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Lost at sea

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A young mom and her husband take some time off and go on a vacation. They go to the Pacific Ocean.. little ddo they know they soon will find true horror.

Horror / Adventure
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The car ride

I got up very early and got my ice cold moca frappuccino out of the fridge. My husband Walker ran down the stairs. "Hey honey um do you have everything packed and ready to hit the road?" He asked. "Yeah I just cant find a babysitter for Michale and Kathryn. " I responded. "Oh mabye Catrina can come over?" He replied. "Well what if she doesn't let them play their games, ride thir bikes, pla_" "your over reacting!" He interruptedly said. "Ok ill give her a call. If she does one thing wrong shes catching thes hands!" I said. At that point Michale and Kate rushed down the stairs. "Hi mommy!"happily said kate. "Hi mom." Tiredly said Michael. "Ok mommy and daddy are heading out for the month. Can we trust you with Catrina?" I answered. "CAATRINA?"Micheal screeched jumping all around the living room. "Yes Catrina pleeeeeeas be good for her."I replied. "We wiiiiiiiiiiiil mom Quit getting scared!" Kate said. "Hey Kate can you go grab me my sun umbrella?" I asked. "Sure." Kate said as she ran off to my room. Then i heard a big scream from my room. I ran up the stairs. Kate knocked over a glass globe. "Are you okay did anything land on you?" Said walker. She stared crying. "Im sorry I didn't mean to am i in trouble?" She said as she sniffled. "No did you get any glss in your feet?" I said. Yes I thing on my heel. I took tweezers and pulled it out. I grabed a tissue. "It hurts make it stop."she cried. "Its ok." I said as I grabbed a bandage. I thought to myself, " this is going to be a tough day!"

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