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The story is about a person that looks and act human during the day, but at night its true identity is revealed.

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Chapter 1

Cheza was sat alone in a secluded corner of a small cafe. While she waited for her friend, she sat quietly while she drank her hot chocolate. She glanced down at her phone and relaxed in the chair and sprawled her legs out causing the bottom of her denim jeans to slide up above the tops of her trainers when she crossed one foot over another beneath the table. As she looked up from her phone, she saw a person in a black hoody sitting in the corner opposite her. Although she couldn't see the person's face, she had a feeling that she was being watched. She turned away and tucked her feet underneath her chair as she looked through the window. As she turned around and noticed the person in the hoody was gone.

"Excuse me. Did you see a person in a hoody go past?" Cheza asked a waitress as passed.

"There isn't anyone in here with a hoody on, and I've not seen anyone come or go in a hoody." The waitress replied as she took her notepad out and walked off.

Cheza crossed her arms and stroked her chin and as she looked around, her phone pinged as a message request popped up on the screen. She slowly uncrossed her arms and looked down as her finger tapped on the screen to see what the message said and who it was off.

In capital letters the message said. "I SEE YOU."

Cheza laughed and looked around the room.

Her fingers tapped on the screen as she replied to the anonymous messager and waited for a reply to see who it was assuming it was one of her friends playing a prank on her. As she relaxed, she stretched her legs again while she waited for the person to reply. Her phone pinged as another message came up saying.


Cheza sniggered and looked around, and as she replied to the message, she crossed one foot over anothe while she waited for a reply. After waiting for a couple of minutes and not receiving another message from the stranger, she sighed, watching as her friend Tillie walked in.

"Sorry I was late. Work was busy." Tillie slouched in the chair. "How long have you been here for?"
"Only an hour or so." Cheza smiled.
"What have you been doing?" Tille leaned in, arching her eyebrows. "Oh, did you hear the news?"
"No. Why?" Cheza leaded in, resting her arms on the table. "Did something happen?"
Tillie nodded without a word.
"What happened?" Cheza stared at Tillie.
"A girl's body was found down an alleyway." Tillie stared at Cheza

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