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When the height of ones day was to go to the theatre and not get a decent reception it went to the fools head. How uneven one gets to know one is never going to be welcome in anywhere.. When Blake sang the words Tiger did the good lord make you too as well as ? It is misspelt spoilt life. Get used to it. Some lives are full of lies.

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Chapter 1

It all begins when it says. It began for me with the little painting in the crypt and then it stopped there. I believed that someone important had arrived and did arrival mean something? Well it had but was too young to realise what. Someone important had a naughty affair and she was not speaking about it. They went to sigh in the basement and there I was reading or trying to read a fairy tale book.
The vicar had got drunk waiting for them to finish and the holy ordeal was such but we got thirty bible books and we were all happy to get them.
People have no right to criticise them they are above the law. It is because they do not pay taxes and they have the posh do's and do not do.
"I want to take you to the hospital and have you seen to."
My nose had bled because she had been near and they all thought tactfully that I was a gay lass. Such a brat for sure.
"Drove them all mad."
"Hiram scur rum table manners and so mean with hugs and kisses Jane is such a dear."
"What shall we do with the other one we can't leave it alone?"
"We will try to do our best to make it suit."
"Yes we must indeed it has the beautiful things we like."
So refreshed they went to it with a will. The genealogy of the upper crust was taught in painful painstaking manner.
They taught well and it endeared me to them. Because in England there is no choice because we must all bow to one state one thing and all that. Then found out their scandals. This is the B states this is the zones which have no record because there is no one to record them.
No one of that name is near by this is not who it is and there is nothing to show no evidence nothing no evidence. Evidence is dismissed it has since disappeared.
We the happy land we the liked we the smarter than smart. We the bow ties.
"Cry babies not the thing if they hurt you turn the other cheek." Sighed a black girl who was now happily there as the fosterer of the table wars. Turn the other cheeks just turn them like that as if in the Round table turn it look. Bang I did someone hit so hard did not turn the other cheek ever again and agreed to stand to fight.
These are the undocumented life of a senile family. These are the documents came to light from the ashes of my former self. Now cured from the silent and the silenced I come to share the good news. Why what is the good news where is the party what ate your tongue before? That there is no place for them who do not love others. We must love them liked and well respected they do not take to being disliked.
So the poor are the maids who must be made to bend to the rule of the rich and the powerful if they be not bent then they do not get jobs or promotions or such stuff. That the poor are the devils who are the conned and then disposed of once their lives are emptied of meaning.
They become vessels to the rich because they ape their behaviour. But being mere copies they do not seem the thing. Or not right in their manners. Yes doctor my doctrine is to stay away from your patients especially your female ones who have seen through the disguises which I predict you wear,
"We as a rich family are all qualified doctors. " Had shared Jane.
"It runs in our family to give beneficial affection to the ones who need us."
"It is two o'clock must now be done and gone somewhere else." She added in some haste.
"I am done eating and being sub normal." She added under her breath.
And off she went to change leaving me open mouthed.
"My cousin who is the master is coming and he is sharing you with the house."
"Dear thing?"
"Yes he is a dear thing."
"Look we love charades who wouldn't in this climate of boredom with boring people?"
And she yawned to make her point. She was going to drop me and I had missed a endearing film. A foreign film for that? I was so enraged I went totally blank. In the firm belief that she had settled the score. She said, " maybe some other time we can watch this movie?"
"You can maybe buy tickets?" She added slyly.
"No thank you." I had made up my mind to get there the next day. But could not find the place. In my most extreme exhaustion I found door man wrinkling their noses and giving me wrong direction or not at all.
They should be ashamed of their bloody uniforms. But they were not. Never ever were they ashamed at all.
In my engaging manner I found some sex cinema even sat down but the film did not make sense as the company was agog to have it out. I did not belong there left in haste. In the pleasant afternoon this had to happen?
And then ended up in the dudgeons and there was nowhere there I felt welcomed. In the West end it was where the green park is situated and there appeared nowhere that I felt at home.
"Groups come here not individuals."
"Or pairs."
"No singles."
"Like Noah's ark was it?"
The door man refused to see me.
"Go away or we will call the police." Then he winked and I just glanced to see if I had seen right. The thing was not right. Why did he say that. Someone else came more serious and he settled into being stern and sober.
I ran as fast as I could.
What happiness to give up ones time and then be classed as boring. I felt like my mother must have done. I felt the stings and the barrier between the rich as if they set the seal of some disapproval. I am a bore that is my middle name.
Put the whole thing down to experience. Eventually avoided that area like the plague and did nothing but go to the Y V instead.
When they had difficulty in my order I stopped going there too, My money not good enough that was for sure. Culture is never shared not when there is nothing but this vacuum. We are dismayed to find that has happened immediate reaction and then there is no reaction it is as if the more I complain the less I have.
When I told my family they said not good enough ha ha.
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