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Untitled Story

By Jennifer Love-O'Brien All Rights Reserved ©


Untitled chapter


I lay in bed it’s a cool chilly evening I go over the thoughts in my head, thoughts of everyone who has every hurt me or done me wrong, the list is long there are so many people on the list, I pull out my little book, which I call my revenge book. It’s a book of all people in my life who have done something to wrong me and that I plan on getting revenge off. I have being lying in wait for years planning my revenge and making sure that people pay for wronging me.

In my little book I have names and dates of people who have wronged me and how I would end their dismiss. To some people I may sound like a “psyche” but let’s call it “revenge” sounds much nicer, I nicknamed myself “the executioner” I love that name.

I want to be known and famous for my revenge killing like Ted Bundy or Ivan Milat, these guys got away with their murders for a long time but they also had a signature left on their victims so I needed to have on too and I decided mine was going to be a teddy bear I love teddy bear.

I know is old have to keep up a ruse while doing this and at like a “normal person” whatever normal is, I had saved a lot of money from working and put it all away in savings and I was going to need it for materials and motel rooms/petrol etc.

This was going to make for an interesting few weeks and I was going to finally get the justice I deserve. People were going to pay for the way they treated me and I was going to enjoy it. I was high on life.

I packed my car with all the weapons I had at my disposal I had spent months getting the weapons through secret ways so no one could ever trace it back to me. I got 12 Gauge 16 Gauge 20 Gauge shot guns I also got some Dimethyl mercury which is opposing used to kill people. Polonium and Mercury which I will also use in my bid to rid the world of evil.

I also made sure I had a load of black gloves to use, and spare number plates, matches, lighters everything I needed would be in my car; I even had fake ids so I’d be able to avoid detection with the Authorities

Chapter One:

It was a dark stormy afternoon and I was sitting in my bedroom typing away on my computer lighting flashed in the background, and seconds later there was a loud clap of thunder I jumped and my cat growled But I kept going on with my revenge list, this was the list I was writing of people who had wronged me and who I wanted to get revenge on.

I was born in New South Wales Australia and was adopted at the age of 3 years old and moved to Christmas Island with my new family. Even though I was brought up in a great family from an early age I had a test for revenge for dealing out karma.

I remember one time I pushed a kid over in his chair for calling me names, another time I bit a child for not letting me play with them.

People were just always pissing me off, so I was always ready to deal the revenge out like swift justice, screw the law and waiting for justice, I am judge, juror and executioner.

The list was growing by the second my goal was to get away for as long as liked with the murders like Ted Bundy did. I have done lots of research on how to kill people and get away with it.

My first murder will be to my birth parents who neglected and abdomen I when I was a baby they will be known as the Davies my plan was simple to stab them to death and leave.

I stalked as some people would say it my victims I would learn everything I could about their life and about their routine what they did day today and sometimes even insert myself in their lives to learn more about them, there was only 2 rules I had one: Never leave any evidence and 2 make sure no innocent people got caught in the crossfire.

It was a bright shining Monday morning I was in my car heading to my first victims hues I had 2 knives hidden one in my boot the other in my pocket I had black gloves on to stop any finger prints from being recognised. I parked about 2 blocks away from their house and I made the rest of the way on foot so my car wouldn’t be seen. I arrived at the house and banged loudly on the door I heard footsteps coming to the door and a lady answered, to my surprise it looked like I was looking in a mirror, she looked exactly like me.

It took me back for a second but then I membered what I was there for, revenge. So without a second thought I lunched forward with the knife and stepped her right through the heart BULLSYEYE I thought score one. She collapsed on the ground and her eyes rolled back in the back of her head. One down one to go I heard some heavier footsteps bit hey I was up for a fight, then a short guy entered so his wife on the ground and the colour drained from his face. He looked at me and yelled “What the hell do you think you are doing”?

I grabbed my other knife from my boot and lunged at him, I missed he grabbed my wrist trying to make me let go I kicked him in the knee cup he went down like a spud of potatoes.

I then lunged the knife into his chest and twisted clockwise he let out a sharp yell and then he went limp his eyes rolled into the back of his head and the colour drained from his face and then he was gone.

I very calmly left closing the door behind me as I was leaving me through the gloves and the knife over into a neighbour’s yard; I then got into my car and took off. One revenge execution down lots more to go, I love the feeling it gives you dishing out karma and revenge. I could in vison myself getting away this and taking this to my grave al hose people who have wronged me in the past are going to wish they had never messed with me. (Evil augh)

My next revenge killing was about 2 hours’ drive away and I had to get out of town as quick as possible to make sure I was off the police radar, so I got rid of the number plate on the car and I got a one of the ones I had stashed away and took off for “Blenheim” where I would plan and take out my next exaction.

When I drove in to Blenheim the sun was setting people were driving home from work restraints were lit up and I made my way to a motel to plan my next revenge killing or execution as I like to all it.

I was still pumped up from the last one but this one was going to be even better and if not harder. There is a back story to this one which I will tell you in my plan.

So there were these two ex-cops that had harassed me and bullied me for years so I was taken the ultimate revenge they won’t know what hit them literally. There was a building that was going to be blown down in a couple of days ad those ex cops were going to be in the building when it came crashing down. So the building goes and so do their lives which would finish my revenge/executions take two. Oh how I was going to enjoy this one, no one would even know they would be in there except me of course but they deserve to suffer.

So I brought some rope and some clorfoone and got some material made it in gags and got some black gloves and re loaded my gun, I then stalked my prey to work out there daily routine and fique red out the best time to erect my evil plan. It was the afternoon of the kidnapping I made a call to both ex cops pretending I was a reporter and that I wanted to meet them to do an interview of their life as police officer and I arranged for a time and place to meet them. I choose an abandoned house and I lay in wait for my prey. They both arrived and at first I did a double take I was surprised at how big they were and at first I wondered whether I could carry out the plan or not. But after a moment that thought was out the window and the plan was back on revenge time.

I sneaked up behind them and with a big piece of a wood I found I hit them both over the head BANG BANG they both went down like a sack of potatoes. I tide them and gaged them the gag had coliform on it to give me some extra time before they woke. I dragged their bodies with a LOTT of trouble into the back of my van and I took off to the police station that was to be imploded the next day. It was nearing midnight when I arrived at the abandon police station I did a quick check the guys were still out to it thankfully and there was no one else around. So I drugged their lifeless body into the police station and handcuffed them to some toilets, just as I was leaving they started to arouse, I quickly gaged them for good measure and left them alone were they would die.

The next day I was a bystander there to watch the building implode and for the guys to die, unbeknown to everybody else they were not just watching a police station implode they were watching the death of two people who will never be found. I rubbed my hands in gear and smiled inside I was cheering just wanting for the implosion to happen.

The crowd began to chat 5,4,3,2,1 and Boom the explosion happened and the building went down 4 story’s just crumpling to the ground and with it two police officers or should I say ex police officers. Life was good, people were cheering and little did they know that two people had also just been killed they finally got what they deserve and no one was the wiser and these people were never to be heard from again. Who says crime doesn’t pay? It just paid off for me. I smiled jumped in my car and took off for my next town and my next revenge killing or execution.

Chapter two

My next pit stop was Springfield was to end their life was a person who got me addicted to drugs his name is Nigel Summer, he started me on drugs and got me hooked and keep pushing them onto me even when I said no. So now is his time to pay and pay he will.

I was going to take my time with this one and enjoy how I screwed with him and they screwed with my life it was time for revenge big time. I knew the family was looking for a babysitter/nanny for their 3 year old child and I have nothing against the child or anyone else in the family so they were not going to get harmed but I would use them to get a hold of Nigel. I applied to be the family babysitter and I got a disguise to go to the interview in. I was asked to come at 10.00am on a Saturday to meet the parents and the child I would be “looking after” while I also planned my revenge.

I knocked loudly on the door in my disguise a wig , coloured contacts, I heard footsteps coming to the door, a lady answered the door must have been Nigel wife, she was pretty tall and long blond hair and piercing blue eyes.

“Hi, I am Sam short for Samantha” I said smiling “Hi I am Jo” Nigel wife said we shock hands and she invited me inside and showed me to the lounge room, I mentally took note of the kitchen as we walked in, in case I didn’t get the job and had a chance to came back I need to take a mental note so I could still erect my revenge. Sitting on the couch was Nigel anger boiled up inside of me, just the site of him made me sick, I could picture exactly what I wanted to do to him, if only right there I could end his life I would but next to him was a gorgeous girl with long blond hair and green eyes, I knew now wasn’t the time, the time would come and revenge would be mine, I just had to be patient and wait.

Nigel stood up we shook hands and introduced ourselves he had no idea who I really was which was perfect for me, he mentioned for me to have a seat.

“So you are interested in helping look after Jill “he said pointing to the girl sitting next to him.

“Yes I am, I have qualification in childcare and a first aid certificate” I pulled out y fake qualifications and showed them they seemed impressed.

“So this is a live in position, so you get paid $100 a week to look after Jill and food and rent etc. is included in the job, is this something you are interested in?” Nigel asked

I smiled inwardly to myself the perfect position for me to be in and get my revenge.

“Yes that is the perfect kind of situation for me” I said casually

“Well we have interviewed a few people but you are the best with qualifications and the others were a bit younger then you and we want someone who is older with more experience, so the job is yours if you want it:? Nigel said smiling

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