The Carrier

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Book 1 in the pairings Series Eighteen-year-old Scarlett thought she had her life all planned out. But the zombie apocalypse means that those plans are now on hold. When she goes to get a vaccination that's supposed to protect her, she's accidentally injected with the Z virus and turned into a zombie herself. Now she's wondering if it was really an accident. As she adjusts to her new reality, she must also try to figure out Damon, her secretive new companion. Who is he? What's his story? And why did he come into her life now, when all she wants to do is murder him? © HarperJackson, October2021

Horror / Action
Deanna Hall
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The World went to hell almost a year ago now, everything is just in ash & Ruin, they told us it was nothing to worry about, that everything was going to be fine, but that wasn't the case. We all thought it was going to be different that it would just be like the flu but again it wasn't, I saw the videos posted on YouTube, I saw first hand what was really going that the government tried so hard to keep top secret, but how can you keep people from finding out that the undead was rising once again? How can you keep people from panicking? How did the government not think that people wouldn't notice that there loved ones, or even our own neighbors were suddenly just not showing up, or even answering their door or their phones. Then came the broadcast all over the TV saying they have made a vaccine to help keep us safe, but the thing is though ,did it Really keep us safe? No it didn't because if that was the case then I wouldn't be what I am today, a night stalking zombie, or as I like to call myself a nightstalker, I never realized what had happened until I woke up one day with red hazey vision that I couldn't get rid of, and this immaculate strength all of a sudden, or how I only sleep during the day, but what was worse was the dark dangerous thoughts, the thoughts of wanting to sink my teeth into something fleshy. I've learned to survive on animal blood as time has gone on but it doesn't make it any easier knowing that you have become what people fear, all I know is I can't be the only one left, there has to be other survivors out there somewhere, right? I don't know but I do know that it has become my mission to help bring back the people and to help rebuild society, but the only thing that's stopping me is who will except me for what I am now? Humans fear zombies and if they were to ever find out that I have the z virus running through my veins they would keep me on the spot, that is why I must try to appear as human as I possibly can, no one can ever figure out my secret. Or it could be the death me...

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