Dark Soul

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John woke with a start as if he was awaking from a nightmare but he soon realized that he was waking to a nightmare. His eyes focused at first on the illumination from across the room and slowly he made out the shape of a lamp hung upon the wall on the far side of the room. A light bulb swung gently high above him but it appeared to have burnt out and did nothing to illuminate the room around him. He tried to stand but soon became aware that his legs were strapped down and as he attempted to reach for his leg restraints it became apparent that his arms were also bound. His mind began to clear and John glanced around the room and could see that he had been strapped onto what appeared to be a medieval bench with struts for his arms to lie upon. The air smelt old and stifling, damp almost, as if the air had no way to escape or enter this little dungeon he found himself trapped within.

“Ah John; you are awake at last I see.” Cain leaned forward in his chair slightly as he spoke waiting for the Inspector to focus on the dimly lit area he was seated.

“Cain!” John almost spit the words as his eyes focused on where Cain was seated.

“It doesn’t matter what you do to me Cain others know where I am and they will stop you!” He barked the words at his captor with some venom as he strained against his restraints.

“Oh come now John stop being so melodramatic. If this was a sanctioned investigation like the one so many years ago in which you did your best to stop me then you wouldn’t be down here on your own.” Cain smiled to himself and leaned forward in his chair as he carried on speaking

“Let’s not forget the little conversation between you and our old friend the Professor. You were going to meet him weren’t you? Don’t worry while my children keep you entertained here I will be keeping your appointment with our old friend Professor Tremane. I do hope he will be pleased to see me.” Cain’s words dripped with malice as he finished speaking. “You were dead Cain. Shot and killed I saw it myself! I was at your funeral for god’s sake. How is any of this possible!” John shook his head as he hurled the accusation at Cain.

“Now John let’s think back to what you actually saw that evening. I must confess that you were getting awfully close to discovering the truth and your efforts were becoming a nuisance and what better way to remove you from interfering with me than letting you believe you had succeeded. I suppose I could have killed you then but as they say all good things come to those who wait.” Cain grinned at this last comment his lips curling back to reveal pointed canine like teeth.

“It was the simplest thing to lure you both to that bridge and while being shot is painful to my kind it is far from lethal I assure you. I am so pleased after all these years to speak to my audience to find out they were convinced by my theatrics that evening.” Cain smiled again and if it hadn’t been for the razor sharp teeth it may have even been a pleasant smile of sorts.

“Enough with the damn theatrics man or whatever the hell you are! You know you can’t make a Chief Inspector of police simply disappear and not raise any questions.” John raged back at Cain.

“Oh my dear Inspector it is the simplest of things to make people disappear. You see the grander and bigger this world has become the easier it has become for my kind to prey upon yours without anyone noticing.” Cain paused and sneered for a brief moment before continuing on “Your species is a strange one; you all huddle together in your great stone constructions but live almost your entire lives next to strangers no more than a few feet away. Think about how many times over the years you have spoken to neighbors about missing people only to be told I didn’t really know them or they kept themselves to themselves.” His voice dripped with sarcasm as he finished his sentence.

“You may be right Cain but someone always notices eventually like Marcus and I did” John’s eyes blazed in defiance as he challenged Cains assumptions.

“Yes. Yes. But those were early days and for me it was a new era; new technology and policing methods. In days gone by I didn’t have to worry about forensics and cameras and the papers made monsters from reality.” Cain slid back in his chair as if for a moment remembering fonder times.

“I was on my own in those days and not as wise as I am now. I don’t even have to hunt prey now I simply invite the forgotten and lost to my home for a warm meal; I just don’t tell them that they are on the menu.” Cain’s tongue slowly licked his lower lip as he spoke those final words.

“You see John your society is sick. It values property and possessions higher than the value of another human life. As miserable as your species is it should still have value to its own kind.” Cain sneered again as he mocked his captor. “Why my ancestors would desire to pollute their pure blood with the filth of your kind I simply cannot comprehend. Your time as a species is coming to an end. The pure blood of my race will once more rise again and your days of being top of the food chain are well and truly over.” Cain lent forward in his chair as he spoke the words dripping with malevolence.

“Damn you Cain you are mad! Whatever sick little group you have here will be exposed.” John found himself pulling at his bonds once more as he practically spat the words towards Cain.

“Oh John I would love to stay and swap this witty banter with you all evening but as we both know I have an appointment to keep with our mutual friend. My children will keep you company. Be a dear fellow John and feed them their supper.” Cain began to laugh a sickening laughter as he stood from his chair and walked slowly to the old oak doorway enshrined in shadows located in the corner of the basement. Cain opened the door slowly, it creaked in protest as it did, and stood back as several large shapes slowly passed through the doorway and into the room.

“Damn you Cain! Come back here!” John screamed out as he tried to twist his head around to see where Cain had gone but the bench was angled so no matter how he tried he could not manage it. As he lay there he heard the sound of heavy padded foot falls behind him and the latch on the door click shut as he heard Cain’s last words

“Goodbye John.”

The lamp flickered from the movement of air caused by the door being opened and it caused shadows in the room to begin to dance around like devil worshipers before a sacrifice. Beads of sweat formed upon John’s brow as he lay on the bench straining against the straps that held him in place; he could almost feel the strap on his right arm begin to loosen and he was sure with a few more tugs he could get it free. The padded footfalls stopped just behind him and with it came the exhaling of the breath of a large animal of some kind that now stood seemingly motionless just behind him. Thousands of years of instinct in John surged through him telling him to fight or flee and the surge of adrenaline gave him the strength he need; with one final pull his right arm snapped free from the bonds that held him to the bench.

As Johns arm flew free into air he was about to bring it across to undo the strap that held his left arm in place when suddenly a clawed hand pinned his arm back upon the table and curled itself around his arm its claws piercing his flesh causing him to scream in pain. As one clawed hand held him firmly in place another came down upon his left arm its claws digging deep into his flesh. John looked up and his eyes widened in terror at what he saw. Large predators eyes peered along the long snout filled with razor sharp teeth looked down upon him. Everything Marcus had told him was made real in the flesh before him. Towering above him was a werewolf its jaws slightly opened in anticipation of the meal in front of it. Somewhere in Johns confused terrified mind he became aware of more clawed hands as they slowly dug into his legs. Looming on either side of his legs stood a beast each standing over seven feet tall with claws as sharp as knives and teeth that dripped with saliva as they anticipated the feast before them. The first bite tore into his left thigh ripping out a large chunk of muscle and exposing the bone as the first of the werewolves began to feast. John stared at the gaping hole in his leg and screamed in agony but his pain was only intensified as another of the wolf like creatures tore an equally large chunk from his other leg. The werewolf standing near to his head slowly brought its snout down to the side of John’s face and he could feel the saliva from its mouth dripping onto his neck just before it plunged its fangs into him tearing a chunk of his shoulder from his body. Still he did not pass out from the pain and his body pulsed with fire as he writhed in agony unable to stop the creatures from feasting upon him. Again he felt teeth ripping into his leg and another chunk came free from his left leg. The other werewolf returned to his right thigh and began chewing upon the bone that was still attached to him. Johns mind started to become fuzzy and the pain was becoming more of a dull throb as his life blood pumped from his body onto the cold floor of the basement. With a sickening crunching and wrenching noise the werewolf chewing on his leg finished chewing through his bone and tore it from his body. John saw this but his mind was now unable to comprehend what entirely was happening which was fortunate as finally one of the werewolves closed its jaws around his head and slowly pressed down cracking his skull open and peeling it back to reveal his grey brain slowly pulsating before being scooped out by a massive clawed hand and devoured. With a triumphant howl the feasting werewolves began to tear into what remained of the man that once was before them and all that was of Inspector John Williams was now gone forever more.

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