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My Family Are Demons

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Sterling Ivory De Vil. An innocent, caring, loving, gentle soul. The complete opposite of her adoptive family. Join Sterling on the adventures of having demons as a family, but not just any demons, the family of the devil. **Story also available on Wattpad. Check bio**

Horror / Fantasy
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|Chapter 1|

-Third Person POV-

12 years ago

Sterling is three.

In the small town of New Hope, Pensilvania. A tiny girl was put up for adoption. The reason? They didn't want her anymore, they got rid of her for their own selfish needs. How could they buy drug and alcohol while caring for a small child?

In the cold, dark building of the adoption agency, lay little Sterling in her bed. She shared a room with another child, Lorelei. She was a year older than Sterling, but that didn't stop the blossoming friendship between the two. But after a couple of months of them meeting, Lorelei, sadly got adopted by a lovely family, the Smiths.

They were no longer allowed to contact each other or spend time together, leaving Sterling all by herself with only the sorrows of each day.

No one talked to the child, seeing as she was so shy, and found it quite hard to go up to someone and talk to them.

A whole year passed since Lorelei had left and little Sterling just turned four. Unfortunately for her no one remembered or cared to celebrate her birthday. So, late at night on her birthday, she snuck into the kitchen and stole a cupcake that were for desert for the kids the next day.

She looked through the drawers in search of a candle and lighter. She found both.

She quietly snuck up, back to her room and carefully shut the door. She placed the plate which held the cupcake onto her nightstand. She kneeled beside the nightstand and lit the candle up.

She had never had a proper birthday in her four years of life. Her parents didn't care about her enough to celebrate her birthday and same goes for everyone at the adoption agency.

So, another year without anyone, her all by herself, lighting her candle for her fourth birthday.

She still has hope that someone, kind and loving will take her in, and spend her birthday with her. But slowly as the days, weeks and years go by, her hope dwindles away.

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