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A Funny-ish Story

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First of all it wasn't suppose to happen- well truthfully, it shouldn't happen to anyone. Well then, scratch that, it did. In a most cruel way. So it all began in the bathroom. That darn bathroom.

Horror / Other
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Chapter 1

She's a (14) fourteen year old. The only child of two great parents. Lora Wilson. And... that's just about it. A normal teen you could say. Oh, and she highly dislikes spiders.

This one day, her in the bathroom; doing her 'business' on the toilet. Lora had been retrying another level of one of the best games- or rather her favorite game, over and over.

It so happened that she'd repeated that level for almost the whole day. As a result she was a bit more determined to beat it before the next day came into motion.

Not that she would have noticed, because she was too drawn to the game, of how longer the time took in there. Nor did she realize that the night had gotten darker and colder.

However, she did keep in mind that her parents were out for the time being. This was a usual thing so Lora's been use to it by now.

"Come on, almost there..." she whispered to herself while tapping away on the phone almost aggressively.

One thing was for sure, she couldn't ingnore the moment the lights went out. It did give her a bit of a scare. Which caused her to look around in panic, until her brown eyes filled with fright focused (landed) back on the only source of light: her phone.

It seemed that after that moment, the surrounding around her...


Not like her house changed into a more different place. More like, a change of things that took a turn for the worst.

Her breathing came to a slow pace and she tried to continue on. To not let the eerie/odd feeling creep in.

Lights would come and go, that's a thing that happens alot at times. So... no worries.

With that idea in her head, it felt right to put it that way.

Eventually it did pass her, only because she had finally beat the level. Her prayers were finally answered. A feeling like that relieved her. So she relaxed.

Now moving on to the next, she was half way through it until her phone began to glitch.

Strange. She thought.
Anyone as a keeper of a devive might have done the same thing she did: hitting it non-stop. Her palm turning red by the action.

The glitch did stop in mere second, until it just blacked out, dead. This wasn't a regular thing for her, since she hated to look like some maniac running for her life (more like her phone's life) just to make it in time to reach the charger, while her parents always gave her the most weirdest expressions.
There was this one time that she had been on one of those many journeys to the charger. With her phone at 1%. She'd reach at the top of the stairs and turned into her room only then tripping over the charger itself. It ended up in her having to let out a horrific scream as she stared at her reflection on the phone.

"Darn it." She muttered. So now she was alone in the dark. It made her shiver a little.

What's the sense of even staying in here any longer? I should just go. Before something else happens.

About to take her leave, something stopped her. It was the sound of keys playing. Creating a most beautiful tune. It did make the silence less creepy. But the more she heard it, the more creepier it got. She had to face the facts, it was right there, ringing in her ears and mind...

They didn't own a piano.

Her thoughts race to who it could be: A muderer, a kidnapper, a... ghost.

Who cares?! The bigger question is how THE HELL DID THEY GET IT THE HOUSE?!. Without even making a sound!. Shouldn't it have been somewhat difficult?

Maybe she was hearing things?

But how, she was clearly hearing it. As she listened closely it was confirmed.

Frustrated by it all, she held her face in one palm while the other held the phone.
The piano then went silent for a few minutes until it made a 'dun-dun-dun' type of thing.

Lora heard it, it had her confused, but in the end she didn't want to know what it meant.

Just then the lights came back on.

Her eyes shot up to the bulb with a gasp. Relief filled her. She smiled up at the light with over-filled joy.

She might not know what to this day, but something in her said to look at the door. Looking on, she saw that it was ajar. She didn't even realize.

Not caring of that she stretched her foot a little to close it.
Something then came crawling from the door into the bathroom causing her to quickly withdraw her foot.

What the... What was that?!

Replaying what she saw in her head,

Was that a- a spider?!

She looked to the ground, scared to heck.

Where'd it go? Oh no...

The lights went out again.

Before it did though, another horror struck her.

First from: the light's going out, her phone dead, a talented person playing a piano, probably a spider no where in sight and now...

No tp.


(Always remember to check for tp when entering a toilet. Trust me -if you must- it works. Unless if your like me, who only cares about remembering something important. Something. Important).

Anyways, thanks for reading. Byeeeeee.
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