Until Death Do You Part

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Head Researcher: Dr. Rebecca Narcissus

AssistantResearcher: Dr. Abigail Clarisse Elisium

Subject Identification #: 10-15-08-14 (JOHN)

Study Ruling: Success

Resources Used: Seven (7) Sheets of Unlined Paper, Four (4) Pens, One (1) Trillion BTU’s of “Fear Gas” (Corticotropin-releasing hormone in a gaseous format), One (1) Men’s Medium Sized Black T-shirt, One (1) Men’s Medium Sized White Slacks, One (1) Men’s Medium Sized White Long Linen Coat, One (1) Recording Camera with One (1) Miniature Detonation Device


In the study of Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) in a gaseous form, we have found that it will not only drive the subject to fear, but the chemical compound in question also caused extreme hallucinations in the subject. The subject seemed to hallucinate that he was in a color changing room which was the vessel for numerous simulations. He would mutter to himself about dying only to be returned to the room in which we had him reside during the trials. We had given him our names, Dr. Elisium and myself, which the subject proceeded to use in his hallucinations, projecting myself as his wife and Dr. Elisium as his mistress. At the start of the study we gave him small doses of the gas while he slept. It wasn’t until three (3) days in that he began to have hallucinations. They became progressively worse as time wore on, continuing until he began to conjure entities in the room he was in, not just when he was in a “simulation.” The study lasted approximately nine (9) days. Three (3) before we began to see the effects of the gas on the subject, then six (6) afterward. During the final day of the study, the subject went through multiple phases of hysteria; including, but not limited to: unprovoked crying, unprovoked laughter, attempts at scraping his way through the wall, huddling in a corner, whispering to himself, and multiple other symptoms. In the final moments of the subject’s life, he screamed as if being chased or killed. The extended usage of CRH on the subject’s body, had negative effects to his health. His death was caused by a heart attack which was triggered from an excess of adrenaline, most likely in response to whatever hallucination had been conjured at that moment. While the subject did not survive the study, I do believe the study to be a success. CRH has proven its worth as a weaponized gas. I would just suggest to use it in more concentrated doses than what was used in the study.
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