Dark Soul

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Marcus placed the receiver back in its cradle and turned to look at Greg, Emma and Jacob who had all been stood close by in the study listening to his conversation with John. Absently Marcus brushed his wispy grey hair back and let his hand glide down his face before fixing Greg with a worried look

“I spoke with your Inspector and he is going to meet me shortly at my home but first I need you two” Marcus gestured at both Greg and Emma then continued to speak

“To go to the public hall of records and see what you can find out about Cain and his family history. Take the chapel records for the graves and see what you can find out. I am convinced now there must be more to all this than just Cain randomly killing people. He is not just a vicious killer he is incredibly intelligent too which makes him doubly dangerous” Marcus finished his sentence with a troubled look etched upon his face.

“The Inspector is he alright? I can always meet him while Emma goes to the library.” Greg nodded at Marcus as he asked his question.

At this remark Emma simply looked at Greg and raised an eyebrow but before she could say anything the Professor interjected.

“No. No. He is fine and said he was leaving immediately to meet me at my home. So Jacob if you can find the records and give them to this fine young couple we can all be on our way. I fear time is not on our side this night.” Marcus said in a grave tone

Sliding into the seat of his unmarked patrol car Greg pulled his door closed and watched as the professor started his car and headed back home. With a wave McMasters slowly disappeared behind the chapels large oak doors then Emma closed the passenger door as she slipped in the car next to Greg.

“I suspect this might lead to more than just a dusty old family tree” Emma said as her hands ran across the records Chaplain McMasters had given her. She slowly opened the dusty file and began to sift through the papers inside scanning each one with the trained eye that only a forensic scientist could; scrutinizing each sheet looking for the tiniest of clues. Greg sat watching Emma as she traced her finger across the papers but his gaze drifted along her arm to the way her hair tumbled down across her face. Absently Emma drew back her hair across her face and tucked it behind her ear casually smiling at Greg before turning her attention back to the paper in her hand. Greg felt almost transfixed by her now and his eyes were drawn between the curve of her lips that seemed so full of life and her eyes that seemed to him to almost sparkle when she gazed at him. His imaginings were suddenly shattered by Emma saying his name

“Greg. Look at this.” She said as she traced her finger across a line on the paper in front of her.

“This is a clear link between Cain and an estate in Scotland somewhere near Ayr on the West Coast.” She looked up at Greg briefly before turning her attention back to reading the document before her.

“What would that have to do with Cain and why would he be living in London all this time?” asked Greg.

“Well Cain is the Anglicized form of Gaelic for McCain so his name has Scottish roots most likely and look what has been written here.” Emma’s finger rested just below a text which read

Biblical Meaning:
The name Cain is a biblical baby name. In biblical the meaning of the name Cain is: Possession; or possessed.

Emma’s analytical mind was still wrestling with the plausible and implausible information that was being shown her this evening and although everything intrigued her it still held more mystery than any solid conclusion she was willing to make at this stage. With these thoughts still running through her mind she looked at Greg and simply stated

“We must go to the hall of records in the library so we can find out how all this links Cain and what if anything it all means.” Greg nodded and slipped the car key into the ignition and the vehicle juddered into life.

At this time of night it was a short drive to the hall of records and parking their car out front they made their way around the back to the security office where they hit the button on the intercom. A short buzzing sound was followed by an echoed voice

“Yes?” came the curt statement from the security guard inside the hall. Emma drew up her collar and gazed around the empty car park into the night as she half listened to the conversation between Greg and the officious security guard within. It was apparent that although unusual the guard was willing to let them in having seen Greg’s identity and confirmed it with Scotland Yard’s control room. Once inside the hall the guard led them through its corridors onto its main landing.

“You’ll be wanting the main record room then. That’s three floors down. Best we take the main elevator.” The guard said as he pressed the button for the lift. With a quiet ping the lift doors slid open and the guard stepped inside followed by Emma and Greg. As the lift reached its destination and the doors opened up the guard asked if they required anything else to which they both replied no and thanked him for his time.

“You look for births and deaths and I will check out the housing deeds” Emma said as she shone her torch indicating which way Greg should head then she swung the beam of her torch along another aisle and began walking down it.

It was a little over ten minutes of thumbing between small index cards before Greg finally happened upon a matching set of names from the tombs in the chapel grounds. Slipping the card out he copied down the unique reference numbers imprinted upon it before heading to find Emma.

“Have you found anything?” Greg asked as he slowly approached Emma from behind shining his torch onto the box of paper work she was slowly working her way through. Greg noticed there was already a few sheets carefully placed to one side and could see the name McCain written on one the papers.

“I have” replied Emma glancing round and pulling out a paper from the box as she did so.

“And this is what I’ve been looking for I think.” Emma held the paper up as if she was standing triumphantly winning first prize in a competition. Greg watched as she hurriedly began to arrange the papers she had removed from the box into a chronological order of sorts.

“There. Do you see it!” exclaimed Emma as she finally finished sorting the paperwork. She had arranged several sheets of paper from left to right on the large table in front of both her and Greg. They were all title deeds; the first dating back to the 19th Century here in London with the first deed emblazoned with the name ‘ALEXANDER CAIN’

“Look at the first title deed it matches the name on the grave in the tomb” Emma calmly stated as she ran her finger across it.

“You’re right” murmured Greg as he lifted the deed up to inspect it.

“Now look at the second one” Emma picked it up and handed the second document to Greg.

“Official Land Registry” Greg’s voice trailed off as he began to read the document out loud but then his voice picked up again as he read something that caught his eye

“Title Deed Holder named as Iain Cain.” Emma handed Greg the final document and Greg once again read through it before stating “Deed Holder as Ian Cain”

“Don’t you see?” Emma asked

“The documents span over a hundred and fifty years of the Cain family in residence” stated Greg

“But what does that tell us other than the family has resided there. Lots of families do still pass on family homes.” Greg said as he placed the document back upon the table.

Emma took the documents and placed them on the desk once more then pointed out the names to Greg on the second and third documents before saying

“Look at the spelling; Iain is the old Scottish form of Ian and the names are there on the deeds. Just changed slightly and if you think about the dates on the coffins in the tomb it all adds up. Iain and Ian on these deeds is one and the same person. It must be it can’t be just a coincidence” She leaned on the desk and stared solemnly at Greg as she finished speaking.

Greg looked at Emma in a slightly disbelieving gaze before he spoke “So we have someone who has been alive for over a hundred years still running around the streets of London brutally murdering people?” Emma nodded before replying “I know. I know. It’s impossible. Well maybe not impossible that a Chelsea pensioner is brutally murdering people in the London borough but I would say highly unlikely and yet as a great man once said. If when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” She said with a playful smile.

Greg smiled and simply replied “You young lady have read too many Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books.”

Emma smiled back briefly before quickly asking “Wait what did you find in the records?”

“I have the indexing numbers correlating to the files that have been stored on the computer. We just need to find a terminal to log in and check them out.” Greg replied.

Returning to the main hub of the library the two of them found a terminal seated on an old yet sturdy looking antique desk which had clearly been donated to the library by some forgotten patron of yesteryear.

Sitting in front of the Computer terminal Emma began stroking the keys that would allow her entry into the system. Greg pulled up another chair and settled down next to her; he found himself once again absently gazing at her as she diligently hit every key with precision coaxing the machine to display the information they sought.

Yet again his concentration was broken by Emma exclaiming “There we are I’m in. Look. Oh wait.” Emma frowned and paused a moment.

“What is it?” asked Greg a quizzical expression upon his face. Emma pointed at the screen and tapped it with her finger nail.

“Look here.” At the tip of her finger they could see on the screen the births and records of the Cain family and it was evident that what records had been scanned into the system had already been altered with a very large black marker pen.

“Most of the information has been obscured on purpose it seems. What now?” asked Emma in an almost exasperated tone.

“I have an idea. Bring up listings for news articles and cross reference the name MacCain and Cain and see if we get a match for anything.” Greg suggested.

Emma paused for a moment and smiled at Greg before replying teasingly “Not just a pretty face.”

Greg grinned and casually moved his chair closer. A few moments of typing and the screen displayed various lines of texts with references to news articles in the London Gazette containing the name MacCain.

Their eyes were drawn to a box on the screen with the words ’RIPPER STRIKES AGAIN; VICTIM TORN APART. Several more words of text followed before the name MacCain appeared. Moving the mouse and highlighting the article Emma clicked on it.


Whitechapel Jack was plying his trade again in the early hours as another victim was found brutally torn apart cut from almost stern to stem.

Emma carried on tracing her finger across the screen scanning through the late 19th Century article until she exclaimed “Look here!” her finger rested upon a segment which read

Local resident Iain MacCain had this to say about the brutal killings.

“It’s such a shame all those poor young women it makes you not feel safe living in this area.”

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Emma as she darted a look at Greg “Do you think Cain could have had something to do with those murders? I’m not suggesting he was Jack the Ripper but; wait how far is it from the Whitechapel area to the Cain residence?” asked Emma.

Greg simply shrugged and said “By car from Hornsbury it’s about ten minutes across Tower Bridge to the Whitechapel area so walking it; I don’t know maybe forty minutes?”

“And if you’re on four legs instead of two?” Emma quizzed. Greg stood up and walked a few feet away just trying to focus his mind and gather his thoughts in an attempt to try and make sense of the impossible.

Emma let out a low sigh and craned her head back and began to rub the back of her neck. She suddenly realized how late it was and that realization made her body remind her that she should be tucked up in bed fast asleep not sat in an old library straining her eyes in the dark at a computer monitor trying to make the impossible seem improbable. That last thought did make her smile to herself though. Greg stopped his pacing and his gaze once more fell upon Emma; noticing that she was rubbing her neck. Without thinking, because if he had thought too much he probably wouldn’t have done what he did next, he stepped close behind her and rested his hands upon her neck. Emma felt strong hands begin to gently massage her neck and she let her hands fall to her side and her head gently loll forward as she began to enjoy Greg’s hands slowly moving along her neck and shoulders. Slowly he moved his thumbs along Emma’s neck massaging from the base of her neck up to the nape sliding underneath her hair whilst his fingers firmly brought back her shoulders. Emma let out an almost involuntary sigh as she leaned back against the chair and let her head hang forward. Slowly he kept his hands moving around her shoulders; sliding his thumbs underneath her collar then pulling her shirt back a little allowing his hands to now rest on her bare shoulders underneath her blouse. He began to massage her shoulders with his thumbs gliding across her upper back and shoulders then tracing their way up the back of her neck while his palms pressed firmly into her shoulders and his strong fingers pulled her taught muscles up and free before being released once more. Moving his hands further across her shoulders he slowly pushed the straps of her bra across in the same motion letting it fall freely from her shoulders before running his hands back across her naked skin gently caressing her back with his fingertips; pausing a moment Greg caught his breath as he waited for Emma to protest at his bold actions but no such protests were forth coming. Almost subconsciously she slowly leaned forward across the desk and released the upper most button on her blouse letting it slip over her shoulders. His hands moved more freely now across her back with his fingertips tracing up from underneath her shirt from her lower back to circle around her shoulders massaging her aching neck before tracing his fingertips back down once more. Emma’s arms and hands were now tucked underneath her torso as she laid her head in her hands and her stomach pressed firmly against the desk. The screen saver on the computer terminal kicked in and bathed them both in pale multicolored lights as random shapes danced across the screen. Emma looked up at the change of light and as she settled down again discreetly unbuttoned another button on her blouse and let it slip further back across her shoulders down her back. Greg’s hands now moved with almost complete freedom across Emma’s naked back and shoulders. Moving his hands up once more and with his right hand he gently took the clasp in Emma’s bra between finger and thumb and squeezed it before letting it slip apart. Greg heard Emma murmur slightly as he placed both his hands full on her back then slowly pushed them firmly up and across her shoulders before letting his fingertips slowly and letting them work their way down her sides and across her lower back; massaging her firmly as his fingers worked their way back up along her naked back to her neck. This time though as he reached her neck his hands slid underneath her hair and around her face to gently caress her cheeks all the while his fingers explored her soft skin finally reaching her lips. Emma felt Greg’s fingertips gently brush against her lips and she kissed it, gently at first, then her lips closed around the tip of his finger and she playfully kissed and nibbled it; slowly drawing it into her mouth as her tongue began to roll over his finger and her lips slid down upon it. Greg took hold of the chair Emma was sitting upon and began to pull it out from underneath her; feeling this she began to stand as he pulled Emma around to face him his arms wrapping around her; drawing her into him. Briefly they paused to look at one another each seeing their longing and lust for one another reflecting back in each other’s eyes before their lips locked in passion as their hands began to explore one another. Greg tugged at the few remaining buttons on Emma’s blouse and they yielded allowing her blouse and bra to tumble to the desk in one motion as she shrugged them from her shoulders exposing her pert round breasts. Emma’s hands pushed his T-Shirt up his stomach and her lips followed kissing their way up his toned torso to his chest before finally pulling his shirt off and letting it drop to the floor of the library; entwining her hands around his neck she pulled his lips onto hers. Greg’s hands lifted Emma from standing next to the desk to sitting upon it. His hands glided along her slender toned legs which were encased in hold up stockings; as his hands ran further up her legs he began pushing up her skirt. Slipping his fingers into the sides of her knickers he pulling them off in one smooth motion. Emma’s hands began tugging at the belt that barred her way from him and what she could clearly feel was his hard manhood straining in his jeans. Pulling his belt free she began unbuttoning his jeans while he ran his hands through her hair and across her shoulders; his tongue and lips nuzzling at her ear and neck then returning to kiss her passionately on the lips. Emma finally popped the last button free and pulled his jeans down enough to allow her to slide his hard shaft out. She slowly grasped his shaft and began to slide her hand along it rhythmically pulling his foreskin across his hard cock while gently stroking his balls with her other hand. Greg moaned in pleasure as the two of them kissed passionately their tongues entwined as their lips pressed longingly together. Pushing him away from her she slid from the table and down in front of her lover and stopped level with his hard throbbing cock; her tongue slowly moved across the tip of his penis making Greg groan out loud as her lips slipped over his tip; Emma began to rhythmically slide her lips over his cock rolling her tongue across it as she slid it in and out of her mouth. Greg lost himself in what was a fantasy come true and the feeling of Emma’s lips and tongue sliding over his cock was like no other but the desire to have the woman he had so coveted for so long overcame the sense of unimaginable pleasure and Greg gently pulled Emma’s head back and away from his cock and guided her lips to his as he pulled her up onto her feet once more before pushing her up against the desk. Emma’s hands slowly traced their way across Greg’s back the tips of her fingernails digging in slightly as she pulled him towards her. His hands reached around her legs pulling her towards him; sliding her skirt around her waist at the same time. Emma slid her legs around Greg as he took his cock in his hand and guided it slowly into her. As the tip slowly inched inside her she gasped involuntarily as the sensation of heat from his cock filled her and she dug her nails deeper into his back; her arms wrapping around him and holding him tightly. As she felt him slipping further inside herself she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her and she felt the over whelming desire to pull him deeper inside herself. She slipped her hands down to his hard buttocks and dug her nails gently in as she pulled him deeper inside herself; gasping as every inch penetrated her deeper and deeper. Greg wrapped his hands around Emma circling them just below her waist and pulled his head back slightly to watch Emma as he slid his cock deep inside her; kissing her passionately as he did so. With their bodies seemingly entwined the lovers lost their concept of time as their passion for once another overwhelmed their senses. With every thrust of his cock sliding out from his tip to the end of his shaft then back deep inside her the table rocked beneath them. Finally their bodies entwined and their passionate groans almost competing with one another Greg pulled Emma hard to him as his strokes increased in speed and vigor. She could feel the desk moving beneath her with every stroke that pounded deep inside her until she felt as if the oxygen in the room was being stolen away and her breath caught in her lungs; she felt slightly light headed as a feeling of euphoria began to fill her body and an explosion rippled through her in a wave of pleasure washing over her from her core right down to her toes as she buried her face in Greg’s chest and tried to stifle her cries as the intense feelings enveloped her. Greg finally exploded deep inside Emma with an almost primeval groan and the two stayed entwined together gathering their breath and emotions as the library clock with its regular monotone rhythm broke the silence that had now descended once more upon the library.

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