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What You Desire

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Clothes scattered all around, with no owners. Entire streets were deserted except her. She stared at me with those beautiful eyes. I caught her gaze, losing myself in those brown eyes, which appeared like pools of honey under the moonlight. She wanted me, I could tell. Just as she had wanted the man, she held in her hands. he was bleeding all over yet he looked up at the woman with lustful eyes. She returned the feelings, kissing him. Her long nails tearing the flesh off of his face... A short story based on an original concept.

Horror / Erotica
Age Rating:

Beauty fades, that is why it's beautiful.

She gazed right into my eyes.

My heart started beating rapidly as I tried to look away but failed. Those big, light brown eyes looked like pools of honey under the yellow street lamp. Her gaze was gentle and sweet, it made me feel like I could stare at it all day.

No, this isn’t right, she is a monster.

I looked around at the sad sight around me. Everyone in the area had disappeared. Where there were once people, now lay only their clothes or any ornaments they had adorned themselves with. The entire road was just a clutter of metal and cloth.

I bit my lip as I looked at the woman a few feet in front of me. Although she stared in my direction, within her grasp was a man. His entire body was limp. The woman held his cheeks tightly and I could tell his naked body was shivering but I didn’t know if it was from fear or excitement. His body bled yet he didn’t scream. His face hinted at his pain, but his eyes were lost and his lips curled into a smile. He wanted the woman that held her, even at the cost of his own life.

“My wife”, I could hear him mutter. His voice was loud in the silent street. The woman faced him once more. Her face was barely an inch away from his.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell”, the woman whispered before meeting her lips with his. The man closed his eyes. Lost in a dream as I looked in horror. My body was paralyzed in fear. The woman held the man’s face in her arms but as she kissed, her long nails pulled down at his face drawing blood, slowly tearing off the flesh.

The man appeared to notice but every time his face contorted in pain, it relaxed almost immediately. His body slowly started shriveling and drying up, until there was no longer anything left. His clothes dropped to the ground, no longer finding a form.

My lips quivered as I took one step back. I recognized the uniform he was wearing. He was probably a worker in my previous job. A job that I didn’t fit in, but not for my worth ethic. I was a hard worker. I was a people-pleaser.

The woman moved away from the dead clothes and looked back at me. She licked the blood off her lips before pouting and noticing the ones splattered on her palms. She sucked them with relish.

Who is she? Did she do this to everyone? It’s not possible...

My brain exploded with thoughts and questions. I knew my life was in danger but did it matter?

“Don’t be afraid, little girl”, the woman said, her attention towards me. She advanced slowly. Her tight netted clothes didn’t do much to hide her body. Her skin had a slight tinge of purple which looked beautiful under the silver glow of the moon. She seemed to have no make-up on, displaying her raw glory, although her lips did have a reddish hue.

With her every step towards my direction, I knew I would end up just the same as everyone else on this road. Yet, I couldn’t move. I should. Shouldn’t I? I should try to survive.

I stumbled back trying to get away from the woman, but she didn’t increase her pace. Her face displayed amusement and her eyes twinkled mischievously.

I had to get out of this block. It wasn’t far away. If I found people, I was sure she wouldn’t follow me. She couldn’t do anything even if she wanted.

I ran across the street, not too fast, not too slow. I knew everyone in this block was gone. It wouldn’t be news until the sun rises. It was too late in the night for anyone to notice. Too late in the night for anyone to come to my aid by chance. But the police station was always open. I knew I would find someone there.

I stumbled over a pile of fallen clothes, dropping harshly to the ground. I yelped in pain. I had cut my hand. The chilly wind made it sting more than it should have. I looked down the street for the woman. Most of the street lights flickered which reduced visibility.

I could not see her but I knew she was right behind me.

She wanted me.

I got up and after a pause turned and raced towards the end of the road. My chest heaving with the effort. My house was nearer than the station but I couldn’t go there.

I couldn’t.

I wasn’t allowed in. My parents accepted all I was for until I turned out to be a queer. I tried to reason with them, I was a good daughter. I was their only daughter. It wasn’t fair. I had lost my job, I had lost my friends, I had lost home.

“Who is Alex?“, my mother had asked me teasingly then. Alex was my crush since childhood but I never got a chance to get close to her; never could be more than a friend. We were too afraid. Our fears were justifiable. And now I had nowhere to be. I guess, my only choice lay in an apology to my parents-

I turned into an alley taking a shortcut out of the block. I was closing into my destination. I was sure of it. A bat flying in the sky drooped low, freaking me out but it went away, disappearing into the dark sky, where I could see dark clouds gathering now. It was going to rain.

I came out of the alley onto a new road. It was empty. I was out of the block, but to my horror, clothes and cars lay unattended in the middle of the road. The woman had made an appearance here too.

I bit my lip nervously.

Looking ahead, I saw a glimmer of hope. Only a few more houses, and across the street was the station. There were lights on in the room. And I could see figures inside.


They could help me. If I was lucky Old man Miller would be there. He used to babysit me as a child. I still remember him bringing me lavenders. We grew apart over the years. But he was a police officer. I would have a better chance with him than alone.

I started running again. I was covering distance quickly. I had a tingling feeling of expected success. I glanced back at the road I left behind. It was eerie and the lights had started flickering as well, but I could not see the woman behind me anymore. I could not sense her either.

She must have not seen me use the shortcut!

I almost laughed out at the irony of someone so powerful missing out on such a minor event when suddenly I bumped hard into something. Although the impact made me hit it and fall onto the ground, the touch had felt warm and soothing. It was almost as if I could lie down on it if I wanted, like a recently ironed bedsheet.

I squeaked in pain owing to the cut in my hand while opening my eyes to check the source of impact.

“Look at that, fear does make one fast”, the woman smiled. She rested one of her arms on her hips, as she stared down at me. Her eyes scanning me all over as if feeding into my body.

I felt uncomfortable, but shock was the emotion that made me move. I staggered backward trying to get away but the woman bent over as she grabbed me by my waist.

“There, there, little girl”, she said, her voice in a half-whisper, “I want to play”

She pulled me up to my feet, her hands going up my waist. The long nails digging deep through my clothes. She rested her face on my shoulder as a tingle ran up my spine. I felt her touch my hand and bring it close to her face to lick the fresh blood of my palm.

“W-why”, I managed to utter a word.

“shh”, the woman whispered into my ear her finger on my lip, “Close your eyes”.

I shivered as she caressed me some more. Being helpless, I did as I was asked. I felt a huge gust of wind briefly pass me by. When I opened my eyes I was in the darkness. My eyes taking time to adjust to the lighting but as soon as they did, I realized where I was.

This was my room.


“Less talk, dear and more pleasure”, the woman said sensually, gently pushing me into bed. I let myself fall into the familiar depths of my sheets. My parents hadn’t touched anything in the room. Although it was dusted, everything remained just the same as I left it three days ago. Maybe they expected me to come back. Maybe they expected me to come to my “senses”.

The woman crawled up on me, kissing me on my waist, and working her way up as she slowly removed my top. The window was open, allowing the cold wind to come in, causing goosebumps on my naked skin.

“Relax”, she said whispering in both my ears alternatively in a rhythmic fashion, “There is no reason to be afraid, this will be over soon”

“You...killed an entire block”

“I had my reasons”, she smiled as she looked at me, “Besides, you saw how they want me.”

The woman cusped my face in her hands and kissed me with passion. Butterflies rose in my stomach as I felt mesmerized by her touch. Her breath reminding me of fresh lavender.

My hands, numb previously, seemed to gather courage of their own as they reached out to the woman’s cheek, asking for more. The woman complied and I could tell she was smiling.

The kiss lasted a few moments longer before she pulled out and I gasped for air. I tried to form words, but I could barely speak.

She is a killer! my brain shouted reason. I tried to retreat but she held me firm. My efforts were futile, I looked at the beauty on top of me. Her long straight hair fell down her shoulder and every time it came down to kiss my neck, it felt like a delicate stream over my face. It had a similar smell of lavender which made my insides jump with pleasure. I did not know what I expected, but there was far less blood or odour of dead people than I imagined from her.

“Tell me what you desire”, she licked my ears wet.

We rolled over. Her hands dug dip into my back as I kissed her neck, giving in to the ecstatic sensation. I yelped as I felt her drawing blood but she didn’t give me time to feel the pain.

I could feel her heartbeat as we kissed each other, her hands ravenously caressing my body when suddenly opening my eyes, I was greeted with a surprise.

“Don’t stop, dear”, the woman said, pushing me back into my sheets. My lips parted in surprise as the face of the woman in the moonlight resembled Alex. No, it was Alex. How was it possible?

Alex didn’t give me a chance to speak as she sucked my lips, giggling softly. Her hands going under my pants. I shivered in pleasure. With every move she made, her energy seemed to increase while I felt weaker and weaker.

“Do you like that?“, she whispered, pecking at my eyes, nose, and then planting a long kiss on my lips. I moaned, trying to move away now. This wasn’t Alex. I was being delirious. I was being desperate.

Get out! my mind told me faintly.

I tried to avert my thoughts to the devastated roads with all the people gone from their clothes. How long back was that? Fifteen minutes? Thirty minutes? I couldn’t remember anymore. It was hard to think of anything. With each act of pleasure, I kept drifting off into a field of lavenders. A cabin in the woods, belonging to Alex and me. We were happily married. We were accepted and we were in love.

I held her in my arms as we spun in the garden, enjoying each other’s touch, enjoying each other’s company. It felt wonderful.

“Let’s go inside”, Alex told me as she took my hand, guiding me towards the cabin. The bright sky quickly turned grey. The first drops of rain started to fall while we got into the house. We rushed up the stairs and I realized my family was in the house too- asleep.

Although I could hear the faint sound of raindrops outside, the house was filled with a strange warmth. Alex guided me to our room and immediately pinned me against the wall, pushing her body against mine.

She pulled down my pants as we headed towards the bed, knocking back tables which made me panic and move away.

“M-my parents might hear us!” I stammered, reluctant to move away, afraid to come closer.

Alex looked at me weirdly, “Do you not like me?”

“Of course, but-”

“Then it doesn’t matter what they think”, she smiled. She fell backward onto the bed unzipping her jumpsuit. She ushered me with a finger. I paused a moment. My parents were right downstairs.

It doesn’t matter what they think, Alex had said. I slowly crept forward and embraced Alex. Her long eyelashes were dark but beautiful in the dim-lit room. The sound of rain becoming faint under our breath. Her tongue felt long and soft and seemed to wrap itself around me, and just when I felt like I was about to explode with pleasure she moved away. She moved away taking off her clothes, tempting me. She came down for another peck, a long kiss rather, which made me close my eyes and savour every single moment of it. My insides seemed to melt like a candle, with each touch, with each kiss.

“Is this what you desire the most”, she whispered breaking free. I opened my eyes and saw my surroundings had changed. It was still raining but I was back in my room. The woman on top of me now.

Alex was gone.

I tried to struggle against her but I felt weak. I wasn’t sure why. The woman just smiled her eyes a strange mixture of mischievousness and lust. She snuggled down at my chest, lingering a minute longer than I expected, which made me moan harder. Her hot breath made a path downward till it stopped down below.

I gasped and closed my eyes. Even though I was filled with pleasure I could sense all my energy drying out. The woman becoming livelier with each sensation while I was losing myself to her.

Suddenly there was a sound of loud footsteps, making the woman stop. She licked her lips as she surfaced her head, turning towards the door. I let go of a fatigued breath, before rotating my head to the interruption.

The door creaked open revealing a burst of light. My eyes took a moment to adjust but then I noticed it was my mother. She stood there with a look of shock in her eyes.

“Y-you’re back”, she stammered, “W-with...”

She looked at the woman who sat on the bed upright, her legs crossed, and her lips curled up into a smile.

Mother turned back towards me with a different expression, one that filled me with disappointment, but it had quickly changed into concern.

“Blood”, she exclaimed, “are you are bleeding?”

I looked down at my body. I indeed was. My naked body was scratched, blood oozing out, but I didn’t feel the pain. Not a single ounce of it.

Mother looked accusingly at the woman but she didn’t come any closer. Her face was a mix of emotions that was hard to decipher.

I grunted as I tried to get up. It took a lot of effort.

“Get out of there, young lady”, Mother squeaked, half outside the door now.

I gritted my teeth and turned towards the woman. She looked at me with a poker face. Her eyes were emotionless. Her hand was still inside me, concealed in the darkness of the room where the moonlight was shy.

“Get out of this house!“,mother yelled in a more stern voice, but I glared at her. My mind running through all the pain I had to suffer these past few days, and for what?

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I moved closer to the woman and cusped her face in my hands, kissing her deeply. My body seemed to feel the pain of the cuts now, but I ignored them. What I could sense more strongly were the eyes of shock on me, not only belonging to my mother, but also the woman.

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