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4 kids decide to leave home and see the outside world. However, they unknowingly break a 100-year contract. Now they must fix their mistake.

Horror / Mystery
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The cold air rushed around as they ran, farther and farther from a town or village but it was their old home none the least. They kept running even though their legs burned with pain. The two teens constantly kept looking back to try and see their unknown killer or killers as it seemed. Many dark red eyes stared at them from beyond the trees, anger flashed in their eyes.

“Keep running, I can see light ahead of us. That might be the end.” The taller, more masculine teen barely scruffed out, too busy as he was panting because he was out of breath from all the running.

“I see that Mark, but I’m busy worrying about the monsters behind us because they look really hungry.” The smaller, but still masculine teen panted out with attitude, as his head darted around, looking at the tall black creatures that stalked behind them.

Mark began to open his mouth in an attempt to soothe the smaller teen but was cut off when damp, smooth air swirled around them. It also seemed to take the overwhelming fear that constantly crushed everyone back at their old home. The smaller teen was smiling and looking around at the beautiful place that they were now in. The trees seemed to glow as the water dripped off the leaves so elegantly. The moon seemed so perfectly silver and round.

“Elijah come back here, we are not completely safe just yet,” Mark warned the smaller teen as he walked towards the smaller one.

“I know that, I just got excited, it’s so colorful here,” Elijah beamed as he waved his hands around, as he pointed to everything that had color. “Back home, compared to this, it just looks so -- so dead.” Elijah then muttered, softly as his gaze fell to the soft forest green grass.

Mark grabbed the chin of the smaller one and softly kissed him. Elijah smiled as they had their short, sweet kiss. Holding hands, they began to walk farther from the dark, hforest. However, they were stopped when they heard a familiar growl from behind them. Slowly, they turned their heads around, secretly hoping it wasn’t who they thought it was.

A giant white creature stood behind us, grinning ear to ear as its arms stretched towards the lovebird teens. The teens tried running away from the entity they knew as Bendy. An enormous white creature that could bend in any way it wished. The creature reached out to the teens and grabbed them by the shoulders, and then dragged them to him while they were dragged through the grass, kicking and screaming. Despite their efforts, they were now laying down, looking up at Bendy, who stared at them with malicious intent.

“Y..o..u” The giant entity groaned out slowly “Yo..u b..ro..k..e”

“We - we broke what?” Mark stuttered out, quivering under the stare of the bendable entity.

“T...the c..on...t..act.” The entity frowned at its broken English but was happy it still got the point across.

However, as soon as the entity said that another entity emerged from the forest. It was black with a janitor costume on and he had a name tag that said ‘Janitor’.

“You broke rule six of the contract, ‘No entity shall leave the circle of trees filled with monsters of red eyes, so long as no human either leaves the circle of trees’” Janitor growled, looking down at the two guys on the floor as he recited the contract.

Elijah could’ve sworn he saw Bendy smile, bigger than usual, at the Janitor. Mark, however, scowled at the two entities as he now stood in place. He helped Elijah get up and then looked at the two entities, who in return stared at him. As the staring contest continued Bendy inched closer to Mark. However, it was only noticed when Mark lay on the ground dead with Bendy tearing into the stomach of Mark. His guts hanging out and blood covering his torso and Bendy's hands and mouth.

Elijah screamed, staring at the body of his lover. Janitor looked at him with, what seemed like, pity. Janitor grabbed his hand and smiled.

“Follow me young one, I shall protect you.” Janitor smiled as they all walked back to the village but the overwhelming fear did not follow. Instead, he felt happy.

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