The Pond Devil

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The Fishermen

I agreed to my grandmothers wish, but there was no way to not see what was so special about this pond. Few days had pasted that Buster and me would run out towards the woods as my grandma watched only to make are ways around to the other side of the pond outside my grandma’s view. I would throw rocks at the fish in the pond, go swimming with Buster and take napes near the edge of the pond. Until one afternoon when me and Buster were resting I heard busts growling and tugging on my jeans. “Buster stop boy. stop” then his tug turned into a grip sort of like a python “Stop Buster” I yelled now sitting up and opening my eyes ,but what I found was not Buster at my heels, just a release from my leg, and a splash in water along with a slime like wetness upon my jeans.

I looked out into the pond and spotted two fishermen. They seemed like real outdoors men that knew these parts. "Hey there, Catch anything today!?" "Sure did wanna see it?" one called from their boat. The other man kept cold as stone keeping his line into the water. “I sure would!"
The other man shook his head . "Oh come on we aint got time, you aren’t gonna catch the devil today” one of the fisherman said. When they came ashore they had something in tow on the side of their small boat.
I expected some kind of giant bass or something but nothing prepared me for what they had next to them. A catfish bigger than any I had ever seen bigger than me one that could easily have swallowed Buster whole, its body was a dark green covered in mucus to the gill. Its huge protruding lips opening up then down again.

“Wow that’s big…but I heard you talking about the pond devil is that really real?” I asked
“Its real alright.” the quite one said “It’s very real” “you’ll have to excuse him his been hitting the bottle a lot lately the other fisherman laughed. “The bottle?”. Just never mind him then boy. The pond devil is real! I know he’s real. I know it’s not a fish." “how do you know?” "When I was a boy I used to play at the edge of the pond all day every day until one day a tree rattled." “What do you mean, maybe it was just the wind.”
“I never saw no wind do that to no tree before.” “Then there it was like a huge a boat overturned upside down in the water then I saw its eyes. There weren’t like any kind of eyes I had ever seen before then it disappeared back into the pond.”
“I am going to try catching it” I said stupidly at the time.
“Sure you are boy what are boy what are you going to do use your dog to drag him into shore.” The Fisherman laughed out, but the quite said something different. “I recommend you don’t go after son. You’re too young to die, but I Was your age once too. So if you want to try go out to the reeds that’s were the big fish are maybe you can catch him there, but stay away from the marshland.”

"Yes now." "I'm warning you stay away from that bog, run back to family even we don’t venture there too often that’s where we got this big guy." he said pointing to the fish. “But there’s a lot of strange things that happen out there lot people go missing. “So best of luck to ya” The two shoved back off into the pond and down the bank until I couldn’t see them anymore. None the less I was excited.

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