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The Hunger

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Stuck in a dystopian world, a man pushes himself through hunger and misery. An unexpected job is offered. It is just a matter of days until Michael finds himself in a nightmare...

Horror / Other
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The Crisis

We all tend to think that starvation is just an economic or social phenomenon but it is not. It is a disease, rather an infection that forces one to do anything, either in his or her capabilities or sometimes beyond their capabilities to extinguish the fire of hunger. Hunger on the other hand is a relative concept. To some people, it doesn’t satisfy with the bare minimum and they crave more in the name of luxury whereas the others can survive on only a per cent of their consumption. So, how can we quantify the concept of hunger on generalised terms? Is it a measure of how much we need to sustain ourselves or is it how much we require to satisfy our ravenous thirst for consumption?

The dilemma kept on revolving in Michael’s head as he was on the brink of starvation. It was only a month that Michael lost his job as a manager in the Royal Circus. The recession hit the world hard and everyone except the rich was in great distress. Most of the people lost their job in the aftermath and the ones retained, had their salaries cut drastically. Inflation was all-time high and everyone was dealing with their misery in this dystopian world. Corpses were lying on the edge of the streets with an unbearable rotten smell. The crime rate was at its peak with few people resorting to cannibalism. The world was in absolute chaos. Michael took the hard path. He resorted to pickpocketing. But how can you pickpocket when the majority of the population doesn't have a penny for their survival?

They say without food you can not think and without thinking you can not work. Without work, you can not feed yourself. Stuck in this vicious cycle of survival, Michael knew he had to take The Job. The job in which his only work was to eat for entertaining the rich; an irony in itself. Michael smirked. If earning bread was the only agenda for working, then this was the most suitable job in the world.

By the end of the month that the Royal Circus was shut down and Michael lost his job, he resorted to killing and consuming mice as well as lizards in his apartment. It was a quite surprising feeling for Michael that within a few days he started savouring the flavour. The fact was established that Humans were the most adaptable creatures on the face of the Earth. With time, he adapted to the food as well as the unendurable smell of the rotten corpses lying in the neighbourhood.

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