Female Mafia

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Chapter 5

We are good people we live and work in London we do the right education we have to meet the right people. We are always not in a rush because we make time for the lifestyle of this country. We do not like you. Nor care for your storms in the teacup.

What does it matter to me what you think we are rich and we do the right deeds we own and our ownership is we have people friends who do right for us as we do for them.

We blend in we are the blended people like fruity and all that. Swallow your pride and speak and seek one of us in your bed. We are the awkwardness now we do the deeds which will make you heel. Somehow the taming of the shew is the right one. We did the right thing we were taming the shew when the shew went mad and then she snarled at me did she do the same to you?

How much did she say the omellet cost and how much did she say the tea? Wrong price she is out of her fucking head. Come lady we mean business in your bustling business what ideals of commerce do you hold that you charge me such a amount.

"Sorry the till made a mistake."

"Didn't you realise?"

"No it is doing wrong sums all day. Dad take it and have it fixed dad will refund and do the right thing."

"Not necessary, Just needed a apology."

"Where is she going?"

"To the kitchen."

"I want her here."

"Dad is nearby never fear."

"You can stay and your dad can do the washing up or the preparation."

"I think you should do so."

"No the impertinence."

"Well here is mother she can chat to you while I get on with things."

"Good how are you my dear.?"

"I am well thank you." Said mother very pleased to be talked to. No one talked to her in the kitchen and coming there in there with such a fine gentleman was making her day. She bloomed. I was busy for a time when dad went and said he would divorce her. Well I do not know what she had done. She said she was just doing her job.

She said she would never work again and we aghast were maddened by her stubbornness. That she said she had been working and then had been hurt by that brute of a husband who was older than he should be and not hers at all.

Well go home mother and see what there is on the television?

"Yes I will take me home."

He drove her home and came back very wary.

It had been fairly busy and I was watchful of everything but things were not right.

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