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I have finally finished high-school. My two friends and I decided to go on a small trip kinda like a little congratulations to ourselves but things go horribly wrong and our car ends up crashing leaving us stranded on the side of the road. We decided to walk, we finally come up on a house and the family seems normal but something very sinister hides behind thier kind eyes. They drag me away to a mountain where the rest of the families live and it's all very different than the world I'm used too. My name is Elizabeth and I guess this is my new family?

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1πŸ–€

Heading down the highway through a small town in Kansas, I look out my window in the back of the car. Thinking about my childhood that wasn't any good for a little girl. I worked my ass off since I was 13 to get straight As in school, hoping that one day I could maybe go to college and have a much better life than the one i was leading. My birth mother gave me up for adoption but no family actually wanted to adopt a baby that was addicted to crack from her mother.

So for the past 17 years I was passed around with foster family's, and to be honest it was about 20 if I'm remembering correctly. They didn't want to keep me very long especially once I got into high-school that's when most of those numbers started to come in.

I have depression and my anxiety is horrible, growing up in some of the homes that I did messed with my head really bad. I had a few foster fathers that would like to come into my room at night while I was asleep. Some would just stare at me and others would actually touch me, touch me where little girls should never be touched by grown men.

My two friends in the front seats are Kara and Courtney, we been friends since Elementary school. They was the type of girls you would call popular and the pretty ones where i was the one that would be called the nerd or thier little follower.

I some times felt like thier follower, they would drag me along with thier plans but never actually evolved me in the planning. If we would be at parties they would leave me alone to go chat with some dudes leaving me alone around people I never really talked too

I even put up with all the little comments they make towards me

"You would look pretty is you tried a little harder sometimes" Kara once told me.

"You need to start dressing better you may be able to have a boyfriend then" Courtney said to me one time at a party.

"Those glasses look horrible on you. You need contacts" Kara snapped at me when i dropped my glasses at school one time and found me crawling along the floor of the cafeteria trying to find them.

And sometimes I can't help but let thier words hurt me.

I can't help that I don't actually have any parents that care about me enough to dress me in better clothes than what they find at garage sales.. I can't help that my mother doing drugs while pregnant with me fucked up my eye sight and i obviously can't help the fact that I can't afford make up to make my face look prettier, I was barley able to make enough for my share for this trip.

We had went to see our favorite band Nickleback playing for the start of thier new album release but the drive was over 17 hours and we stayed at this hotel close to the venue. Kara and Courtney got drunk most of the weekend leaving me alone in our hotel room reading a book I had brought for the drive or trying to find something decent to watch on TV.

Now we are headed back been on the road for 3 hours and still have 14 hours to go and it's going to be a long day. They are barley evolving me in thier conversation about how the weekend went they spent most of the time talking about the cute boys and posting pictures with "cute" captions on thier facebooks and I couldn't even do that not with my cheap little flip phone that I barley been able to pay for the minutes lately.

School took its toll on me with all the class work this year i did everything i could to make sure I got perfect grades all year, sometimes studding late into the night when I would get back from my after-school job at this little pet shop we have in our town.

I don't even know what I'll do once we get back. I don't have enough money saved yet to go to college, I got a little sponsorship but I'd still need to come up with some money for the first semester and I don't have that. I don't even have my own car yet to even be able to get me there.

I know my current foster family will want me out the house soon, the wifes been fussing at me because the husband likes to look at me. How is that my fault though i don't want him to look at me and thier son... his the devil. Really I'm not even joking. He will come into my room and just trash it just for a laugh, he will break something and blame me causing me to get grounded or sent to bed without supper.

I just want a better life, that's all I'm asking for. A family that will appreciate me and love me for me not for how I look, not for anything eles just happy to have me in thier life's.

I just want to be loved.

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