Female Mafia

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Chapter 9

The girls left thinking I would die soon. Were not upset they just said goodbye probably will never set eyes on you again. As if the enemy had been hid and it came out. That manner of speaking sparked concerns which did not lift. Something had been done to them and they blamed me?

Why then the rest of them said similar words. From B to Z. We cannot live because you are in the way.

Well it is obvious they had all in need of my doctor and that said I never thought of it again for some time. I went and did other stuff but they did not level with me they did things from afar which sent me into something called panic but the silence was as if they were stirring something like tempers and did not brood well for the future.

Why did it unsettle us all?

Mother said they were a naughty type and she had arranged the marriage between the husband and wife who was my auntie. The whole thing now rested on that. I was more curious to know.

Then reasons came curiosity killed the cat and there were many cats who had died. They might have nine lives but that did not make them live longer than their appointed time.

I just did not want to think about the whole seedy situation and felt nothing but animosity after a time one of the girls came back. The little she knew she said kept on saying.

"Where is the letter from the doctor he proposed marriage and now I lost the address. Where is the letter left it on top of the fridge and where is the letter?"

"He was in love with me said he marry me. And you know he comes from a good family."

"He has a brother might do you good as well if you refine yourself."

I reddened I sighed it was over for me.

I was upset we searched everywhere for the letter and I said I had to admit could not find the damn thing. She slowed down. Sat down and said promise me you will find the letter?

"You said damn to the letter even if you found it I cannot use it because it is damned." She almost cried out loud. She was haggling over her fate or something?

"The letter was my only hope."

"There must be some other way you can contact him?"


"Well the people he knew and your sister had been to med school with him had not she?"

"Of course." She said.

"It is my only hope of being married he lives in America." She appeared to add that for a good measure. I looked at her startled then the doctor of course was her sis? She reddened but recovered.

How I knew that was she did not know anybody from America. She said the guy whom had been training to be a doctor came from main land Turkey. So why had he now the status of such a man? Madness had set in her sister had married she must be missing her.

"Promise now or I will tell everybody you envious of my good fortune."

When I shut the door to her back she banged the door handle trying to get back in. But I pretended not to have heard.

"Yes of course. " I replied.

The strain was too much had to sit down. After she left I had to take my blood pressure pills and settle myself into calmness.

Mother winked at me did you find the letter?

"Don't you start."

She looked startled.

I left the room it was filled with demons and did not like her attitude. She hated girls who were single and not pretty. I just was so likely to end up like that and that promise made me sad.

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