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Wonderland: Deadly Madness

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Jack is back in school after taking some time off but finds himself and his friends stumble into a world of horrors and they must find a way out.

Horror / Fantasy
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Follow Down The Rabbit Hole

“My life is such a boring routine, without him.” Jack wrote in a book as his teacher droned on.

Jack looked outside as rain moved down the window. He found the raindrops like little dancers that moved effortlessly unknowing to their end. His mind wandered into the realm of make-believe that he yearned to fade away in. Jack’s mind was ripped back into reality as his name rang out.

“Mr. Slitter, do you mind rejoining the class?” The teacher said as he stood at Jack’s desk.

The eyes of the class burned deep into Jack’s soul. Jack looked up to meet the gaze of his teacher. The man towered over him. Jack’s heart began to race as the two locked eyes piercing deep into him.

“Oh, s-sorry Mr. Blass. Where were we?” Jack apologized in a hushed stutter as he quickly looked back to his notes.

“We were going over last night’s homework you have it, right Shitter,” A student said making a mocking tone when saying Jack’s last name

Snickers rose from the class as Jack silently reached into his bag to pull out damp papers. Mr. Blass took up Jack’s papers and placed them on his desk.

Mr.Blass shot the boy a glare as he turned to the class “Mr. Friot can see me after class.” He said

The boy sucked his teeth as he looked at Jack; who let out a chuckle. The class continued slowly, but soon the final bell rang and students funneled out of the class.

“Ok, class! That’s it for today, please be safe in getting home.” Mr. Blass said before his eyes fell on Jack who was packing his bag and occasionally looking out the window “Mr. Slitter do you mind if I talk to you for a second” Mr. Blass said

Jack’s heart leaped into his throat as he nodded moving to the front of the class. Jack and Brydon stood before Mr.Blass

“Brydon, I know how to handle my classroom and don’t need the colored commentary. I’m not gonna write you up, but next time I will. Now get home, and be safe.” Mr. Blass lectured

Brydon scoffed at Jack; an insult on his tongue; before taking his letterman jacket and stormed out of class. Mr. Blass looked at me

“Mr. Slitter I know this is only a few days but we did ask if you felt comfortable returning to class. I can’t have you daydreaming in class. If you keep dozing off you’ll find yourself stuck in wonderland.” Mr. Blass said in a concerned tone. “Are you still ok to come to class? If not, I can talk with the principal and we can send you home with some work-”

“No, I’m ok Mr.Blass” Jack interjected looking at the ground to not meet his gaze

Mr. Blass let out a sigh “If any of the students are giving you trouble you can tell me and we can handle it. You have to talk to someone if you want anything to change.” The teacher said as he slid his papers back to Jack with an A+ on them.

The room fell silent, but before Mr. Blass could speak a knock on the door drew their attention.

The door opened to see a boy and a girl looking in.

“Yo Jack, you get yourself into trouble again?” The boy asked as he tugged at the brim of his reporter’s cap to Mr. Blass

“Hello Mr.Atom and same to you Ms. Amani,” Mr. Blass greeted “ I was just finishing up with your friend you kids get home safely now”

“Jeez tech, it’s not like we’re freshmen anymore we’re adults. Right Marina” Joshua said with a chuckle

“Like, totally we better get going though moms bound to freak if we are late again,” Marina said as she reached into her purse.

The three students left the classroom.

Walking down the halls Joshua went on about his recent game-making exploit. Jack looked at the woods that were around the school. His attention began to lose focus as Joshua’s words began to fade out. Soon his attention focused on a rabbit; whose fur was white as snow.

“Hey, do you guys see that white rabbit?” Jack said pointing to the rabbit

Joshua and Marina looked at the rabbit

“OMG! That looks so cute! Think we can catch it before we get home?” Marina asked

“Didn’t you just say we should hurry home before we got in trouble, Mary?” Joshua asked smugly

“Well, that was before we found a cute as hell rabbit that I would love, hold, walk and feed.” Marina replied “Well Jackie it appears that you’re the tiebreaker in all this. Do you wanna go after the adorable rabbit, or do we walk home and leave him to be eaten by wolves or something?” Marina asked looking at Jack

“We can go get it. There are three of us so it shouldn’t take long” Jack said nervously eyes still fixed on the rabbit

Marinna’s eyes light up with excitement. “That means I win! Let’s go boys, we have a rabbit to catch!” Marina announced

The sound of her exclamation startled the rabbit sending it darting quickly into the forest.

“Good job Marina now we have to go in the woods,” Joshua complained As he took off after the rabbit

Jack and Marina followed behind him. The trio ran through the woods looking for the rabbit. Passing trees looking like welcoming dancers. Moving seamlessly through the air. Soon the group stopped amid the forest.

“Ugh! Where the fuck is this rabbit!” Joshua exclaimed as he took a seat on the base of the tree. “Wh have to have been here for an hour.” He complained

“Come on Josh I know we are close.” Marina wined “A rabbit can’t get that far.”

“Nope! Nope! Nope! We’re done, We have been gone for way too long your mom’s gonna ground you for a lifetime. This rabbit is not worth the trouble.” Joshua argued “I’m tired, I’m wet and I’m hungry.” he continued

“Why did the rain stop?” Jack asked as he held his hand out to the air

“What? We are in a forest, the trees will catch the water.” Joshua replied

“Trees don’t completely block the rain out stupid,” Marina jested “But Jack’s totally right I swear it was raining like a second ago.” She continued

“Let’s just get back to the school. I’m ready to get home and work on the latest scoop for the school paper. To hell with my sleep I guess.” Joshua said standing to leave.

“Umm...do you remember our way back?” Jack said looking around at the mess of trees that surrounded the group

“No way! We can not be lost!” Marina exclaimed

“Relax Mari. We’re not cavemen. I’ll pull up the school on the GPS and we will just follow it from-” Joshua’s words were caught in his throat as he looked down at his phone “What the hell?”

“What is it, Joshua?” Jack asked

“My phone isn’t responding all it’s saying is welcome,” Joshua explained showing the others his phone.

Instinctively the other two pulled out their phones to reveal the same message; the word welcome and nothing else. Try as they may the trio could not get their phones to work.

“Okay, if we all came from that way,” Marina suggested pointing in the direction behind the group “ Then if we follow it back then we would have to hit the school right?” She continued

Joshua and Jack exchanged looks then looked back to Marina

“I mean it sounds like sound logic,” Jack said

The group walked through the forest

“Hey, Jack when we get out of here do you wanna head to my house? The family has been wondering where you have been. Lil bro would love to see you again.” Joshua asked to break the silence

“I don’t know,” Jack replied

“Oh come on Jack I know you haven’t been in the best place but we’re your friends you don’t have to go through this alone. “ Marina said patting Jack on the back “If Josh’s house isn’t your style we can kick it at the anime shop by the mall like old times. I think the hottest new Aiki Aiki merch just dropped and we have to get our hands on it before the neckbeards” Marina suggested

“Oh man, it’s been a while since I saw that,” Jack said with a light expression

“Hold up, it’s been a while?’ Marina asked

“Oh boy looks like you got her whiled up now looks like she’ll be talking all through our trip,” Joshua said turning to see if we are any closer

“Silence, casual!” Marina exclaimed as she began to give a detailed summary of the anime in question

As the three walked through the forest soon they arrived at what looked to be a split in the road

“So then Badass Warrior goddess pulls in the humble night; saving him from the evil serpent king, and I’m like those two are definitely gonna be together totally my OTP-”

“Hold on Mari, was this here before?” Joshua asked

“Ugh I was just getting to the second part, don’t think so. What about you, Jack looks familiar?” Marina asked looking at Jack

Jack looked at the sign, the words a jumbled mess of letters “Where is this even supposed to lead?” Jack asked

“So I guess we should just pick a side and go down it,” Joshua suggested

“For real anything is better than being lost in some forest. Look at us being cool seniors hanging out in the woods” Marina giggled

“We aren’t hanging out, we’re lost.” Joshua retorted

“Lost Together.” Marina shot back

This got a chuckle out of Jack, and later one out of Joshua as well.

Soon the trio found themselves nearing the end of the forest. As they hurried towards the exit they came out to a grizzly sight.

“W-What the fuck!” Marina exclaimed as she looked up to the sky that was tinted a crimson red, black clouds hovered menacingly above

The metallic scent of blood hung heavy as the barren wasteland stood before them.

“We took a wrong turn right?” Marina said shakenly

“The sky is red and I can’t even see the school, we must have gone forward then back.” Jack explained looking around “Let’s just go back to the forest and figure this out.” He suggested

The two nodded but before they could turn around Jack found himself looking at the red sky as his body hit the ground with a thud.

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