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Many ancient civilizations believed that when a person dies not having done what it was that they so desperately wanted to do, then there might just be enough energy for such a person to cross over from the netherworld into our world and walk again amongst us albeit as a creature known as the Draugr in old Norse mythology or the Again Walker. Jack and Ella Robinson were married with two beautiful children; Carl and Victoria. Carl lost his life in a prank gone wrong after being pushed into a lake by a couple of bullies at summer camp. The entire family and their friends were distraught over the death of the young boy. Ella almost lost her mind and refused to come to terms with the death of her son, paving way for a demon from the netherworld to assume the form of her son and return to them albeit with the intention of causing them serious harm.

Horror / Mystery
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To lose a loved one is something that one wouldn't wish even upon his worst enemy. The pain and emptiness associated with it is something that no one can fully describe. In order to understand how one who is bereaved truly feels, you'd have to lose someone you love.

Losing a child can be even more intense. The natural order is for children to outlive their parents, and not the other way round. But in the event that the unusual happens, it can create a devastating chain reaction among the family members; everyone looks for whom to blame for the tragedy. The parent's minds can become so warped that they are ready to do anything if it would bring their child back. They are often not ready to let go of memories of their child and this sometimes brings dire consequences. Such is the story of the Robinsons...

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