Killer Lovin

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Rick Frickerson's dream comes true when he's picked as a contestant on his favorite love-reality show, Killer Lovin, he along with the 8 other contestants are ready to win the heart of the lovely Beverly. However, this dream might be a nightmare as something about this season of the show is, different from the 50 others before it. Will Rick manage to win Beverly's human heart or die trying?

Horror / Thriller
Qwill R. Brennan
Age Rating:

Episode 1

Rick watched the clouds pass by his front seat window each seeming to dance towards the jet’s final destination. He still couldn’t believe he, Rick Frickerson, had finally been accepted as a contestant on Killer Lovin. it felt bizarre it felt unreal. He didn’t think it was possible.

Rick pinched his check confirming this wasn’t a dream or some great delusion he was having. It wasn’t a dream it was really happening. He did it, he ACTUALLY did it. Rick siped on his drink waiting for his competitors to make their entrance. Panic began to set in his mind.

Most men on these types of shows had a very specific appearance, they were sharp, thin, and had a nice face. Rick was, admittedly missing two out of three of these qualities. The Jet door opened the second contestant entered. a man in a nice button-down shirt with a grey jacket and an emerald green tie to complete the look. his brown hair blown back by the plane’s air conditioning. Rick stared at the beautiful man trying to shut down the feelings he currently had towards him.

He’s straight, Rick told himself. He’s on Killer Lovin, he has to be straight. then again, Rick was also on Killer Lovin and he wasn’t straight. The man’s eyes met Rick’s a pleasant smile on his face as he sat himself next to him. The man was larger than Rick originally thought, not that it was a bad thing. people like tall guys.

“nice tie, Chas Bigton, nice to meet you.” the man said stretched his large hand out to Rick. Rick hesitantly accepted the man’s handshake the insecurity silently growing inside of him.

“Rick, Rick Frickerson.” Chas’ eyes made their way towards Rick’s drink.

“that looks good what is that?” he asked Rick smiled a part of him excited by the well-dressed man’s interest.

“oh, Vodka, Grapefruit, a little bit of tequila. Nothing much, mainly just to calm my nerves.”

“does it taste good?” Chas prompted his eyes almost fixed on the drink in Rick’s hands. Rick nodded as he took a second look at Chas’ outfit.

That tie, it looks like it could be an exclusive brand, but it’s a little scratched up. chances are he either borrowed it, inherited it, or got it on sale somewhere.

“then again I’m probably a little biased since I’m the only one who’s tried it.” Chas’ eyes went wide his mouth agape

“You mean YOU made that? That’s incredible! are you a bartender? a bar owner? a brewery CEO?” Rick turned his attention to Chas’ outfit as he rambled about his drink. the outfit was nice. too nice. Rick thought taking another swig of his drink.

Rick was not in fact a bartender, he was the manager of an ice cream shop. as a manager, Rick had seen his fair share of applicants and almost everyone attempted to overdress. It was a way of impressing the owner and making them think you were well put together when inside your a convoluted mess. So that’s his game, he’s overcompensating. he’s probably a retail worker or has some other lower-paying job. He’s probably a mess of a man deep down.

“oh, I wish, I’m just an Ice cream store manager,” Rick said more confidently.

“really? well, that’s impressive in of its self.” Chas muttered his eyes still on Rick’s drink. Rick handed the drink to Chas who all too quickly accepted the offer. the plane door opened once more. This time a man in a blue button-down shirt entered soaked from the downpour outside. Chas opened his mouth as though to greet the man. the man’s glared at them as though to warn the two to leave him alone. Chas reluctantly took the warning, turning his body back towards Rick. Who welcomed the attention with open arms.

“so what do you do for a living?” Rick asked Chas looked at his luggage bag which he had forgotten to place in the overhead bin.

“I play music.”

“Oh, really, what do you play?” Rick said excitedly deep inside panicking as most people lean towards guys who play instruments. it was fine, as long as he didn’t say-

“the guitar” Chas replied, that settled it, Rick was done for.

“I’m mainly doing commercials you know that Greys Insurance commercial?”

“That was you?” Rick said surprised

“That was me.” Chas chuckled, the man in the blue shirt groaned as the two prattled on. pulling his sleeping mask over his face.

“so that’s what you’re doing?” Rick asked trying to ignore the other man’s discontent.

“for now, I do have a big deal waiting at home if I can-”

“OH, BOO HOO I WANNA BE FAMOUS BUT I’M JUST KISSING INSURANCE CLAIM’S ASS’! SHUT UP! NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!!!” The man yelled angrily yanking off his face mask. Rick glared at the man attempting to seem somewhat intimidating despite his short stature.

“That’s not very nic-”

“I’m not here to be ‘NICE’ I’m here to be on tv and hopefully get some ass in the process. Like I assume most of you are. I want something and your standing in my way. so stop with the buddy-buddy shit! It’s giving me a headache!” the man flipped onto his side facing away from the two. Rick shook his head.

“Villain, right there,” he whispered to Chas. Chas gave Rick a confused look.

“I’ve seen almost every season of this show. each one has a ‘villain’ who only cares about “winning” and fucks with the other contestants. That guy’s a villain if I ever saw one.” Chas looked at the man who was currently looking on Instagram.

“he’s probably just grumpy from the rain. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. look, I’ll show you.” Chas protested, before turning back to face the man.

“I’m sorry we disturbed you, I’m Chas, this is Rick-”

“don’t care.” the man grumbled Chas continued attempting to ignore the hostility.

“well, since we’re all going to be staying at the same place I just thought it’d be good to get to know each other. so what’s your name?”

“mhdfljsakj” the man muttered under his breath.

“I didn’t quite catch that.” Chas prompted

“Mitch, my name is Mitch now shut up and let me sleep, please.” Mitch pulled his sleeping mask back over his eyes. the door opened once more this time a man in a red plaid shirt entered cowboy hat in hand.

“HEEELLLLOOOOO LOVIN NATION!!! INTRODUCING THE ONE AN ONLY, BROCKTSER!!!!” the man hollered, well, more like bellowed as his guttural tone allowed his voice to project through the plane. Rick, didn’t know this man but he instantly knew three things about him.

1. His name was Brock

2. he’s probably the party and/or country boy for this season


Brock laughed nervously as he realized there were only three other people on the plane, and all of them were sat right next to the door.

“sorry ya’ll, if I’da known there were only three of ya I woulda yelled louder,” he said jokingly as he sat in the seat in front of Chas. the plane door began to close when a small screech came through the air.

“WAIT, DON’T LEAVE ME!!!” a small thin dark-skinned man with glasses grasped the door keeping it from closing. he breathed heavily as he stumbled into the seat next to Mitch.

“Sorry about that, I had to take my daughter to school.” Rick analyzed the poor man who looked like he had just climbed out of a bomb shelter. If he had to guess he’d say he was a struggling single father who either lost his wife or got a divorce. either way, the man’s appearance calmed Rick’s insecurities about being underdressed.

Mitch stood up from his seat moving towards the front of the plane. Rick wanted to ask him why he moved but he had a feeling he knew the answer. one that disgusted him. Chas smiled at the tired man reaching out an open hand.

“don’t worry about it, the name’s Chas, that over there’s Brock, Mr. grinch over there’s Mitch, and this is Rick he can make a MAD...well, I don’t know what to call it but it tastes good.”

Rick scratched the back of his head anxiously. The man smiled tiredly allowing his hand to flop into Chas’.

“Jackson, nice to meet you.” He said thankfully Mitch peered from his seat a confused look on his face.

“Jackson, really? shouldn’t your name be something like-” Mitch cut himself off as the entire group stared at him. Jackson’s stare being the loudest.

“like what?” Jackson said his word’s cutting like a knife. Mitch put his blindfold back on attempting to pretend to sleep. Rick looked at Jackson slightly impressed he managed to shut Mitch down so quickly. Jackson’s angry stare turned to envy as Mitch began to snore.

“That’s a good idea. I’m gonna go to bed too, Lord knows I need the rest.” Jackson leaned his chair back quickly dozing off. Mitch lifted one side of his sleeping mask checking to see if Jackson was asleep before going to his phone. Soon came man number Six, a quiet man who seemed almost lost in thought. Followed by number Seven, who seemed to be the complete opposite as he asked the other contestants a multitude of anxiety-filled questions such as

“Do you know if they have bug spray? I don’t want to catch malaria” and,

“they said it’s an island right? are they going to let us go back home if we need to?” yes, they were both very odd. neither had bothered to give their names. when asked they either just sighed or ask yet another unnerving question.

Next came a man named Gorden an intelligent man who spent the whole flight reading. He took a surprising shine to Mitch as they spent hours talking about his book than a man named Marcus who took a quick interest in Rick’s ability to make alcohol. asking him if he knew how to make this, and that.

That’s when the plane landed, the doors opened. Rick’s heart welled with excitement as he along with the 8 other contestants left the plane. a man in a black suit walked towards them. Rick’s excitement grew, he knew this man. He’d seen his face on every episode of the show. a multitude of cameras surrounding them.

“Hello, hello, hello, welcome to Killer Island. I’m Noah Grand, I’ll be your host for these next few, wonderful days.” Rick held back his excitement doing his best not to scare their kind host. Mitch looked around slightly confused.

“Where’s the chick?” he said grumpily. Noah chuckled putting his hand on Mitch’s shoulder.

“oh, you’ll get to meet her soon. First, you’ve got to plan out your introductions first impressions are important after all.” Rick took out his notebook. he had spent weeks preparing his introduction. Noah looked at Rick slightly impressed.

“Now he’s got the right idea! the rest of you have till 8:00. we’ll start filming then.” the group split up a cameraman following each one of them. Chas walked up to Rick peering over at his notes.

“you really are one step ahead aren’t you” Rick smiled flipping through his notes.

“You have no idea, I love the introduction segment, it’s probably one of the funniest trainwrecks on the show. you know I could help you plan if you want.” Chas looked at Rick, a glimmer of joy and relief in his eyes.

“that really would help,” Chas muttered hoping the others wouldn’t hear. Rick showed Chas some of his rejected ideas.

“The key is to be noticed, you have to make an impression on the girl or you’ll have to work harder to make up for it. but you can’t go too far, otherwise, she’ll stop seeing it as unique or funny and decide to send you home.” Chas peered at the scribbles of Rick’s jumbled ideas from something as simple as a ‘nice to meet you’ to a parade float parody of the famous aphrodite painting littered the pages. Rick watched as the wheels in Chas’ head began to turn.

A hand suddenly grasped the notebook yanking it from Rick’s hands. Rick turned to watch as Gorden ran off with his notes.

“HEY! THAT’S NOT YOURS!” Chas screamed at Gorden. Rick gave the cameraman a cold stare somewhat upset he didn’t do anything. He couldn’t stay mad though, it was his job and theft was a good means for tv drama.

“don’t worry about it, none of those ideas were any good.” Rick whispered as he pulled out a tiny sheet of paper he hid in his pocket for such emergencies. This was his real plan, his real introduction to the currently faceless stranger.

Rick spent the rest of the day helping the other contestants with their plans feeling guilty about his advantage over the others. Jackson was going the cheesy route as he planed to sing Part Of Your World from the little mermaid. changing the lyrics to match the situation.

Brock was going to jump out of a cake and shoot off a bottle rocket, without clothes on. Rick told him it was a good idea but he should probably leave out the bottle rocket and NOT be naked for the sake of everyone.

Marcus planed on hiding in the bushes dressed in a tux jumping out and introducing himself in a James Bond fashion. Six didn’t even bother to do anything stating it was pointless. Rick decided to leave him be. Seven settled on simply saying hello scared to risk his safety by trying anything extravagant.

Rick looked over to Mitch who had begun construction on a paper mache Ice cream Sunday. Rick chuckled knowingly, Mitch was the one who decided to steal his notes. That was one of his scraped designs, and Mitch was about to figure out why he had scraped it.

Rick looked at his watch at 8:00, everyone had finished just in time. Noah’s voice echoed through loudspeakers that littered the island.

“Okay boys, hope you’ve all gotten yourselves prepared because Beverly has just arrived.”

Beverly, Rick couldn’t quite put his finger on the reason but that name made him feel sick. a pit in his stomach beginning to build. it wasn’t just him though as every contestant reflexively flinched at the name. the name and face they hadn’t known until now. Rick put his costume on quickly getting into the limo designed to take him to his destination. He watched from the car as each introduction was performed.

Jackson’s went smoothly, his voice seeming to awe the camera crew and even making the host cry. Chas recited a Shakespearian poem, an interaction that seemed slightly awkward compared to Jackson’s performance, but not bad enough to leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth.

Next was Mitch Rick watched eagerly as Mitch attempted to break through the walls of the mache ice cream cone. An attempt that Rick could confidently say was physically impossible as he to had gotten himself trapped in a paper ice cream model a couple of days ago when figuring out his introduction. the cameramen ended up having to wheel the cone away assumingly to help Mitch escape his accidental imprisonment. Mitch’s muffled screams echoing from inside the cone.

Six was next you wouldn’t really call it an introduction as he just walked right past the crew into the house offending Beverly in the process. Marcus jumped out of the bushes immediately getting his nose broken by a spooked mic guy, other than that it went over well. Brock didn’t take Rick’s advice about the bottle rocket setting the sky alight as he popped out of the cake. once again spooking the mic guy who, once again beaned Marcus with a stray boom mic. At least he had clothes on. Gorden exited his limo playing Queen of the night on the flute, which was confusing but seemed to impress everyone.

Rick felt his car pull forward his stage fright began to kick in as he exited the vehicle. Dressed in a sailor’s uniform complete with an eye patch and a peg leg. He hobbled towards the blonde-haired woman. Being stunned for a moment when he saw her face, Rick had seen the women on the other seasons and would wonder why everyone tried so hard.

Beverly explained it all without even speaking a word. her hair framed her perfectly symmetrical face. her violet eyes peered into Rick’s soul as though looking for something. If there was anyone close to a real-life goddess it’d have to be Beverly, arguably the most beautiful creature Rick had ever seen, other than Chas, of course. Rick freed his brain from Beverly’s hypnotizing stupor to continue his introduction.

“My lady, woe, my lady, I have traveled across the sea. I lost me eye and me leg looking for the finest creature on earth, and at the end, it seems I’ve found them...” Rick froze searching for a sign of Beverly’s approval. He couldn’t find a shred as her face stayed emotionless. Only for a moment though as she bursted out laughing a smile making its way onto her well-designed face.

“you must be Rick, The producers told me about you.” She said a look of satisfaction on her face as she looked him up and down. Rick wandered up to the stage doing his best not to trip over himself. he shook Beverly’s hand a Jolt of electricty shooting through him as her eyes pierced into his.

“I think we’re going to get along wonderfully,” she said her smile seeming to haunt Rick’s mind. he nodded quickly taking his place on stage with his housemates for the next few days. the only one left was 7 who simply shook Beverly’s hand and joined the others. Beverly nodded to Noah signaling she was done.

“Alright, well aren’t you a group of interesting people. I’m sure Bev here would marry all of you if she could, isn’t that right Bev?” Beverly’s eye focused on Rick as she chuckled in an attempt to fill in the gap of silence. Noah nodded awkwardly as he continued talking.

“Unfortunately, she can only choose one of you. Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to get to know each other better over our private sessions. Beverly will pull each of you to the side to talk to you. after all, love’s not just about pretty faces. It’s about the heart inside.” Noah motioned to a lit-up gazebo with four beautiful velvet chairs. The contestants eyed the couches excitedly. their gaze being interrupted by a sudden eruption of streamers and glitter. Mitch poked his head out of the ice cream cone a look of pure anger on his face as he glared at Rick. Beverly whispered something to Noah who nodded enthusiastically.

“Chas, you get to go first, the rest of you enjoy the festivities and get to know each other. Eight of you will be staying here and one of you will, unfortunately, have to leave go home.”

Noah walked off leaving the cameramen to film the group. Chas held out his elbow to Beverly who happily grabbed it as they walked off. Rick was somewhat amazed. Chas had a terrible introduction, not a bad one but definitely not a good one either. He was lucky he was cute, the cute ones get plenty of second chances. Mitch, now free from his paper prison charged towards Rick his face covered in glitter and rage.

” you’re a dead man Frickerson! A FUCKING DEAD MAN!!!” Mitch grabbed Rick’s shirt ready to punch him.

“knock it off man, it’s not Rick’s fault your thing didn’t work,” Jackson said dusting away the glitter that fell from the cone. Rick shrugged innocently, fully aware of the cause of Mitch’s anger. Mitch growled under his breath reluctantly putting Rick down. After taking a couple of seconds to collect himself he turned to the camera.

“You guys are gonna cut that part out, right?” The cameraman hesitated before giving Mitch a questionable thumbs up. Mitch stormed off to go clean himself up. Six watched nervously as Mitch walked away. Gorden glared at Rick as though it was his fault Mitch was upset.

“so what ya’ll think of Bev, she’s pretty cute right?” Brock said as he shoveled food in his mouth attempting to redirect the conversation. The contestants looked amongst each other each with a slightly dreamy look in their eyes.

”Not gonna lie, she’s SO hot!” Marcus exclaimed

“I wouldn’t say hot, but I’ve never seen someone who looks that pretty,” Jackson muttered grabbing a plate of popcorn shrimp.

”Yeah, it’s kinda creepy, I mean her face is completely symmetrical. That’s not normal.“ Seven stuttered anxiously Gorden shrugged peering over at the gazebo.

”She probably got work done. Maybe She’s like a model or something, you guys ever see her before?” The other contestants shook their heads not one of them knew a thing about her. Brock looked over at 6 as he sat near the house’s entrance.

”what about you man you hear about Bev before?” he asked attempting to involve Six in the conversation. Six looked up at the group a terrified look in his eyes.

”oh, I‘ve heard of her definitely, definitely heard of her…” Six’s hands began to shake as an odd panic seemed to set over him. Seven rushed over to Six putting a hand on his shoulder Six looked up at Seven a somewhat grateful look in his eyes along with a terror none of them could explain. Rick thought deeply about Six’s words but didn’t say anything. whatever he was talking about clearly brought his poor soul pain. Chas made his way back from the gazebo a slightly confused look on his face as he joined the others.

“how’d it go?” Rick asked handing Chas a drink. Chas downed the beverage his eyes focused on the gazebo.

“she’s nice, a little off.. but nice...”

“Do you think she’s hot?” Brock pressed

“yes! yes exactly she is, wow, I mean, with her face, and her hair, and her- nose? yeah real bombshell.” Chas responded best he could. Jackson laughed at Chas’ response.

“look at you being a gentleman,” Jackson said patting Chas on the back.

"yeah, for real though, she’s gorgeous.” Chas laughed as he turned to Rick.

“you’re up.”

“A-already?” Rick stuttered nervously his eyes finding their way to the Gazebo’s lights. He made his way down the cobblestone path each step making his head feel heavy. he saw Beverly’s blonde hair swooped over her shoulder as she sat. Her eyes met his as he approached.

“Hello Rick,” she said, Rick smiled waving his hand to the bizarre beauty. he began to sit in the chair across from her.

“not there!” Beverly said as she scooted over, patting the seat next to her. Rick sat in the seat.

“I read somewhere sitting next to someone makes them feel more comfortable.” Beverly laughed. Rick laughed too, holding back his desire to say he was actually very uncomfortable right now.

“I liked your introduction.” Beverly chirped Rick turned away feeling the heat of embarrassment on his face.

“Really, I was worried it was to-” Beverly put a finger to Rick’s mouth Quickly shushing him as she turned his face back to hers.

“Don’t say that stuff you’re doing a great job. Where’d you even get the idea to do that?” Rick smiled smugly as he stared into Beverly’s eyes.

“well, have you ever heard about sirens? The ones who’d lure sailors to their deaths?” He retorted, Beverly moved her hand from Rick’s face a look of sadness made its way to hers. “dang!” Rick thought as he watched Beverly’s upbeat nature begin to shrivel.

“I thought maybe they weren’t purposely killing sailors. they just wanted a friend, and the sailors just messed up.” Rick blurted quickly hoping to save Beverly’s feelings. It seemed to work as her mood switched on a dime. a light blush making its way to her face. Rick continued choosing his words carefully.

“I wanted to parody that idea. Since we’re on an island and we’re here, to win your heart. I thought, why the heck not?” Beverly smiled her tender hands reaching for a drink on the table. she siped it wincing a bit at the drink. she shook her head disappointedly. Rick glanced at the oddly black-colored Margarita.

“who makes the drinks here anyways?” Beverly pointed to one of the men holding the boom mic. Rick turned to the mic man.

“no offense but you didn’t do a good job, it seems like theirs too much alcohol, not enough sweet flavorings. It’s a margarita it needs to be balanced.” Beverly chuckled at Rick’s intense interest in her margarita. She began leaning towards him.

“you’re pretty passionate when it comes to drinks huh?” Rick smiled his face naturally leaning closer to Beverly’s

“I make them as a hobby. I maybe I can make you one when you finish talking to everyone?” Rick murmured as the two began to inch closer. Beverly opened her mouth to say something only to be interrupted by a deep voice.

“That’s interesting, I’d like one too sometime.” Rick lurched back in his chair, shocked by the sudden voice. he looked up to see Mitch, an unusually pleasant smile on his face as he kept Rick’s chair from falling backwards.

“what are you doing here?” Rick growled under his breath. Mitch took out a small stopwatch pointing to the numbers.

“you guys have been talking too long. It’s my turn now.” Rick scowled at Mitch as he reluctantly got out of his chair. Beverly gave Rick an apologetic smile as he stumbled away with his broken pride. the faces of the other contestants coming to light.

“didn’t go so well?” Chas asked putting a comforting hand on Rick’s shoulders. Rick shook his head.

“Mitch kicked me out, said it was ‘his turn’” Marcus spit out the drink he had been nursing for most of the show. Jackson’s eyes went wide with disbeleief

“What? your turn’s not even up yet, and the host said MARCUS WAS NEXT!” Jackson stated bluntly as he glared at the gazebo.

“Wait, he’s cutting in line? I didn’t know you can do that.” Chas muttered confused.

“you can’t,” Rick sighed Brock rushed over to Rick and unusual anger tinting his voice

“well then go tell him off, or we could tell Noah if ya-”

“it doesn’t matter. he’s gonna get away with it either way.” Rick interrupted the group looked at Rick confused. Rick took a deep breath calming himself down.

“he’s the villain this season. villains are crazy popular in these types of shows. Their such pieces of shit people can’t help but look at them. It brings in more ratings, which makes the producers want to keep them on for longer. So they can stir up drama between the other contestants. They let them get away with more crap so they don’t have to send them home.” he explained. Chas looked at the gazebo in complete confusion

“To summarize, Rick’s going to get away with this because it’s making everyone else is mad, and that’s good?” he asked Rick nodded. That’s just how these shows went. It’d be tv suicide to send a villain home this early. Mitch strutted from the gazebo a proud look on his face as he made his way to the group. Jackson clenched his teeth in rage.

“They want drama? they’ll get drama!” Jackson charged up to Mitch the full rage and disappointment you’d expect from an exhausted single father. tearing into Mitch unlike anyone had done before.

“You think you can waltz in here like you own the place?!?” Jackson yelled

“Keep this up everyone’s gonna hate you, and trust me you do NOT want to see what that looks like. Like it or not we’re all gonna be housemates for a while man up and act like it!” Mitch sat quietly the pressure of Jackson’s words forcing him into silence. Mitch didn’t cut anyone after that. Everyone managed to get through their private talks with Beverly.

Marcas blabbered on about the universe. Jackson’s seemed to go suprisingly well as he told Beverly about his daughter. Seven didn’t do so hot as he complained about the tiniest things like how the gazebo didn’t have a bug net to protect them from mosquitos. Six didn’t even say anything to Beverly they just sat and stared at each other for an hour. Gorden talked about his book. Brock bragged about how he had a degree in astrophysics, throwing out terms Rick hadn’t expected to come out of the man’s mouth and Mitch spent the whole night talking about hot Beverly was and how excited he was to “hit that” to the point everyone’s ears began to bleed from his indecent pre bragging. He even used his actual turn to tell how attractive he thought she was. A conversation she didn’t seem very fond of

it wasn’t long before the moment came. the first elimination of that night Rick sat in the middle of the row of benches. Ready to hear Beverly’s choice. Beverly came to the front of the group dressed in a beautiful plum purple gown. she took a deep breath her eyes following each contestant as they found their seats.

“I enjoyed talking to all of you.” Beverly chimed her head turned to Mitch. a passive-aggressive smile on her face.

“Some of you more than others, it’s going to be hard sending one of you home.” Noah entered the room with a basket of freshly picked dahlias. Each one a lovely shade of lavender. Beverly took a flower from the basket.

“if you receive a dalia you get to stay another week. if not your headed home.” the word home stung Rick’s ears he had only heard that word on the tv. to hear it in real-time, in real life, was nerve-wracking. there was something else about those words though it felt like someone breaking the terrible news of a loved one’s death.

“Chas” Chas walked down taking the first dalia.

“Jackson” Jackson went and grabbed his flower as he shot a warning glare at Mitch.

“Brock” Brock threw his fist into the air excitedly as he ran down to get his flower.

“...Rick” Rick felt a wave of relief come over him as he walked down holding the beautiful flower in his hand. Beverly smiled at him.

“Mitch,” she said blunt annoyance in her voice. Mitch took the flower making a display of waving it in the other contestant’s faces.

“Marcus” Marcus took the flower from Beverly’s hands. Staring off into space for a second before returning to his seat

“...Jarvis” The group looked around the room confused. Seven wandered down to Beverly taking his flower. Rick felt a little accomplished now that he knew Seven’s real name was Jarvis.

one flower remained in Beverly’s hand she turned to the two who had yet to receive a dalia.

“Gorden, you seem like a nice person, but I saw what you did earlier, that’s not okay. you can’t steal people’s stuff.” Gorden laughed nervously unprepared to justify his actions.

“Walker not once did you acknowledge my existence you’re like a brick wall. I’m sure your nice when people get to know you but it doesn’t seem like that will be happening soon. In all honesty, I’d rather be with someone who can communicate with me” The group followed Beverly’s eyes Six, or rather, Walker, stood nervously knowing full well Beverly was referring to him. it wasn’t surprising the man hadn’t uttered a word to anyone. the two stood their nerves on end both praying to get the flower.

“............Gorden.....congratulations, I’m giving you a second chance. Don’t mess up this time.” Gorden snatched the Flower from Beverly. Walker stood there, emotionless, well not emotionless. An odd look of acceptance made its way to his face, not happiness not sadness, not quite relief. it was an emotion Rick had never seen before. an odd combination of the three merged into one. Rick felt a surge of anxiety course through him as though he rarely escaped. Escaped what, Rick didn’t know.

“Good,” he murmured under his breath

“This is how it should be.” He fumbled his way off the stage like a prisoner making his way to death row. Chas waved to him.

“Bye Walker, I’m gonna miss you.” Walker waved back, a slalom smile on his face, the smile of someone who knows something. He quietly placed something in the flower pot outside. before leaving.

He got in the limo prepared to take him “home.” Walker looked out the window taking in his surroundings, the trees, the sea, the Dalia’s that littered the island. Walker looked at the clock in the car, 12:15 pm. They drove further and further till finally, the car stopped in a grassy clearing. on a large cliff overlooking the island. Walker peered out the window.

“this it?” he asked the driver nodded solemnly. Walker stepped out of the car as 9 people dressed in purple robes followed him up. The ninth figure pulled out a long steel bat. Walker sighed sitting down on the ground as he crossed his legs. Pulling his head in between them not wanting to look at the object that would bring him death.

“I’m ready,” Walker said blandly, he was done with it all, done running, done playing, done trying. He was ready to give his soul to The Higher Cause whatever it may be. The ninth person hesitated, peering into the sky.

“DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME!!! I’M READY!!!” Walker screamed keeping his eyes on the ground.

“JUST FINISH ME OFF YOU FUCKING BI-” a crack rang through the air as the bat was finally brought down.

then again,

then again,

then again,

then again,

then again,

then again,

then again

Walker slumped onto the floor the pain rupturing his skull until there was no more pain his brain slowly slipping away with his life. something long and thin wrapping around his waist pulling him upwards. With that, Walker was gone, no, Walker was home.

“aren’t we supposed to kill the fat guy.” the ninth robed figure asked the first. the first stared into the sky her the crack refecting in violet eyes.

“I changed my mind,” she muttered no other words needed to be said as the first robed figure returned to the house. Grabbing a freshly made margarita from the table. she could sleep easy that week. the snores of sleeping men echoing from upstairs. not down here though, down here, she was safe.

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Biljana Malesevic: Writing style and story remind me of early Stephen King. It's dark and scary and the characters are good, well written though I would like to know something more about them. They are interesting and I would like to know them better. Atmosphere is good, feels like you are really there.Overall I li...

Nilofar: Loved the plot.... very well written! Just couldnt keep it down until I reached the end of the story... excellent!!


wardstacey69: Aww, really start enjoying the story

amibrennan98: Enjoyed the story, very talented writer

cassie: Very good book wish or a good hook in the story. Some Grammer and spelling errors, but hey, we are all human.

Carrie Mortimer: I really did enjoy this short but sweet

패티: Estuvo fuerte el asunto..🥵Por favor que Baek me pase el PDF del libro para invocar incubos..🤭

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Carito: I loved this series so far! Cried with Nicole’s story in the second book and couldn’t leave it, I binged read this one!

akosuapatri: I just love how you were able to make the story short and yet interesting. I was expecting more😒😭😭.

aduerr46: I love this story so much!

Catlynx_Rose: Love this story very much.

Bkprice: It’s not her fault the man wouldn’t take no for an answer

Leah Clark: I like the story a lot, I just wish to learn why she kept running.

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