The nightmares within

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It's basically all my nightmares into a book, I write them when I get them. The first one, I don't think it's gonna be good for people's emotions and I'm sorry about that.

Horror / Other
Rita Fa Fita
Age Rating:

The death of all humans

*Warning;Gore and many things ahead*

It was just a regular day, we had loads of fun, I spent the night at my grandmother's house and I don't remember why. But it was probably for a good reason. I went to sleep on her bedroom floor and I was sleeping. As any human being just to sleep like there's no tomorrow. Next thing I knew I was in a world full of chaos and very much bloodshed not a single person was alive. I saw these guys with flower tattoos, and they were speaking in a language I couldn't hear or understand but it seems like the saw me and heard me. I looked around and saw my family, friends, and people I haven't even meet yet all dead, torn apart, guts everywhere, blood, limbs. It was so disgusting, but the men with the flower tattoos was coming at me I tried to move in the nightmare to run to escape but I couldn't, they caught me and took me away. The next thing I knew I woke up crying silently that my own grandma couldn't hear me. I still sometimes go back to that nightmare but in a different place where I'm starved to death.
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