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Ghost stories

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This book contains three ghost stories. All this story is unique and can make anyone not only thrill but also scare.

Horror / Mystery
Sakib Rahman
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The House

"It is terrible..."Zarin shouted,' i cannot take it anymore. I tell you several times that it is very difficult to live in this small house.'

'I will buy a house for us just give me some time', said Rahim, Zarins husband. He added that.' in our house there will be plenty of rooms, much space in the house and there will be playing field in back of our house .'"Why do you need time ?’’Zarin asked.' You know my job is good but it is impossible to manage a lot of money for buying a house and it could be our lifetime residence .so, it should be a good house. For that, we need lots of money.' ok, do you feel rude about my word?’ Zarin asked Rahim.'' no, why you asked?’’ Rahim replied calmly. In his entire life, he always tries to stay calm in every situation. That's why everybody likes him.'I don’t know. I just feel that I was rude to you about the house. I think I should give you time. Actually, every day when I see our children, I feel very sad. They both live in the same small room and they are having fights with each other every day and they are grown-ups. so I thought we need a house but I don’t want to create pressure on you.' I understand that. Then she put her head on Rahim's neck and tell him softly '' I love you, you know that so don't feel hurt by my word.”

Times are passing and one day Rahim comes to the house with the news 'I found a house which is at end of the cityHe added,' House is quite big but we can renovate it and add some room in it and another great thing is we have plenty of lands are surrounded by a house, we can make a swimming pool, garden anything that we want to make.’Zarin asked,' Is this affordable to us?’ ‘Yes, of course, but one problem.’ 'What is that?’Zarin looked tensed now. 'This place is far from the town & very few people live there. Most of the farming lands are around our place, I think very soon this place will be crowded because the price of the land is very cheap .’’If you think it will be a sweet place for us then it will be ok to me.’Zarin said this with a beautiful smile. Five years ago this smile killed him . He fell in love with her then they get married and now they have a happy family with two kids. Rahim hugged her and said that, 'that’s why I love you cause you can understand me.’

One week later, they are all in a rush, all of their packages are ready . They will move to their new house today. The kids are very happy. Finally, they live in their own house. There will be individual room for them. Playing field which is the backside of their house & they can make a garden in front of their house. When Rahim driving their car, then the kids are very excited and they asked their father how far our house is now? Rahim replied,' we're almost there.' When they arrived in their new house they all stuned. This house is pretty old and there is some broken part hanging from the house roof. some glass of Windows is broken. She asked his husband,' are you crazy? This is a broken house how can we live in that?’Rahim replied,' we can renovate it, honey, I know it looks very bad from the outside but the inside is not so bad, just take a look .’She helplessly shaking her head which means she cant agree with him. Then she stepped on the stairs of the front door. But the kids looked happy because this is their own new house and it’s much bigger than their previous one. Their mum looked at every room and she is still not happy. Rahim asked his wife ,’do you still not satisfy?’ 'Why do you lie to me? Zarin looks angry. She added that' You said it was old but it is a broken piece of shit. We need a lot of work to make this place nice and habitable. Please send us back to our house we cannot live here and we don’t have any neighbours around us if you face any problem or any accident will happen who will help us here?’ He replied, 'this place is cheaper than any other house I find and it is completely matched with my salary and this area will be really habitable very soon. Due to the cheap rate of nearby lands, people will be living here soon I can promise you that.' She seems not convinced but for now, she remains calm for the best because if she continuing arguing with him it will make the situation bitter. So she tried to find some happiness in looking at children's happy faces in this house. the kids are very happy they running all around in the house they choose their own room. It makes Rahim happy. His wife looks better when she finds out the kids are very happy and enjoy their moment in this house . Rahim addresses his wife and children .'We have plenty of room in this house but they are not well prepared for living so we all live together in the drawing room tonight, tomorrow carpenters will be here and they will start to renovate this house and we will help them to make this place habitable. And kids, make a picture in your mind that how is your room will be, both of you, ok ?’’ ' Ok dad, we love you ’they hug their dad. Now she feels happy and they all together join in this family hug.

At night, they make the bed in the drawing-room and light a candle because this house is abandoned for a couple of years so the electricity line is cut. They had a long day so they sleep quickly.

In the nearly morning Rahim wakes up by hearing noise someone knocking at the door. Rahim opens the door. 'Hi, I am Robin. I am the electrician.' ''Hello, but you seem very early at your work . By the way, I am Rahim. But it is good because it is very hard to survive in this hot temperature without electricity.'' 'That’s why man I am early at work. I think it is the first priority,' Robin replied. 'Thanks, man come in please.' Children’s are not familiar with this kind of situation so they are not wake up yet. 'Zarin, this is Robin the electrical mechanic. He is here to fix the electrical problem and he will here to help us in the morning because he realises we have faced a lot of trouble with electricity.' Thanks for coming Mr Robin. I appreciate your concern.' ''Now, Mr Robin let me show you where the basement is, you will find the electrical box there. Rahim and Robin are carefully going to the basement. The basement is full of dust and spiders net is everywhere and it’s much Messy there. When Mr Robin doing his work, Rahim go top to check his family meanwhile the kids are waking up from bed and Zarin makes some breakfast for them. When they try to eat their breakfast suddenly they notice that the water pipeline give some trouble. Rahim said that when the carpenter will do their work and renovate this house they will bring us also a plumber. Now, I call them to bring a plumber with them.Don’t worry about that for now. Just use the reserve water from the bucket after a few moments, The mechanic return from basement and said them the electricity problem is fixed now. They can switch on the lights. Rahim turn on the lights and the whole house is glowing by the lights. They all appreciate Mr Robins work and offer Mr Robin to breakfast with them but Mr Robin seems not to stay here for a moment more. So, he takes their leave.

After a couple of hours, the carpenters arrived with a plumber. They start to fix the house and fix the waterline. The kids are moving and running in the house and make noise. Rahim tells them to go outside and play in the field. Rahim tells the carpenter to fix the kitchen first because if they fix the kitchen then Zarin can prepare their lunch. Meanwhile, the plumber fix the water tap problem.

At 1 o’clock the two carpenters are finished their work in the kitchen now they moved on to fix a bedroom. They know their work will not finish today. So if they can finish only a bedrooms work today then the people can live the night in that bedroom.

At night, they are going to the bedroom to sleep only in the kitchen and this room is prepared for living. Tomorrow the carpenter will arrive to finish their work.

At midnight Zarin heard some weird noise at the roof. She told to Rahim about this and tell him to check that out. But Rahim told her that the work of this house is not finished so it might be some would banging and create some noise by having touch with some air or maybe some rat makes this noise. 'Please sleep honey. A big day ahead of us tomorrow .' The children are already asleep. They make their garden in the backyard today. It’s not a garden yet because they only dug some soil with their father but their father cannot help them properly because he had to help carpenter to do their work.

The next morning the two carpenter arrived at the time when they were taking their breakfast. But this they started the work without bothering. Rahim told them that he cannot help them today because he have to go to the town in his work because he has to go to work. Because he took a few day's leaves and the leaves are passed. If he cannot go to the the work he will lost his job. So the carpenters Said,' ok you can go, we will on our own now .' They added, 'We can do our work today. We will work on your children’s room . If we finish the children's room today then we will work on the drawing-room.' Rahim finished his breakfast and take his belongings and go to the car. His wife says goodbye to him and the children are waking up from bed late because they had nothing to do in this house they have no friends and they are not going to school because they are only 2 and 4 years old.

In the noon the carpenter said the children’s room is both completed now they can work on the other side which was the drawing room but Zarin said she heard lots of sounds in the roof so she told them to first-fix the attic. They go to Attic to fix it. When they reach the attic they feel something that unusual. Then they realize there is a snake which is very aggressive to see them. Zarin is very frightened to know about this. The carpenters are killed this snake carefully with their tools. The carpenters are bury the snake behind the house. They told Zarin, 'we almost done our work but we need more day to finish all the things and wrap up .”'Ok take your time but make sure the renovation will go perfect and I am sure that my husband will be there tomorrow to help you. She added, 'ok you can go now. We have a horrible day and I don't want to talk about it in front of kids.’

But the kids are got the snakes news when their mom talk about it with the carpenters.

In the evening, Rahim returns from work, he is tired than usual days then his younger son told him that the carpenters are found a snake in the attic .”Is that true Zarin?” ''Yes, it is, and I am sure that the noise I heard the other night was the snakes. Now the problem is gone. Now we have some relief .'' ''Ok children, after our dinner you can go to your room, is it prepared for living?'' The older child replied, 'it is repaired but we can make this good by decorating this room.' ''Ok, now it’s up to both of you to decorate as you like if you need some help then call me and your mum.''Then he asked Zarin, "how much of the work is left?" "We have one room left to renovate and fix drawing room and some outdoor works. We need to do work on our storeroom which is outside of this house. it is also left .so maybe one or two days they need." "Alright. But if they had more people then it will be finished by now. After fixing the house we need to paint the house and decorate the other rooms so almost a week needs it for our new home ."

After finishing dinner Zarin asked Rahim how was his day?He told her that it was good, no trouble at all . But I should go tomorrow to the work. "That’s very awful, because I told the carpenters that you will be tomorrow to help them. Now, I cannot tell them to do work on their own ." They have skills, they can do it fast and I can only help them to move things from one place to another and most of the work are done by them. They can manage it by themselves and after their work, all the paintings should be done by me so in that time I need the leave at the work. So I should go to work tomorrow."

The next day, Rahim goes to his work he didn’t want to waste his leave for house renovation because the carpenter can do their work and they can do their work nicely. When the renovation will complete the house needs to be painted and Rahim is not capable of wasting money on the painters. He can paint his house. It will save his money. He thinking about this and driving his car to his work but in the house, the carpenters arrived for renovation. They asked Zarin, is "Mr. Rahim is home?" Zarin replied, "no. he is at work. He cannot leave his work behind. Is it give trouble to you?'' "Not at all" the carpenters are replied. 'We can do our work and we have an additional man to help us but it will cost you some more money for an additional man.' "I will discuss it with him. For now, you can do your work." Carpenters are going to their work to fixing the house. They have to fix the additional room and the drawing-room.

The children are playing in the backyard where they are started to dig the soil to make a swimming pool but it is not their work it will take more time and they cannot do it properly. So their mom told them to leave it for their father when the house will complete, he will dig the swimming pool for them. Meanwhile, carpenters are discovered unnatural things. When they fixing a wall, they find some big hole in the wall. Probably the snake used this hole to travel in this house. They close the hole and repair the wall in the evening. All the work is almost done. Then Rahim returns from his work. He observed all the work of his house and he was very surprised and tell Zarin that, "look how beautiful our house is!" Zarin agrees with him and said, "you right it looks very beautiful but the finishing touch is remaining. When we painted this house it will look more beautiful." The carpenters are ready to close their work then, Zarin told Rahim, "we have to discuss something. The carpenters bring one extra man today for work which helps them to finish their work in time but it cost some money for an additional man." Rahim told the carpenters, "when we make a contract with you there is no condition was that it will cost more money if you brought another man and there is no condition was written that I should help you to do your work. But I help you some time so you can not get any additional money. I think I made my point very clear. The carpenters don’t look happy but they don’t argue with him. They just say, "Ok if you don’t want to give us money then we do not renovate this house anymore. Most of the house is renovated only the outside storeroom has remained unfixed. If you do not cost more money for the additional man then it will be settled. If you give us an extra charge for an additional man then we will work. Today's work is already done, so we are done here".

In the next few days, all the things are going normal, and Rahim and his wife are too busy to paint they are house. The house looks very nice and the children’s room was also very beautiful. They put the wallpaper around the world and they made some art of their own and some photography of his family is hanging on the wall.

One day Rahim is at work and in the house Zarin and her children are alone. Their younger son is going to play near the swimming pool but it does not look like any swimming pool. It’s like one kind of pond if they put some money and time to build this thing then it will be a swimming pool. For now it can only a funny place for the children. Suddenly his younger son fell to the pond and asking help loudly. His mother heard this and try to help him. So she also jump into the pond to help his son but she doesn’t know how to swim. So they both are drowned and an invisible force is trying to force them to keep them underwater.

Her daughter is crying and loudly started shouting near the pond and asked for help. After some moments, the farmers from the nearest land are heard their shouts so they coming to help them but when they arrived at the places, they found that Zarin and his Son are dead. They picked off their body and found that there is some black mark on both of their bodies. It seems like something is trying to bang them with something.

The people of this land says that there is two Snake live in this area but when Rahim renovating this house the carpenters are killed one of the snakes. So the other snake takes revenge on Zarin and her son by killing them. Probably the other snake was in the storeroom which is outside of the house. If carpenters fix that on that day, then Zarin and her son may be alive today.

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