The Hallway

By Sparkzr Remixed All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Mystery

No Freedom In Sight

I saw the end of the hallway. The pathway was lit by orange lights. The ones you’d expect when a generator is activated by lack of power. The ones you’d expect after everything’s gone wrong. I continued traversing the hallway. I could only see a wall at the end. I hoped that this one wasn’t a dead end. I kept on walking. My feet, making sounds that echoed through the hallway. Suddenly I heard a step that echoed after mine. I started running. I didn’t dare look back. The other steps picked up speed. I pushed my body to the extreme. I saw the wall get closer and closer but I couldn’t slow down. I slammed painfully into the wall. I tried to catch my bearings,but I was further disoriented as I was picked up. Whimpering, I look at my pursuer. “Hello my darling little puppykins! Why’d you run off like that?” I whimpered even louder as I was carried away from freedom.

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