Female Mafia

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Chapter 7

We the undersigned said it all. We the people versus the family have had it out. The thing was when after the murder attempt they tried to come and collect.

The thing was when a murder attempt goes wrong the victim survives it is then the rats come out of the bag. The whole thing was did not realise what it was. Because they family.

They came asked questions looked concerned and then said the right things. But their eyes did nothing say nothing not a tear nor anything but glass marbles. They said nothing strange they said nothing but sad things even right things. But what it meant was they not into that aspect of being human. They the monsters not the victims.

They wanted to know how it had gone wrong.

I was a bit shy of it at that time wary. My blood pressure was not steady I had something called that. The whole thing went on too long they were there to ask the questions.

Maybe they could find out who it was? Who could it be some swine I said which made them smile at each other. I was not even sure than. The thing was did not know did not realise what it was about the nieces but they were bad.

Well they had to because as the astute Poirot would say when a murderer has done something they want to see the results. And also they want to finish the thing which they done their life work doing. Like exam results or the thing which sets them apart is what did it go wrong so next time can do better?

Technical difficulties?

Speck and span they want to find out what had happened to the people they had injured. We do understand they are never too young to start or too old to behave as if their lives depend on being wicked.

The two girls who were in their element found out just that I had developed blood pressure. So high said the nurse as she took the blood pressure. Well the thing is did not know did not realise because of the home situation mum and dad are very poor. '

Even laughing made me go high the pressure of laughter nearly killed me once.

It was as if the whole thing to them was a joke.

Their lives was not wasted while mine unfortunately was.

They did not understand about lack of time of doing things for others or did they? Their egoist I thought like their mother. Their mother they said was a saint.

Of course she is I said in something like humility the girls were good to me on the surface why did my blood pressure rocket every day higher and higher?

Cramped crowded conditions never having a separate room to oneself? I had my own room. No it was nothing like that the thing was did not have space or the sounds coming from that spaces was too near. Privacy was a privilege and there was almost a prison like air inside.

Everyone wanted to know each others business and we could not avoid each other.

Once or twice the hatred would boil out that is a doctor you are no one.

"And she is working in a shop because of you." Said her sister.

Her rage was obvious. I pretended not to see why being a sister myself I did not mind my sisters working work is not bad. It increases experiences and makes one better. I who worked in nothing but the lower types even know that.

Self respect?

"If paid."

They were always struggling. I did not know and do not know where the money went to. Their whole attitude was we are poor eventually the thought came and did not budge they were not stable.

They could not be both mad?

"Well." said the sister who was a good doctor.

"Guess." She added cheekily. And left the room to study from her huge medical journal.

I was most impressed.

Mother on the other hand thought money the most important part of being a parent.

That is why they were so poor. Being disabled they did away with dignity and selfhood they did not have anything left to leave but money. That was their own goal. Money meant they were to be looked up to after they left the green and pleasant land called earth.

The ghosts from the past did not go away. Every day there was something going wrong with the body because the thing is one senses things without knowing that it is there. We the undersigned did not know that. When one of the girls is a doctor?

You see what I mean? A good idea is not to know being educated in something the new cramped conditions- We have nowhere to go and what else can you do when you are family?

The good thing was I became a artist went and did all the courses because of the cramped conditions at home. I had to get away from home because home was no longer a home.

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