What an idea when they were so enjoying the whole show.

"We love you all for being so funny." They would laugh their rich laugh and move and there would be a gleam of some intense interest. My it is funny seeing a woman in love. It makes us so happy to see her. Invite her over again and again until we see how it is with her and weddings.

Love towards them died.

You see when the richer members want to see themselves if they poor and they want to see all the action replay and all that? That is what makes it so cruel. When the feelings left when the thoughts were so in disorder. Sheer laughing stock the whole lot of them thinking themselves like us educated.

"How long did you wait when she dumped you?"

"Not long."

"How long has she waited when her husband left for the dancer?"

"She is now dancing with someone else." they all sigh happily because life is so precious few moments to enjoy. What does it matter when the person is something when there is something to hold on to. The slippery slop of death did not inflict itself on them at least not than. She is someone she has a job she can enjoy herself to what it may.

"The cost of this wedding is huge."

"The cost of us is even more so.."

The bloody standard chicken with the bloody standard all. I thought no one had asked me to dance as I was poor and there was not much to do but to look. Grumpy and dull I was.

"How happy she looks?"

"Yes tell the husband to come otherwise she might go astray."

The pranks we play on each other, " why she wants to stay with that for."

" the man dances better than her husband?"

"How long will he stay away?"

"What is it to you?"

"Come let us leave it I want something else to do."

They head arm in arm to the gaming room.

She has two husbands feeding her?

"Divorce settlements are so good."

The thing to be is to be nice to people that is what I am being nice. I did call the police but they arrested me instead. These people are numbers and they have jobs and they have identities whom no one doubts. The son who had been raped now was a English guy with the name a passport and who was to tell who was what?

The mother was in there somehow not the true mother but nearby and she too under a different name. So who was to say that I was speaking the truth? The whole thing could crack and buckle under the weight of the lies and the half truths and the sorry stories I am telling will remain as stories. Who is to prove who is who?

Madness like a disease struck me I was so frightened sometimes I trembled without realising the man had gone left for parts unknown. The thought that I was alone with them in the house or elsewhere made me insane.

Then something happened to me.

That something was what got me through.

I did somehow get used to the smell to the trash to the little objectionable behaviour. I became coarse.

The children will speak but they will keep mum because it is in their own interests cannot lose their home and their family for a mad aunt. I am now odd and older.

Web of deceitful people with the witticism and the spunk to do wrong without feeling remorse or guilt. Their only flaw is greed. I think that is when they make their mistakes.

Now if you had not all been such a avaricious people there might have been less of this about.

"No just stop and listen you are not our aunt."

"I am just speaking now there is no room for the likes of you not inside this chapter. You can speak in the next."

You see if someone had just murdered one woman or man I would not have been able to prove this. But having murdered four. It depends I guess people do not think along the lines of myself.

It is obviously the cruellest joke that our very sex lives and our interest in pornography has made us the maddest of people who do not know what and where the dangers are,

So for a light relief we spend all our money and come back gloom we did not think about that.

That is not right surely we have behaved well and should be rewarded.

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