The Pond Devil

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Past The Reeds

I found an old rod and tackle up in the attic. So for the first couple days of my attempts to catch the pond the devil, were merger to say the least I felt I was just preparing myself. I’d leave early before my grandmother awoke. Heading towards the reeds right near the bog were the two fisherman told me about. Buster could hardly keep up with me at my pace. However nothing but empty hooks and missing worms. I had a particular thought come to mind though, cat fish love liver maybe the pod devil would too. Grandma always made herself liver for lunch so I snuck some, setting it out on the porch for a couple of days in the sun. The smell was putrid even more so to the touch. Buster ate everything and anything but this was even too much for him. We left with the rotten meat in my tackle box. I figured I’d wash it later plus the payoff for the Devil would be worth it. This time I ventured past the reeds and into bog.

It was quite a mist settled on the water from the morning dew. It didn’t take long for me to cast my line in with the sticky rotten liver. As I waited just then Buster stood at my feet vigilant. Minutes turned to hours then tugging began. This must be it I grip on firm ready to pull. Then snap went my reel but not the line dragging me through the muck, water, and whatever I could see in front on me. I had a fish like no one had ever seen surely it was the pond devil. I didn’t know how far he was going drag me, but I couldn’t let it be much further I had to either let go or risk being drown. I saw a nearby tree branch reaching for it like a hero’s hand. The long branch held on the tree twisting and tangling the tree breaking it at the roots, but it didn’t give way. It spun and entangled the mighty monster. The Devil must have swam viciously into a circle, before plopping on a patch of grass gasping for air. I had done it, I couldn’t believe it, I’ve done what others couldn’t. It was massive bigger than a small car, bigger than the one the fishermen had although I had caught the pond devil there was problems. I didn’t know where I was or how I was, or how I was going to get it back. I heard in the mist a familiar loud concerned bark buster had found me. He runs to me kissing me vigorously with love I must admit I was happy to see him.
“Look boy, we caught the pond devil.” He barks while taking nips at the fish.

I still had no idea how to get the beast home when a tree rattled. The monstrous fish hadn’t struggled the whole time but now it was acting frighten. I didn’t know why? Then I heard it, and saw the tree rattling in the near distance.

Shaking and rattling like you wouldn’t believe. There was no wind no gust nothing. The rattling was more intense now, I would not dare near it without Buster, Buster growled as we both approached . Something was holding the tree at the bass like an organ I shrill as it fell quickly back into the water. I tried to pierce threw the gloom and murk with my eyes trying to make logic of what happened. Then I see something, a strange wet bolder in the water. I didn’t recall seeing before I cast my line. Bubbles start rising to the surface. I keep approaching slowly towards it Buster is more agitated the closer I get. An explosion of water takes half the pond ablaze. A wide open jaw encasing a set of needle like teeth, engulfs my fish on the shore. It was long, black and eel like. It had a head like a horse, and a body like a serpent. When it emerged from the depths it never took its non blinking eyes off me and Buster along the shore.

I ran as fast as my feet can take me never losing sight of Buster. I didn’t know where I was going, I just had to get away from bog. I ran into the nearby bush hoping whatever it was is too far to reach me. It doesn’t were still in the bog. I can’t see anything else except marsh and mist. Nothing but the crickets now as I try to gather what’s left of my thought as just then I trip onto an old rotten Indian hut sunken deep in the marsh there all around me everywhere sunken in the water then rattle go’s a tree. The long serpent neck emerges from the bog with a shrieking hiss. Piercing through the water like a shadow I didn’t know how much longer my body could run, but then I see it the reeds and the way home.The funny thing is I don’t remember those final moments, blame it on the darkness if you’d like but I know what I saw that night, it was no fish it was something big, something not natural and something that still lives.

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