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Untold Short Stories

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Every chapter tells a different story here

Horror / Thriller
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That Day When I Buried Alive in that Grave

I remember correctly the day... When I was going for a short walk after dinner. Weather was little cold that day it's winter so no one is usually seen going out at night that much so after taking stroll at nearby streets I start returning to my way home, after walking few steps I heard sounds of footsteps from behind I was little feared from inside, I started to walk faster and the sounds of walking footsteps had faster too ......i continued running faster at the direction of my home and the sound of footsteps continue following me even faster but I didn't have the guts to look behind so after running a while I stopped and the sounds of footsteps following me was no more too be hear so I gathered up my courage and looked behind me but there's nothing there.... I...felt a bit relieved then suddenly I heard a scream it was so loud that I couldn't bear it and fell onto the ground. few seconds later the screaming stopped and I raised my head a little then I saw a person foot and I looked upto his head and as soon as I saw his face a chill run down through my spine I froze at that moment.... his eyes looking into my eyes...then he gave a creepy but scary smile I was scared so much that I couldn't move a inch.....then that person suddenly bend down and grabbed my face with his one hand... after that I started to feel dizzy when he grabbed my face ....i don't remember what happened after that though .... a few hours later I found myself in this grave having no hope of someone saving me I even don't know how many hours or days passed nor do I have any idea when will someone coming to save me, I was starting to reaching my limits because of hunger and tiredness and about to giving up hope then I suddenly heard someone digging me out. I was kind of relieved and happy though but my joy quickly faded when I realized the sound was coming from under me then a hand came out from beneath and pulled me.

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