Cursed Copper Dragon

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Just a normal fishing trip but as Andrew & Dave get really to take their last trip for the fishing session little do they know this trip will be anything but normal, as local legends creep up about a ghost ship said to be hunting that waters. Both Dave and Andrew have no Idea just how true these legends really are!

Horror / Adventure
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Part 1: Fishermens Nightmare

Dave & Andrew sat on Daves's Fishing trawler while Andrew was preparing the days trip with the port authority, it was supposed to be a 4 day round trip out to the eastern sea and back the weather couldn't be any better seas are come wind was light and the sun was beaming down.
Bill and bob wore getting the engine up and running and going over their routine checks as they always do before any trip out to sea, Dave and his crew have fished in the Eastern sea for 20 years and always had a profitable hull of fish, But this trip would be anything but what Dave expected. Brewing off the cost was something no one foresaw and legends have only spoken of a hunted ghost ship that readily appears and any sailer unlucky enough to run into it never returns.
Dave and Andrew disregard these old superstitions for they have sailed this sea for years and never saw or heard of such child's tails and that's just what Dave and Andrew believed. The small boat was prepared and soon on route to its designated location, Dave was the caption of the boat and knew the waves like the back of his hand, His boat was old but reliable as it's been in his family for 62 years and never failed at its job, Dave proudly nicknamed it "old faithful".
The day started like normal the boat rocked softly agents the waves as it moved along the wind stayed light throughout most of the day, by evening they had arrived and Dave decided to not get the first run right away and wanted to wait until morning as Bob noticed the Enigen wasn't running well and wanted to make sure it wasn't going to affect there work so he orders the engine capped in low idea and see if the problem continues.
Bob was used to the ship acting up and this was normal him and bill rebuilt it many times and once had to at sea which ended their trip as they had to be towed back to port, but their boat still worked twice as hard and turned its keep many times so Bill & Bob wor not worried about it.
But the Enigen for unknown reasons died and a loud screeching noise was heard throwout the boat startling the Crew, The generator engine was running normally and if needed could be used to propel the boat at low speeds to port however it would take 2 hours to make the needed preparations. Dave Desired to call off the trip and radio into port but he got no response and night was fast approaching.
Andrew went up to the wheelhouse he & Dave talked about calling it off but Dave wanted to see if the propeller is just jamming up agen, After a short time and nothing is wrong with the propeller The engine started up normally with no problems. This confused the crew. after about 20 mins the boat suddenly lost all power and everything went silent, the only noise was from the wind and waves and the few seagulls flying overhead but soon everything went silent. an early silence not a single sound was heard.
Suddenly a loud wave rocked the boat and then a green light spotted off the port bow, Dave looked at Andrew and said There's not supposed to be any ships here for miles? the light grew brighter and got closer then a large old Gallion appeared bearing down on their boat and Dave yelled HARD TO STARBOARD! but the boat was dead in the water nothing responded. just as they that they wore going to the cloud with the old ship it vanished.
Dave looked at Andrew and said what the hell was that! Andrew who was just as surprised said I think it's a 12th-era Gallion? Dave looked at Andrew and suddenly the power came back one and the Engine suddenly jolted from the sudden startup shook the boat hard. Dave said whatever it was let's just force on tomorrow's hull I want my cargo hold full of fish!
Dave retired to his cabin and went to bed forgetting about the strange events. Andrew also retired to his cabin, and the crew all turned in for the night. however, something was not finished with them just yet and Dave was Tron from his bed and landed in a bit of cold seawater Andrew ran into his Cabin yelling we need to Abanded the ship! Dave got up and said what's going on? Andrew graded Dave and ran up to the main Deck beside the boat was a Gallion silent and its green lights very bright almost building. Dave said what's going on Andrew, Andrew said were sinking overly let's get about that ship!
ones Dave and Andrew border the Gallion their boat sinks like a rock as if it was being pulled down by something and everything went silent again. Dave said did bill and bob make it off? Andrew said I hope so my cabin started flooding and I was in a foot of water before I knew it so. I didn't even think I just ran and their cabins were empty so I assumed they got out that's wend I got you.
Dave scratch the water but didn't see anything and before long the Gallion began to move but it had no sails, Andrew looked around and said we shod thank Caption for saving us. Just then lightning flashed across the deck and a finger appeared in front of them and screeched then vanished. Dave said you don't suppose this is a bad Dream, do you? Andrew looked around the old ship it was a wooden galleon unlike anything ever seen or known before the wood looked rotten and old it stunk of a rotting smell and mould coved it, the masts towed up and its sails all torn and hinging not move.
Andrew said I don't leave we are Dave this seems far too real to be a dream. Dave and Andrew exchanged looks and if just realized it sooner they wore on a ghost ship!
To Be Continued...

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