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The missing Lucifer

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* means thinking () means action [] means power

Horror / Action
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The Missing Lucifer

Once upon a time the Lucifers had children three of them were extremely powerful. They named those three Gojo Lucifer Mirajane Lucifer and Galaxy Lucifer. When three of them was gonna go to earth. Galaxy got captured her whole family almost destroyed hell. Galaxy lived a horrible life when she was captured. Until she snapped

The Missing Lucifer

Man- wake up brat
Galaxy-( fake sleeping
Man- I thought I sa ( about to hit her)
Galaxy - (catches it ) kills him
Man on security- 1119 is escaping, I repeat 1119 is escaping
Man- over there
Galaxy- tch
At Mira High School

Principal - everyone to the main hall , I repeat to the main hall
Nino- I wonder what happened
Alya- It sounds serious
Mystery- tch , probably something stupid
At the main hall

Principal- we found a building where they experiment people and sell them
Everyone- Mystery- that's horrible
Random girl- who would do that
Principal- I don't but one of the experiment snapped
Galaxy- ( comes in)
Mystery- who are you [ uses his fire power]
Galaxy - don't tell them it's me [ transform into a boy]
Men come in
Man- have you seen her ( shows a picture of Galaxy)
Everyone- no
Man - she got away
Another Man - yeah she did , let's go
They leave
Galaxy- [ detranforms]
Mystery- who are you
Galaxy- I'm her ( point to the tv)
Everyone- turns around
Alya- oh poor you
Principal- you can be the new roommate for Mystery
Mystery- no way
Principal- ( death stare)
Mystery- fine
Principal- then it's settled
At the dorms
Mystery- here it is
Galaxy- thank you ( smiles)
Mystery- * Gosh she is so cute , wait what am I saying
Galaxy- um which room is mine
Mystery-this one
Galaxy- thanks smiles
Galaxy- well goodnight
Mystery- night

After that day they treated me well, except for some but the rest were
nice. Me and Mystery grown feelings for each other Until I figured out my

Mystery- hey Galaxy
Galaxy- h-hey Mystery
Mystery why are you stuttering
Galaxy- n-no reason
Mystery coming closer
Mystery- what happened
Galaxy- ( crying)
Holding Galaxy
Mystery- what happened
Galaxy- ( whispering)
Mystery- I can't hear you
Galaxy- I'm a
Mystery- your a what
Galaxy- I'm a Lucifer
Mystery- Lucifer
Galaxy- let me guess you hate me now
Mystery kisses her
Mystery- I love very much , every since I met you I loved you
I know you might not feel the same
Galaxy- kisses him I love you too
Mystery- let's tell the Principal ok
Galaxy- ok
We told the principal and and the school. Soon Alya and Nino start dating ,
So did me and Mystery. Until one Nino and Mystery did something

Alya and Galaxy- can we open are eyes now
Nino and Mystery- yes
They both open their eyes. They both see their boyfriend with a ring
Mystery- Galaxy will you marry me
Nino- Alya will you marry me
Both Girls- yes!!!!!

After that Alya and Nino got married and had three kids named Jake , Jacob
and Mira me and Mystery got married too and has kids named them Aimy
Azaria Johnson Bob and girl twins Achy Echy.

The end

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