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Day 1

Day 1

Friday, March 2nd.

Day 1 began as normal as any other Friday was, except I kept hearing whispering and footsteps throughout the dorm. I did nothing that day except sit on my bed because I didn't know what the whisper meant by "This is just the beginning"

I didn't know if it meant I would fall through the floor. I didn't know if it meant I would get kidnapped. I just didn't know. As I sat on my bed, I got bored really fast and decided I would take a nap until "The thing" happened. This is when the terror all began.

I opened my eyes to see it was almost pitch black in my bedroom. I tried to reach for my phone, but I couldn't move. Crap. This must be what the whisper was talking about. I thought. I tried to close my eyes and fall back asleep, but I was paralyzed. I saw the door to my bedroom creak open and a dark shadowy figure ran past the room.

I tried to at least feel something, but it wouldn't work. I had to wait it out until it was over.

I heard footsteps getting closer and closer to my bedroom until finally; I saw what zoomed past the hallway.

A dark figure stood before me. I can't even say it was a person, because it wasn't. This creature had a black body and white eyes, and it just stood over me. It stood so close, I could feel its hot, stinky breath. I was so terrified, you could hear my heart beating across the hall.

The creature stood there for a couple of seconds before finally backing up. Most people say night terrors last a few minutes, but mine lasted longer than that. After a few seconds of waiting, the creature rushed back to the same spot and leaned in, even closer this time. I could even see the plaque on its teeth.

As soon as the creature leaned in super close, it just disappeared. My eyes suddenly blinked. It surprised me, for sure, and I could actually sit up in my bed. I took a walk around my dorm, but I got stopped in my tracks. There, standing in front of me, was the creature I had just seen. I swear it disappeared. The creature ran away from me and into the bathroom, and I heard screaming. I ran to see what the heck had happened, and I saw the bloody body of a woman. It had caved her skull in.

I jumped back in fear as the creature starting screaming bloody murder. I made a mad dash for my front door but felt a sharp pain in my back. I reached for my back and pulled my hand back out, and I saw it covered my hand in blood. I starting feeling dizzy. Then, before I knew it, I was back in my bed; I reached for my back again, and I saw no blood. It must've been a dream.

(Note: Hello reader! Glad you're enjoying my story, and I'm sorry this chapter was so short, but I PROMISE the other chapters will be more detailed)

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