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Bundle of short paranormal stories and urban legends which will make a shiver run down your spine and bring you goosebumps. So get ready for a terrific, spooky and a haunted roller coaster ride with me! _________________________________________________________________________________ It's my first time trying a horror story. You may find many mistakes as English is not my language. This story is not yet edited, so there might be many mistakes. I apologize in advance for all the mistakes that I am going to commit. Feel free to suggest and correct my mistakes. Thank you for giving my story a chance <3 #HappyReading!! Much Love ~ Sanatani

Horror / Thriller
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Mystery of Robert's Villa (Part - 1)

Happy Reading!!

Dark clouds were hovering over the dense forest,Wind was blowing in its full swing, here was yet another stormy night. Mia was shivering in
a corner of the room as the thunder roared in its complete glory. The lightening that peeked through the window panes which struck Mia's eyes made the whole room illuminated.After an hour of constant raining as if Mia's silent prayers were answered Mother Nature finally calmed down.

In the outskirts of the small town in England in the remote, dark jungle which was surrounded by the steep valleys, there on the top of the hill stood a giant and old mansion "ROBERT'S VILLA" and Mia was it's new resident.

Though the storm was stopped long ago still the weather was chilly and it was pitch black everywhere making the night more scary. Mia was passing by the corridor with a lighted candle in her shaky hands as she remembered the previous events.


Mia was from a small costal vilage of England. She lost her parents at a very young age and was living with her grand mother.

She was a straight A student and after graduating her college she got full scholarship to join a prestigious med school in a far away town.

When she arrived in that town to join her med school there were no dorms available at the moment for her stay. The problem was she had no friends and relatives in that town to help her out.

So she thought to rent an apartment for a few days till she gets a dorm room from her med school, but just her luck either the place was very expensive or was not suitable for living, too shabby.

After wandering around and going through a bit trouble someone gave her the adress of the mansion Robert's Villa. Which was away from the town for sure but the owner was kind enough to rent her at a very cheap price which exactly fit in her budget and she couldn't be more thankful for that.

As she took the bus to outskirts of the city to go to the mansion she rented, there was this unsettling feeling inside the pit of her stomach.

There were a total of only 5 members in the bus. Driver ,his helper,Mia and other two co-passengers. As the place was far away from the town. There was very less lively hood nearby.

When she asked the driver the way to ROBERT'S VILLA his face mortified ,The change in expression didn't go unnoticed by Mia. Even other passengers expression was nothing different, mirroring the driver's. Fear was clearly etched on their faces.

"Whaatt?? ROBERT'S VILLA?? seriously?? U are going to such a cursed place?? People don't even like to take the name of that haunted house. That place is soo dangerous"
Said one passenger.

"He is right dear. That place is not safe. Don't go there. It's abandoned for many years now. Nobody lives near by. People say that mansion is haunted. Cursed by a ghost. Many have gone through horrifying experiences. Don't go there"driver voiced his thoughts.

Mia was not a girl to believe in these kind of urban legends. She was a girl with modern thoughts. She always thought ghosts, spirits and all don't exist they are just some stupid stories to scare people.

She told them that she don't believe in such things and mainly she is not scared of non existing creatures and right now all that she needs is a shelter
roof over her head..

With that she got out of the bus as they reached the cross which lead to the cursed villa. Bus driver told her to be safe and take care as no one lived near by. She started walking towards the hill top where the old rusted sign board was indicating the path. After walking for 15 minutes, she reached on the peak of that hill and was mesmerised with the scene unfolded infront of her. There stood a gigantic, massive but old rusty mansion surrounded by dark green valleys and dense forest. After seeing the mansion's beauty she thought that she made the right choice by coming there.

Flashback ends

But right now she was doubting her decision of coming here. In that stormy weather the mansion looked more scarier. Suddenly she started feeling chilly. It was her first night staying in that mansion. After reaching there she chose a room for herself and unpacked her stuff. And by the time she unpacked her stuff it was evening and suddenly the calm weather turned into a stormy one. It was near 9 'o clock in the night and she was going to kitchen to cook something for her hungry stomach. She lighted a candle as electricity was long gone due to thunder storm.

Small thumping of her footsteps against the wooden floor and the cracking sound it was making was the only thing that could be heard in the pin drop silence that covered the whole forest.
As she was about to enter the kitchen there was a loud knock on the main door. Which caught her by surprise.No one lived near by and there was no possibility of having some guests over at that late in night as she wasn't familiar with anyone in that town, period.

Suddenly many terrifying thoughts crossed her mind. Was it some thief? Or murderer?? Worst case, may be some psycho killer. To say she was scared was an understatement. As the knocks increased as loud bangs her heart started thumping loudly against her chest, sweat beads started forming on her forehead as she slowly approached the door her breathing was rugged. She muttered a silent prayer before opening the door wide open.

There stood, the most gorgeous lady may be in her mid twenties, in all her glory. Long shiny blonde hair was cascading down on her chest. Her crystal blue eyes were glistening with a mischievous glint in the dim light illuminating from candle. Her skin was glowing as if it was on fire. She wore tight leather jacket with some skinny jeans. Her tall hourglass figure giving her a look of a model who just came out from some run away. Mia was awestruck looking at her appearance. She was completely lost in her own bubble until a clearing of throat brought her back to reality.


Hey Guys,

How you all are doing???
I hope you enjoyed reading so far..
Curiouss muchh?

Keep reading,
Keep voting,
Keep commenting,
Keep sharing.

Much love
~Sanatani ❤

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