Dark Soul

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Cain felt the bullet strike him with force; the soft metal shattering and splintering through his body its poison coursing through him as he staggered back unable to stop his own momentum causing him to crash through the window. The glass panels shattered into a hundred pieces as he smashed through the large study bay windows. With the ground below rushing up he managed to twist his body in an attempt to land on his feet but his momentum was carrying him too fast and he couldn’t adjust his fall in time. At the last moment he saw the spiked railings below and just managed to twist in such a manner that he did not impale his head upon the spikes but he was unable to prevent his body being impaled upon three of spikes that made up the iron wrought railings running along the row of houses. One had pierced his shoulder in almost the same position the bullet had shattered; another had passed through his thigh and the last pierced the side of his torso. Staring up he could see the professor looking down at him ready to fire another shot; but the final bullet never came.

He lay there helplessly watching in some confusion as the professor simply turned around from the shattered window frame before disappearing into his house. Cain coughed as blood began to bubble up in his mouth and howling with fury he planted his uninjured powerful arm onto the railings and pushed hard; he succeeded in freeing his upper torso from the railing. Blood spurted from his shoulder and torso as he pulled himself up and off the railing spikes which had been embedded within him. Planting his uninjured leg firmly on the concrete pavement he twisted and pulled his leg free from the final spike that was imprisoning him upon the railings; releasing a torrent of blood across the ground as he did so. Cain knew that he would heal in time but he would have to let the silver poising him pass from his body first. His rapid blood loss from the wound had actually been a boon to his healing process as it had begun to wash out a lot of the poison from his system. Looking down he could see the wound in his leg already closing but not yet fully healing; it did however allow him to move and knowing the professor would be in close pursuit he began to flee across the road towards the park that he had entered earlier. As he crossed the grassy field the wound in his leg ceased to bleed and the hole in his torso had almost closed but he held his clawed fingers around his shoulder as the wound still pumped blood onto the grassy floor beneath him. Reaching a copse of dense trees he managed to pass almost unhindered through the dense foliage and once through he scooped up a clawed handful of dirt and plunged it into his shoulder wound temporarily stemming the blood loss. Cain looked around at the trees and sinking his claws deep into the largest of the old oaks he slowly pulled himself up the tree moving deep into its branches high above the ground before finally coming to rest on the largest branch in an attempt to recover his strength. His keen senses picked up the professors sent on the wind as it filtered through the leaves in the branches which were rustling all around him. Looking beneath him his eyes narrowed as he watched the professor push his way through the undergrowth into the clearing and it was almost unbearably hard not to leap down upon Marcus; the desire to taste his flesh was overwhelming. Cain knew however that he was already weakened by the silvered poison in his blood and one mistake could be his last. The blood loss and the silver poisen had weakened him to the point that just climbing the tree he now used as refuge had all but spent the last of his strenth. Marcus could wait he told himself; the professors friends the priest and the detective were surely dead by now so he would be alone and easy pickings for him and his four children. His eyes blazing with feral hatred they followed the professor from the clearing watching his every move until he was no longer in sight. Cain sniffed the air for the scent of anyone that might be around and when he was sure that he was alone he slowly climbed down from the tree and made his way to where he had removed his clothes and hidden them earlier that evening. His body began to pulsate and the sound of bones cracking and hair shrivelling filled the night air; slowly he began to transform back into his human form. Falling to his knees he began to vomit as the effects from the silver still lingered in his system. Wiping his lips and spitting the final few droplets from his mouth Cain stood shakily and slowly dressed pausing briefly to examine the wound that still seeped slightly from the injury sustained by the silver bullet. It had stopped bleeding but the wound would linger on for a while yet and he needed to bandage it to stop it staining his clothes. Wrapping his scarf tightly around the wound he bound it in place and once he was happy that the makeshift bandage had succeeded in stemming the blood he slipped on his overcoat and hat then walked slowly towards the exit of the park area leading away from professors house and onto the main street. It wasn’t long before a black cab slowly trundled into view along the road; stepping into the road he hailed the cab causing it to slowly halt next to him. The journey from the area of London that the professor lived in to Cain’s residence was filled by inane conversation from the cabbie as he more chatted to himself than awaiting for any real response from Cain. The truth was Cain was still seething from his failure tonight as he went over in his mind how Marcus had gotten the better of him. His mind snapped out of its thoughts as he heard the cab driver calling to him “Ere…what’s been happening here then” the cabbie remarked as he stopped a short distance from the Police Officer who was flagging him down in the road.

Cain hunched up in the back of the cab as his keen eyes scanned the road head; his body tensing ready for whatever action it may have to take be it flight or fight. As he peered into the distance he could see amongst the brightly flashing lights of several emergency vehicles the smouldering remains of his house and the residences either side.

‘How is this possible?’ Cain thought to himself as he knew that there was no way John could have freed himself and the priest was being taken care of; no one else knew of his activities he was sure of it.

“What happened ere then officer?” The cabbie asked the police officer as he craned his neck out the cab window.

Cain began listening to the cabbie once more as he engaged the constable in conversation.

“House fire. Seems a young couple escaped before the place went up. Fire Brigade suspect a gas leak of some sorts.” The constable replied in a nonchalant manner before informing the cabbie they would be unable to proceed any further and should turn around and find an alternative route to their destination.

A young couple; who could they be and what do they have to do with John and Marcus.’ Cain’s thoughts were interrupted by the Cabbie quizzing him on his destination.

“Where do you want to go then guv?” The cabbie asked in a disinterested manner.

“Euston Train Station” Cain replied in a curt manner.

“Right you are squire” the cabbie said as he began reversing away from the scene of devastation.

Cain’s mind began to race as he suddenly realized that the professor had perhaps been one step ahead of him and he may have more help than he first thought. What if they had somehow rescued John and what of the fate of his children? Fear crept into his mind mingled with growing frustration and anger and the thought his plans may yet have been thwarted by the same men that had come so close so many years before. Slipping a small phone from his coat pocket he dialled a number and spoke softly to the recipient on the other end of the call.

“I will be round shortly we must leave quickly” He almost whispered as he spoke.

The soft tones of a female voice replied on the other end of the phone call.

“I will have everything ready for when you arrive.” The female voice replied.

Ending the short conversation abruptly Cain closed his phone then slipped it back into his pocket.

“I need to make a detour to pick someone up on the way” Cain said to the driver of the taxi cab.

Relaxing back into his seat and drawing his coat around himself he allowed himself to relax and let out a long sigh. The journey wasn’t a long one and eventually the cab pulled slowly to a stop in a residential street not too far from his home. Stepping from the vehicle Cain made his way up a short flight of steps to a large door with a set of buttons and an intercom next to it; pressing one of the buttons it flashed briefly before he heard the door click. Pressing the handle he let himself into the entrance hall of the small apartment block and walked calmly up the stairs that were situated slightly to his left climbing them until he reached the top floor. Stopping briefly outside the apartment at the end of the corridor he knocked once and waited. The door opened and stood before him was a beautiful woman in her early thirties. Long dark hair flowed across her shoulders and hazel eyes flashed with feminine cunning as she embraced him. The couple greeted each other with a long and lingering kiss; this was the mother of his children. Cain pulled back and placed his hand upon her cheek and spoke in a calm and even tone to her.

“We must leave this place tonight my love. I fear our plans have been discovered and one or more of our children may already be dead” Cain said with a hint of sorrow in his voice as he looked into the eyes of the woman before him.

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