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Day 2

Day 2

Saturday, March 3rd

Day 2 started with me taking in what just happened. I knew it was a dream. It just appeared very real, but it wasn't. I hopped out of my bed and raced towards my wardrobe so I could get fixed to go to my friend's mansion. I texted her about what took place last night, and she didn't trust me, so I was going to persuade her that I wasn't lying.

I grabbed my exercise shorts, a tank top, and I even pulled my hair up in a scrunchie. I yanked my car keys from the glass coffee stand in front of the sofa in the living room and strayed towards the elevator. I pressed the down button and waited a couple of moments, which seemed like minutes, until I heard the elevator doors opening.

I strolled inside the elevator and pressed floor G. I was at the top floor so it took 10 seconds to get to the floor of the apartment building. When the elevator doors opened, standing in front of me was a skinny lady with tall black hair. I asked her if I could get through, and she just stood there. I thought she was just being rude, so I pushed her aside and stepped out of the building towards my car. I know it doesn't matter, but I had a 2015 black Ford Mustang.

I unlocked the car and stuck the car keys in the ignition. I turned the car keys and my mustang started roaring. I texted my friend that I would be at her home shortly, but she wouldn't text back. A few minutes later, I pulled into her driveway and turned my car off. (Of course!) I opened the driver door and locked the car before walking up to her deck and ringing her doorbell. (Side note: The friend was living in her parent's mansion)

I stood by a couple minutes and no one answered. I finally gave up and called my friend. When the phone answered, my jaw dropped. I heard maniacal laughter in the background, and the sound of my friend screaming made my ears bleed.

"Your friend is dead, and you will be too if you call the police or get off this phone call," The man said. I heard him smash something, probably a pot or glass bottle. I bit my lip until it bled, I heard the door knob rattle, and I ran behind my car, my face turning pale. I saw a very tall figure leaning over my car, I could tell that it saw me, and I was dizzy. The figure grabbed me by my neck and shook me, yelling "I TOLD YOU TO STAY ON THE PHONE CALL!"

My face said it all, I closed my eyes, hoping it would stop, and that the creature would let me go, but it wouldn't. I was at least conscious enough to kick it in the stomach, and it dropped me. I sprinted away while also catching my breath. I thought I finally escaped the danger, until I saw what would attack me next. It was the same lady that was standing in the elevator. She started sprinting towards me, and by the time I started to run, she already caught up to me.

I squealed in pain as she opened her mouth revealing razor sharp teeth. She bit down on my left forearm, and blood started oozing out, almost like water spilling. She scratched my right eye and everything turned black. When I became conscious again, I realized I was on the street. The woman must have dropped me.

I ran back to the spot where I dropped my keys, which was behind my car. I unlocked my car and hopped in, I put the keys in the ignition and drove away.

When I got back to my dorm, it was trashed. I didn't know what caused it, so I started cleaning up. I made my bed and put the sheets in the correct places, and I started cleaning up the blood from the woman I saw, and I grabbed the doll (Which was still in the box) and I walked down the stairs and to the back of the apartment which is where the dump was, and I threw the doll in the dump.

I thought everything would be normal from that point, but I was wrong. When I walked back up the stairs, right by my apartment was a pile of blood and flesh. I gagged at the smell and instantly called the police. When the police arrived, they told me to grab everything I needed from inside my dorm and bring it out, because I would have to spend the night at a hotel.

When I walked in my dorm, I gagged at the smell even more, there were more puddles of blood and flesh. While trying not to throw up, I grabbed clothes I would need for a day, plus my toothbrush, and when I walked out, I informed the police about the mess, and they said they would clean up both messes as soon as possible.

I yawned as I did the same step again, I clicked "G" and waited for the elevator shaft to reach the ground floor. When I heard the "Ding" the elevator opened up to a creepy hospital room with patients sleeping in beds that were in rows. I gasped as I realized that the night terrors were nevertheless not done. One of the patients sat up, and I saw that it was a little girl. She started wailing and these doctors rushed into the room and ultimately didn't ask why I was in the hospital. Can these people not see me? I thought to myself as I saw the doctors putting a syringe into the little girl's arm to calm her.

I looked behind me to see if the elevator was even there, and it wasn't. I realized I would have to wake up myself. I stood there for a hot minute when I saw the last thing that would terrorize me until I went to sleep again. I discovered a black hooded figure with a sword standing at the end of the hallway after I walked out of the hospital room. The figure rushed at me and stabbed my heart, snickering. I couldn't kick this time, I started to feel shaky, and I woke up in my own room again. I got out of bed and stepped out of my bedroom to see if the flesh was even there, and thank goodness, it wasn't. I choked as I realized that what I just experienced, wasn't even the last.

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