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Lost at sea

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The cabin

I took a big breath as I stepped out of the car. "Heres our home for the next month." My husband said. "Well come on let's go! " I said as I twirled and leaped. When we paid for our cabin I walked in. There was two master bedrooms, a hot tub, a very nice kitchen, and a 12 by 16 foot living room/ dinning room. "Wow! " I surprisingly screeched. "Let's make our self at home baby!!!! " my husband said. "Wait no way we have a master bathroom too! " I said. My husband ran over to me. "Woah! " he said. At the middle of the night we awoke to a big boom on the other side of the beach. " what was that? " my husband said as he awoke. I lifted my head and looked out of the window. On the other side of the beach, I saw a big cloud of steam. "Oh hell no! " I said as I ran out to the car garage.

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