Female Mafia

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Chapter 6

What did I say what did it come out as what is the reason for me being banned barred humiliated? Why is it important what a teen says? Where and who said it and banned me from face book? I am nothing without selling paintings I am jobless in effect for life. Banned outsider a mere speck of nothing.

Auntie laughed out loud she had to change her identity because she too had been banned she too had to change not in person but in name. She was a woman a wife now she is a widow and a aunt and a mother a mother of children whom she desires.

"Help me someone to speak."

"You have spoken too much."

"But I haven't said what I mean."

"Well we do understand where is it coming from?"

Where is auntie now?

"She lives in a house with the view of something nice and she has changed her address because she cannot climb the stairs on her council property."

"Does she pay rent?"



"She inherited the council flat from the woman she had shagged pretending that was her mother."

"Well one way out of paying?"

"Of course the woman was a courtesian in the court of the Sultan so she came from a good background."

"Auntie is a bit of a snob."

"Of course she is."

"What on earth did she do it for?"

"Well to be free and able to fuck anything women that moved."

"So she came out?"

"Beastly dull in here"?


"Yes someone asking me all the wrong questions you should ask if she is happy."


"I think she has found herself."

Her husband where is he?"

"They say he is in Cyprus he is in fact I do not want to think what he is doing because there was a baby girl a girl whom I think was in danger she is all grown up now."

"Well what she do?"

"Involvement in the family business a bustling trade she was involved in my murder."

"Are you sure?"


"But the girl in the flower shop something about her something which she said and did."

"Where was the flower shop?"

"Next to the jewellery shop."


"The shops were adjoined."


"Well the thing was the father husband said he ..."

"Well he had to be amused."

"You mean?"

"From the defects which they thought as somehow good they have now generated into pure evil."


"Well it is only a hunch then the father came and said to me on the phone because did not want to be over powered that his daughter would open a farm with the land which I would sell to him."

"So what?"

"Well it is only guess work."

"Everything in life is that."

"My hunch was that they did the murderess attempt between them."

"But she is a nursery teacher."

"Yes that is right."

"What on earth are you talking about?"

"That the female the mother is the key and the branches are her spouse and the children."

"One is off set by the other thing until they can and do what they want. They have been taught to take what they like to discard what is not right for them. And they are a family of fiends who do murders like we eat biscuits."

"What sins we commit?"

"Breaking the law comes naturally to them."

"Come down let us not be morbid."

"I got a shiny object do you want to see it?"


"Well it is not a good object."

"Still do not."

"What a family you have."

"Yes they are something."

"Why did you study them?"

"Of course being a author I thought of them kept in touch. We never parted. They stayed for years months. We were in each others pockets- there was no getting away."

"We broke bread and we never did but speak nothings."

"Well is not that the way it is?"

"Well you see one is with some people and they always talking about breaking the law. Taking stuff. Doing things and taking what is never good for them."

"Why not report them?"

"Not for stealing shoes that is no use. I thought they had done something worse and they had."

"When did they not become wanted in the house?"

"When they wanted their names on the deeds to the house."

"I was tempted about them killing the parents but came to my senses."


"Because I thought that they would kill me soon after as they were girls in love."

"Sorry I thought you were being good to the parents."

"Think that."

"There was bad vibes between you and your parents?"

"They were useless and lame and they did nothing to protect me and they were absolutely unable to look after themselves. I was getting agog to live my own life."

"Restless were you"?

In my early forties and doing nothing but that. In this world everyone had kids and moved on and lived happily ever after. What did I have?

Not much I gardened a lot did the garden and there was no one to talk to except the psychologist. Then when the psychologist moved out there was nothing. No one but I without anything anyone warm to speak to.

I was a mere no one as if they the doctors had taken over my life and when they left when they leave this barren woman was the thing left behind.


"The autopsy has been done on mother do you want to dig up dad as well?"


So I began to delve into lives which had promise which had excitement drama and all that. The women were specimens of disasters because they married for convenience. The sense of society which they came from.

We are invisible as long as we are married. Being a widow is the good deal. One does not do except what one has to. Chat to women and have them stay the night.

When one goes to their houses unexpectedly their whole attitude is or was do not come here because we are not placed right. They sit next to each other as if one person and come out lightly as if they had someone over. The thing was this happened to other times to other women.

I began to wonder do these women really want company or are they company unto themselves? Bikini clan girls coming over there is too much coming over we do not want to be caught.

"Under the nothing doing do not speak like that."

"We do not have any men come over."

Whole towns or villages because they cannot afford to live so they take what is there.

"They are just close."

"Coffee mornings who is to say?"

"Well this is interesting?"

"Well no it is what one senses what one sees."

"So you think there is now a hidden possibility of wives or ex wives doing such stuff?"

"What else can they do?"

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