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Chapter 3

Uncle Fikret was not a very popular man. In fact some said he was altogether not right type of person. He was someone who had been bankrupt twice and got rich soon after. Due to ill health or somehow things not going right for him. His brother came along to help out. The one who got the daughter the one called K.

It was because I am not a witness I am also a victim. Then I am shouting for something called? Love and understanding?

Uncle Fiktret was a stranger to me yet he shaped my life in the end. Why is the question why did he risk his life for mine? I was a mere woman he said set upon and he did not care for bullies. I was a woman who should be sheltered not thrust into the winds like some zombie. That I had to be respectable in order to make sense and he knew me he said he knew my ambitions and my states of mind. He knew that girl mattered.

Shout it out? Before he died before he died he did something but he and his wife had it before that they did not share anything but forks and spoons and he did not care to see what she had become. His distress was obvious I could see that. His disgust too.

Allowing that matter to stand couples do separate and segregate but not before they say stuff. He loved his wife once and they were cousins and then what had mattered and he broke all the rules did not anymore.

So we sat at the large table and he picked at his food saying he a sick man if he did nothing. We all felt uncomfortable. We felt the thugs inside the house there was this wife this wife who was now barren and he did not care to be alive better off dead. It beckoned him as if a lantern.

It was a mere speculations.

It was a mere suspicion.

"His wife had a child after myself."

She then sat down and said laughing at me that she had no place in her house too. But she did her lessons and did it better and swum and kept fit.

As if that was important.

There was then nothing but to figure out who the girl became. That she kept on reappearing she kept on being in my way. She kept on seeking to say something even becoming more ugly.

"Who was the girl?"

"She was the grand child of grandmother who married her father and her lusts with him,"

"Her father was K."

"Her daddy kept her inside that house in Grosvenor and she did not disobey,"

"No one knew."

"No one except her parents."

"Rather a scandal."

"Most definitely but what got me was that when grand came over from Cyprus she found out. Sent her toppling into senility. She was old you see."

"All this has given me the "

"You are fibbing."

"I am sharing the experience of a life time."

"Most definitely these are the people who dislike strangers. Their fears are to give their money and their houses to strangers."

"Blood is thicker than water."

When he came along there was some discord and K had to leave Aussie land and never return there while Fikret was alive.

He had ill will towards K. K looked with triumph every time he thought of Aussie land. Their mutual theft and dismay was such that it continued down through a century.

The stuff which we all believe in which are do not kill or do anything bad was not in K's code. He liked them young and agile and of course M was just right. She was young and agile and had education background and no one knew they related.

He was the partner of dad's. They were as thick as thieves.

The fall he had was sure to find him eating with his own child. He had to become the whole male. His aptitude was his living his life was in the giving of the tokens and then taking the block of his self and giving it round and round.

Fikret who had lived throughout his life with respect felt the shame his wife did not. She had been unfaithful having the daughter marry so well did not upset her. She became a senile woman after that. Fell down as if the world had become jam.

The man the husband off his head why did he give me a chance in life? I nod and shake myself. It is nothing to me but that there was hopeless embarrassment.

We believe there was nothing but thought.

Stairs steps and every time we are here seeking to find the truth. These are not the documents of a mad woman. These are the documents which are abhorrent to realise was the real and the unreal.

Who did we mate with who did we marry? When we married our cousins and they turned out to have married their half brothers who then married into their own children?

Well it is a madness and they are all on it. They are called the literary people who gossiped and conned their enlightenment and then spat out the disgraces which they have now become.

Feel what I am saying?

"We kill less people than you."

"I will not be silenced."

"You think we will not wipe you away?"

"Let us understand?"

"I am almost the fool inside this woman there is some fear but the fool has fled. I am not that girl who was bemused. By the enormity of what I had found out. I have become the woman who can seek the truth and not be afraid. I am what is known as the authority on them. "

"The cult has to be disbanded. Some even has left us to fend for ourselves."

" Females taking in their own flesh and blood. You should be ashamed."

"We had no choice. It is a matter of taste."

"We lost money."

"We had to get back to basics."

"Work is a good remedy?"

"Or prison is pristine."

"Worthless things prisons what we care for is a long holiday."

"Let us go there."

"Don't forget to pack."

I do because the man who died said as much fearful and dishonest as he meant to be. Before he died of a heart attack. His will was to be a man honest as he had been before he wed. A thing like cleaning and making himself more himself.

"He was useless sod."

"He wept he was wet."

The thing most we believe in is when two become one. In their case it was not so.

"We were married over fifty years."

"Well so were my parents did not meddle they could not stand each other."

"The long term relationship?"

"Just like a sentence was it?"

"So many happy memories."

To back track what he did not ask to be? A criminal.

A man or a woman have ambitions to be better when they wed. He got the sack he got the millions and lost the lot. His wife added to the family not his own. He was a man who lost out. He became a man who had to behave.

"We belie

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