Female Mafia

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Chapter 8

These two females one fat and fairly unattractive and the other one thinner and with freckles came to our house to rob us. We were deemed unworthy to own the house we lived in because we were not doctors did not serve the community had nothing on offer but bad quarrels and stupid dullness. Mother did nothing all day and there was no use in us all.

While they had friends were part of the community did good. For one was almost a doctor and they went through the same trials and tribulations and did well out of it. After all their brother was a mad man whom they had to cure. They would give him a new identity and he was someone else. It all cost time and that was when it came to a head.

My sister said she had found a man not good looking whom she was trying to get to know. She said he was nice and it turned out well. He was a English person and she had got engaged to something called love. So that went on for some time and then she came out and said she was engaged.

"Delighted delightful." Said dad and Mum even I.

Then she was off into the sunset having married him and then what happened?

"We are done."

"I am done for but do not know what the joke was."

And that was their own goal.? Their goal was everything in short even our underpants it was as if we were to be plucked and plucked right. They were somehow not the right sort of people to have inside. For that matter only Cyprus could produce such beasts.

But they knew the president of Cyprus and that made them powerful. One of the siblings was a force behind the new throne and she was somewhat a little less like her sister. Because she had brains.

They beavered away chiselled the things which they thought attractive and the oddness of it all was such a time they spent on being thorough they knew all our habits and tastes. We went from being odd to becoming odder.

Dad said it out loud this is not a house but a boarding house for girls. I am fed up with it. For dad had to sleep on the sofa because mum would not let him in the bedroom.

Echo on the other hand was a madman with the guile and the guileless look. He said he would marry me and he did not so he went and married someone else. He asked for two little girls to molest and that was that.

The smell coming from him was so bad.

I did not want a continuation of daddy. One has failures in life one has desires even but eventually one has to stop trying to be a woman or a worm because everyone treading on one is going to hurt. So I closed my mind to him and set him out into the world. I did not know he would not go far.

Made a man of him and he could stop trying to screw girls and concern himself with his education. They were not dull girls they were bright girls who had got on despite all the obstacles.

They wore their middle class out fits robbed shoes and then leapt to the outside world. Where they were the con. The reality set in. They were bragging even that the house their own. In their ownership.

The two sisters had formed a sisterhood. They looked very conventional and on top of their game. Why because theirs was the right cause to take what was not needed from the vulnerable and the weak. The new philosophy of the mafia. When they do not miss it they will not want it.

Dad said in a sigh take them away from the house take them out and make them what they are tramps.

"Shush they might hear nearly dinner time."

That they were living rent free made me nothing. I was forking out from the dole money to make them feel at home. They would feast at night on sandwiches and stuff which they said was a good deal. It was all a deal with them.

The hard veneer was such they did not want to do any housework even cleaning their own room was too much. Their room was untidy and small and cramped. They slept in one small bed and they did not even have a cupboard to put their clothes in.

A sore point indeed but cheap is cheap and payment in nothing is payment indeed. What was the payment in kind was they prevented dad from destroying the house. Well that was a type of payment. I wished that they would leave.

The house could then breath. The over crowding meant we did not give a good send off to dad and there it was he had grown so weak he could barely hear the death of his brother without going into a grave sadness. He stayed in mourning for two years. He shook with the sadness. So unlike dad?

They were smiling because they had social posts and begging letters of marriages and they would have it all. They got on. While I stayed staid and did the work of a carer and that melted not their hearts but hardened it. Their whole attitude was one of condemnation and selfhood which grew as the months passed.

The nieces as they were known did nothing but plot and plan. I sensed their interest in my little blobs at that time I had started to draw and paint. They laughed out loud because the younger niece could draw so well that it inspired a likeness.

They laughed and languished in state their minds were beginning to be made up. They would do things and take the house. Throw us to the dogs. Add to their wealth.

Besides I was old and odd. They were not sure sometimes. I had some spark of something from the past but being ten years older than the youngest sister made me old.

I had no one and nothing and that made me dispensable. So having sorted that out they started on me.

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