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The wolf beast

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The story is about a person who falls into a blackhole and is taken to a creepy place where a werewolf is🐺

Horror / Drama
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Weird Fall

One day. I was walking through a huge dark cave. I fell into a big blackhole and went through to a different world. It was creepy because there was torn down houses and a dark forest. I looked around more then I went into the forest. I stayed on gaurd just in case something happened. I seen a large wall so I went up to it. I found an entrance so i went inside, there was swords, arrows, shields, and skeletons everywhere. I went up into a tower and saw another skeleton. I left to go look around more, I found a farm and went to is if there was animals but it was empty. I got some food and left, as im walking through the woods i decided to go to sleep. The next day I went to look for help, I checked a abondened town, the kingdom and the woods but there was nothing. I heard a loud and large howl, I hid and waited to see what it was. I froze in fear when i saw what it was, It was 20 feet tall, had gray fur, large teeth and was strong. I put my hands over my mouth and waited for it to go away, after 5 minutes it went away. I went back to the kingdom to get that armor wnd sheild I saw. I got the armor and went to set up camp, I broke down a tree and made a floor and some walls. I went to look for more supplies, Evently I found a cabin, I took candles, a bed, notes and then I found a map. I jumped up in joy, ready to get out of this place. I went back to my cabin to finish building when I heard two howls, I hid and looked out a window I made. I saw two of those 20 foot tall, gray creatures attacking eachother. They were very strong and jumped very far. After the battle I looked for more things. I found what looked like a libary. I found a book about these creatures, They were called werewolves. Werewolves were meant to be mythical creatures, but I saw two of them fight. I learned that the were wolf like men that are hard to kill. I went back to my cabin to get ready to find one of those creatures. I went to sleep to get my energy back up. The next day I went out to find a werewolf, I found a cave with skeletons in it and a dead werewolf. I realized that it was the werewolf from the fight. I heard a large howl, so I hid and got ready to fight. A little time later a werewolf came, my heart was pounding. I took a deep breath then came out of my hiding spot, I shot a arrow and hit the werewolves arm. It growled and look at me, in one second it ran at me and threw me on the ground. I got back up and shot another arrow and hit the werewolves ear. I ran up and stabbed it in the stomach. I won the fight but had many cuts and brusies. I went back to my cabin and put the werewolf’s fur on my armor. By the time I knew I was ready, I ate then went to sleep. After time went on I defeated many werewolves. I went to heal my brusies and cuts, I got home and drank water and looked at the map I had. There was a dock and a broken ship. I knew that was my freedom out of this place. I packed my things and went on my journey. I eventually got to the dock but there was a werewolf. It looked taller then the others. I studied it and found out it was 30 feet tall. It saw me and chased me back into the woods. I got away and pulled out my bow and arrow and got ready. I heard footsteps everywhere, but then i felt a drip on my shoulder and heard a growl. I looked up.

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